How to Get S Rank as a Top Laner in League of Legends?

Get S Rank as Top Laner Objectives in League of Legends

Getting an S in League of Legends requires a lot of effort since even a small mistake can stop you from getting it. If you want to get an S to earn a Hextech Chest so that you can potentially get the skin that you were looking for, this guide will show you how to get an S as a top laner in League of Legends.

To get an S as a top laner, you need to ensure that your KDA is good and you have a good amount of farm. On top of that, having a good vision score will also help in getting an S rank.

That’s not all, however, you need to do some other things as well to ensure that you get a good rank. If you want to get an S on your favorite champion as a top laner, continue reading to find out. With that said, let’s dive right in and take a look at how to get an S as a top laner in League of Legends.

Have a Good Vision Score

Get S Rank as Top Laner Vision Score in League of Legends

This is something that every player on your team should have regardless of which role you are playing. Having a good vision score will allow you to evade ganks and stop you from getting picked off while roaming the map. Plus, you will waste the enemy’s time when you avoid their gank successfully since they do not get anything out of it and you will naturally have a good KDA.

On top of that, you will also know where the enemy is roaming so that you can potentially get a pick on the enemy champion. This will give you an advantage in teamfights since the enemy will mostly be at a disadvantage. So, make sure that you place wards in areas that will benefit you.

Plus, getting control wards is a good idea since they will allow you to see nearby enemy wards as well; denying them of any vision. On top of that, placing control wards on Baron or Dragon will allow you to deny the enemy vision and force them to come and check if you are doing it or not.

A good thing to remember is that if you want to split push, always place wards in areas where the enemy can come to gank you. Otherwise, you’ll always be a target of successful ganks and the enemy will gain an advantage.

Get a Good KDA

This is one of the most important things to do if you want to get an S rank or higher. As a top laner, you should try to get kills and die less. While this might apply to every role, this can be quite difficult as a top laner. Since most champions are melee bruisers and tanks, it is expected of you to engage the enemy team and take most of the damage.

However, to ensure that you have a good KDA, try to get kills during the laning phase so that you gain additional gold to get your items. Plus, that way, even if you die during a couple of teamfights, you will still have a positive KDA.

Also, try to take part in as many teamfights as possible unless you need to splitpush. Dealing damage to the enemy will ensure that you get an assist even if you die. This gives you a higher chance of getting an S than anything else.

Make Sure to Farm

Get S Rank as Top Laner Farm in League of Legends

Another aspect that is extremely important despite most players ignoring it is farming. Farming is one of the most significant parts of League of Legends or any MOBA game for that matter.

Having a good CS score allows you to get a good gold income that allows you to purchase your items faster. Even if you die a few times in lane but have a significant CS lead as compared to the enemy, you’ll still be ahead of them.

While I’m not suggesting that you farm 10 CS per minute, I recommend trying to get as many last hits as possible. This is especially true if you are a split pusher. Not only will you have a good gold income but you’ll also be building pressure on the enemy team by constantly pushing the lane. This will allow your team to take objectives while the enemy is forced to defend.

If you are new to the game, farming can feel difficult since the enemy will be attacking you during it. However, try to practice getting a good CS score in every game so that you are naturally used to it. I suggest going into normal games and focusing only on farming instead of getting tons of kills. The higher you go on the ranked ladder, every player in the game will focus on farming and will defeat you in lane if you cannot match them.

Participate in Team Fights

Get S Rank as Top Laner Team Fights in League of Legends

As a top laner, you might be tempted to only splitpush so that you can get tons of farm and force the enemy to come to you. However, if your champion is something like Malphite or Ornn (just to name a few), I suggest that you stick with your team and focus on team fights. This will allow you to not only be useful to your team but also have a good damage dealt/damage taken ratio.

While this ratio isn’t given as much importance by most top laners, you should focus on it. If you deal a good amount of damage and also absorb a good amount for your team, you will have a higher chance of getting an S.

Focus on Getting Objectives

Get S Rank as Top Laner Objectives in League of Legends

Getting objectives such as Baron, Dragon, Turrets, and Inhibitors is the most important thing in League of Legends. If you just aced the enemy team, you need to decide what you need to focus on to get the most out of the situation. Sometimes, getting Baron is a good idea, otherwise going for the inhibitors will help you out a lot.

In any case, try to ensure that your team gets all the dragons so that you can get the soul and gain an advantage. If you have a teamfight champion, you should stick with your team when they are planning to do the dragon so that you can help them out.

Otherwise, make sure that you put pressure on the opposite side of the map so that the enemy is forced to send at least 2 champions to stop you. This will allow your team to get the objective. The same applies to baron or even turrets in the opposite lane if your team wants to siege it.

Keep in mind that you might die while distracting the enemy but the end results will be in your team’s favor and you will be thankful for it. On the other hand, if you are a teamfight champion but on the opposite side of the map, make sure that you use your teleport (TP) to help your team instantly. Using a good TP will allow you to change the teamfight in your favor and ace the enemy team or get the objective easily.

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Don’t Be Afraid to Take Risks

Get S Rank as Top Laner Risks in League of Legends

This is something that cannot be taught since it depends on the situation of the game. Since every single game is different, I cannot tell you exactly what to do without seeing the situation of the game. However, do not be afraid to take a few risks. If you see more than 2 enemies in the bot lane during mid-game, rush to the baron and try to take it as soon as possible.

On the other hand, you can dive the enemy top lane by calling your jungler to kill them. Sometimes, these risks pay off and will give your team a significant advantage. However, this is something that you need to decide for yourself. Sometimes, the risk pays off while at other times, you will lose your advantage.

Keep playing the game and you’ll get the hang of it. Follow these steps and you will get the S rank more often than before. Another thing to note is that if you have already received an S on a champion, you cannot get another Hextech Chest. You or your premade will have to get an S on a champion on which you haven’t gotten an S before.

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