How To Get More Rift Heralds In League Of Legends

How To Get More Rift Heralds In League Of Legends Complete Guide

It is no secret that an early game Herald can completely change the outcome of a game in a matter of seconds. If executed right the Herald can open the enemy Nexus and before you know your team has no chance of a comeback. However, you can prevent that by making sure you get both the Rift Heralds when they spawn.

To Get both the Rift Heralds, you need to make sure that you have a vision on the Herald all the time. Once you know you are in a good position to take the Herald, ask your team for a leash and start the Herald. Lastly, make sure to pop the Herald eyes to maximize your damage.

However, getting to the Herald isn’t as easy as it seems. This is due to the value she provides early on in the game. Therefore, it is only natural that the enemy team will always try to contest you when you are going for Shelly.

With that said, today we have written this guide to help you get more Rift Heralds in League of Legends as we know how important Shelly can be.

Setting Up For the Herald

Whether it be a dragon, Baron, or the Herald, setting up for the objective is the most important factor when it comes to securing it. However, many of the new players don’t think much of this step and end up losing the Herald to the enemy jungler due to a multitude of reasons.

So, if you want to save your team from the wrath of Shelly you will need to start following the below-mentioned practices.

Warding Off the Rift Herald

The best way to secure any objective is to ward it off. This allows you and your team to have a vision around the objective and in this case the Herald. The Herald starts spawning around the 6-minute mark so it gives you enough time to recall and buy a Control Ward.

The Control Ward provides you with vision over the Herald while also disabling any Stealth Wards around it. Moreover, if the enemy Jungler tries to destroy it and start the Herald it gives your team enough time to rotate towards the objective.

Creating Pressure in Mid/Top Lane

Get more Rift Heralds Mid Top Lane Guide in League of Legends

If you want your team to rotate and help you with Herald, you need to make sure that your laners are in control. You can do this by ganking your laners and helping them by shoving the lane in. However, do not gank your laner in unfavorable scenarios as that will only hinder their progress.

With that said, once you are able to get a few successful ganks your laner will be able to assist you with the Herald. This rotation by your laner will lead to the enemy Jungler being at a disadvantage as his team won’t be able to contest the Herald.

Setting Up Your Pathing

Lastly, your pathing matters a lot when it comes to setting up for the Herald. For example, if you start your clear from the top side you will be able to make your full clear by the 3 to 4 minutes mark after which you can go for a gank and then recall. Now repeat this from the bottom side and by the 8-minute mark you will be able to set up for Herald.

Pathing is something that can be difficult to learn for a lot of players as different champions have different clear speeds and starting objectives. So, if you are having problems setting up your pathing just remember all you need is a little more practice.

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Killing the Rift Herald

Get more Rift Heralds Kill Rift Herald Guide in League of Legends

Now that you have set up for the Rift Herald, you need to make quick work out of it. However, it is easier said than done as the Herald is the third strongest objective in the game and can end up dealing a good amount of damage.

Moreover, there is always a chance that the enemy team will contest for the Herald hence making it even harder to kill the Herald. With that said, you can always follow the below-mentioned practices to secure the Herald.

Utilizing the Heralds Eye

Whenever a player or an enemy takes the Herald’s starting agro it charges towards them. After the charge ends an eye pops out of Shelly’s back which when hit can deal up to 12 percent of her maximum health as true damage. However, the eye has a 10 seconds cooldown which can be lowered down to 3 seconds depending on your auto-attack speed.

Now that you have an idea about how the Herald’s eye works, you need to make sure that you try to hit the eye as many times as you can. If you are having trouble fighting the Herald alone you can always have another member which can take the Herald aggro away from you, making her vulnerable.

Smiting The Herald

As the Herald spawns around the 8-minute mark it gives you enough time to level your smite enough. If you are able to pair that smite with the Herald’s eye you are almost guaranteed to get the Herald every time. However, it is easier said than done.

For this to work out, you need to make sure that Herald eye spawn time matches your smite timing. Once the eye spawns, you need the Herald to be around 2k HP around which you need to smite the Herald while also popping the eye. By doing this the enemy Jungler would be unable to steal the Herald.

Stealing the Herald

Lastly, if your team isn’t in a contesting position, you can always go for a steal. However, be careful as an unsuccessful steal can have dangerous repercussions and can end up costing you the game. With that said, if you have Smite and the means to get in and out of the situation a steal isn’t a bad idea. Especially for champions like Kayn and Shaco.

Moreover, with the introduction of the bounty system and the revamping of Smite. Players are encouraged by Riot to make such plays.

Trading Drake For Herald

Get more Rift Heralds Trading Drake Guide in League of Legends

If you are in a position where you know that the enemy team is attempting the drake but you can’t contest them, you can try going for the Herald. Statistically trading in the first Drake for the Herald will always provide you with more worth as the early turret gold can end up giving you an exponential lead.

So, if you ever find yourself in a situation where you know going for the drake is a lost cause trading in a Herald is the best outcome you can wish for.

Can you Have Two Heralds on the Map at the Same Time?

Well if you are trying to summon two Rift Heralds at the same time on the Rift it is not possible. However, it can be done in the URF game mode with the help of Anivia walls. To make two Heralds spawn on the Rift you will need to kill the first one and spawn it in the pit.

Now you need to align your Anivia wall in such a manner that the Herald can’t escape. After 6 minutes another Herald will spawn, slay it down and summon that Herald as well. By following this tactic you can raise an Army of Heralds. Note: In Urf killing the Baron also Gives you the Eye of The Herald.

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Securing a Rift Herald can end up changing the game however it isn’t as easy as it seems. We know how strong Rift Heralds can be and how much value they provide to the user and their team, once summoned. Therefore, we have written this guide today to help you set up for Heralds.

By following all the mentioned steps you will not only be able to secure Heralds but other Objectives like Baron and Drake’s as well.

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