High Elo Sejuani Jungle Path – The Best Jungle Routes, Build and Clearing Guide

With the Seasons eleven through twelve meta being so hyper-dynamic, the need for champions who can soak up large amounts of damage, whilst providing some form of utility to their team, is at an all-time high. Although we commonly see two damage-oriented compositions going up against each other, teams who have at least one frontline engage tool tend to come out victorious more often.

As tempting as it is to lock in a damage dealer and try to carry the game by out-skirmishing everyone, on a more realistic tone, a well-rounded composition requires a well-established frontline to engage and tank up the heavy amounts of damage League is filled with. Besides the common picks such as Jarvan IV and Hecarim, another rider joins the fight for best Jungler frontline, as Sejuani is today’s subject!

Bringing a frontline, crowd control and engage tools to her team comp, the Fury of the North is ready to charge into combat without fear, as she breaks the ice between victory and defeat! 

Sejuani is capable of singlehandedly carrying games by leveraging her allies’ strengths, as she strategically locks down the high value enemy targets for her team to eliminate, and in this article we’ll walk you through the most important aspects of playing Sejuani, before taking a look at the best Jungle routes and clearing tactics for the Fury of the North.

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Summoner Spells

Flash / Ghost + Smite

While Flash is definitely the more meta option, Ghost can also be useful as a tool to stick to the enemy targets with, allowing Sejuani to use her Permafrost (E) ability with a near guarantee for success.

For the first couple of games however, we do recommend sticking with Flash as the more stable option.

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Sejuani Runes

Being a true Tank, whose kit is focused around defensive stat stacking and crowd control, Sejuani’s Runes are oriented towards further increasing these stats, while also gaining some additional combat power in return.

The most effective keystone remains Aftershock, found in the Resolve path, followed by Font of Life, Conditioning and finally Unflinching. These Runes feature the highest win rate in greater elo, as their maximum potential and value are unlocked later into the game.

For the secondary Runes, successful Tank players typically run Triumph and Legend: Alacrity, with the latter seeming slightly odd, but the attack speed from Legend: Alacrity can always be substituted with Legend: Tenacity or even Last Stand.

Sejuani Items

Starting Items: Hailblade + Refillable Potion 

Mythic Item: Sunfire Aegis

Core Items: Defensive Boots, Thornmail, Force of Nature, Warmog’s Armor

Finishing Options: Randuin’s Omen, Gargoyle Stoneplate

As the core Mythic item, Sunfire Aegis adds just the right amount of stats to this champion’s early game, with a Mythic Passive which suits her unstoppable character even more. The rest of the build remains quite flexible, as it is imperative to identify the enemy team’s win condition, shutting them down by building the right amount of defensive stats to counter their damage.

Thornmail and Dead Man’s Plate synergize especially well with Sejuani’s kit and play style, as does Randuin’s Omen. These items, in combination with Fury of the North (Passive) stat stacking lead to Sejuani becoming a nearly unkillable menace towards the later parts of the game.

Gargoyle Stoneplate and Randuin’s Omen make for some great final touches, but items such as Frozen Heart or Dead Man’s Plate are just as effective if you happen to need their unique passives.

Skill Order

W > Q > E > R

However, players will need to invest their first ability point into Permafrost (E), in order to win out in the trades against the Jungle monsters.

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The Best Jungle Paths for Sejuani

Sejuani has a rather effective clear when it comes to farming the Jungle, but her real strength lies within her ganks, which can be easily converted into takedowns through the large amounts of CC she can dish out.

That being said, the Fury of the North unlocks her full potential once she hits LVL 6, allowing her to perform consistently converting ganks with the help of Glacial Prison (R). This will require her to farm up the early game, or to at least go for a full first clear, before picking up the Bami’s Cinder and Boots.

We are going to cover the most advantageous starts from each side, but players should keep a few factors in mind when deciding upon where their Jungle pathing should start. These are:

  • Which laners are going to provide more help in clearing the first camp?
  • Counter-jungle opportunities, based on where the enemy Jungler is likely to start.
  • Which lane would you like to gank first, depending on both the allied and enemy champions.

In terms of ganking before LVL 6, Sejuani focuses on landing her Arctic Assault (Q) in order to close the gap between her and the enemy, applying the Frost mechanic through her basic attacks and Winter’s Wrath (W) shortly after.

Red Side, Red Clear

For the first clear route, starting with Red Side’s Red Buff, players want to slay their first camp without using Smite, saving it for later. Kick things off by challenging the Red Buff, using Permafrost (E) as soon as the Frost mechanic stacks up. This brawl may take a while, so having your Top Laner assist you a little more wouldn’t hurt the case.

For the second camp, head straight for the Raptors, which you will now be slaying with the help of Winter’s Wrath (W). If the Raptors appear to be dealing more damage than what you are comfortable taking, feel free to use the Refillable Potion to your comfort.

Next on the list are the Wolves, as shown in the associated image, which are slightly easier to kill than the previously mentioned Raptor camp. Do hold on to your first Smite up to this point, as we are keeping it for the fourth camp.

To secure your second Buff, start hitting away at the Blue Buff’s Health bar using your basic abilities and attacks, before casting the first charge of your Smite to execute it once it drops below the 450 HP mark.

Before we head into the River, have one more stop at Gromp, which you will challenge and slay similarly to the Blue Buff, essentially throwing everything you have at it, besides the second Smite charge.

Once you’ve finished clearing the designated camps, it is time to enter the River to secure some additional gold, experience and vision for your team, by slaying the Scuttler. Break its shield using Arctic Assault (Q) and execute it with the second Smite charge, preventing any potential challenges or steals.

This leaves players in a favorable position to gank either Mid or Bot from, and with the Frost mechanic, Bot is the likelier to convert your efforts into a takedown, as having multiple allies stacking the Frost will prove rather effective.

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Red Side, Blue Clear

Red Side’s Blue Start offers the added benefit of having two allies assisting you with the first camp, allowing you to accelerate your pathing considerably. This tempo will be converted into an additional camp, meaning that it buys enough time for players to go for a full first clear.

After you’ve killed Blue, head for the Gromp and use Smite as soon its Health drops under the 450 threshold to secure it as quickly as possible, in order to maintain the pacing advantage won by starting with two allies by your side.

Before we head into the Top side of the Map, make one last stop and secure the Wolves, freely using the Refillable Potion whenever your Health drops to dangerously low levels, in order to prevent a potential invade.

As we reach the other side of the Map, the conveniently positioned Raptors are going to be the fourth camp on your list. Using the AOE damage from Arctic Assault (Q) and Winter’s Wrath (W) wisely will significantly boost the efficiency of Sejuani’s clears, especially against these multi-mob camps.

For the fifth camp, it is time to secure the Red Buff by throwing everything Sejuani’s kit has to offer at it, ultimately using the second Smite charge to finish the job for you. 

Although normally players should head towards the Scuttler, in this instance we are first heading North, in order to finish the full clear with the Krug camp. Take the extra time to secure the bonus resources, as a safe investment of the tempo you’ve earned early on.

Now make your way into the River and check if the Scuttler is still available, securing it if so. From there, Mid and Top are both open for you to exert you pressure on, trying to at least force a Flash off from the enemy team.

Blue Side, Blue Clear

Switching over to the Blue Side, there is virtually no difference between the routes, other than the mirrored layout of the Jungle. 

Start by securing the Blue Buff with the assistance of your Top Laner, allowing you to quickly shift your focus towards the Gromp. The first Smite charge should be cast on the sturdy mob, allowing you to head towards the Bottom side of the Map more quickly.

Next on the list are the Wolves and Raptors, which you’ll naturally find on your way to the Red Buff. Clear these camps using the bits of AOE damage available, before heading for the second Buff.

At Red, allow the second Smite charge to execute the mob for you, after you’ve taken its Health bar below the 450 threshold, using your basic abilities and attacks.

Lastly, before making your way into the River to secure the Scuttler, go ahead and clear the Krug camp as well, securing some additional gold and experience in the process.

From the River, you are free to force a gank on either Bot or Mid, with the primary focus being to add pressure onto the enemy lanes.

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Blue Side, Red Clear

And now for the final clear, Red Side’s Red Buff start, apply the same principle as with the first route we’ve covered, keeping your first Smite for the Blue Buff in order to accelerate your tempo and to be able to safely secure the Scuttler, using the second charge.

Start by slaying the Red Buff with the help of your Bot, which is going to once again prove advantageous having. Permafrost (E) might not be the strongest clearing tool, so any extra help is well-received.

Following Red, head towards the multi-mob camps, Raptors and Wolves, and take your time clearing those using Winter’s Wrath (W) and basic attacks, having the Refillable Potion as a safety net.

At the Blue Buff, use the first Smite to keep you from wrestling Blue for what would otherwise feel like an eternity, before turning your focus towards the Gromp. This camp may be a bit lengthy to clear without Smite, but will ultimately leave you with nearly full Health, giving you all the confidence required to safely secure the Scuttler.

Once in the River, break the Scuttler’s shield with Arctic Assault (Q) and have the second Smite charge execute it for you, before you try to force a gank on either Top or Mid, leveraging Sejuani’s straightforward kit.

The Best Tips and Tricks For Sejuani Jungle

  • Charging in with Arctic Assault (Q) in order to get in range and land Winter’s Wrath (W) and a few more basic attacks is the standard combo for Sejuani, enabling her to cast Permafrost (E) as soon as the Frost is fully stacked up. Once players have unlocked Glacial Prison (R), it can also be used to setup Arctic Assault if the target is out of range, or to deny any assistance coming your target’s way.
  • Glacial Prison (R) is more than the initial animation would have players believe, as the Ice Bola thrown by Sejuani can get empowered if it crosses a distance longer than of 400 units. Only the empowered Bolas leave the massive cluster behind, making it imperative for players to cast Glacial Prison (R) in such a way that it surely crosses the empowerment threshold.
  • As effective as Sejuani’s ganks are, a key trait of these CC focused Tanks is to shut down enemy gank attempts by intercepting or counter ganking the enemy Jungler. This in turn requires players to drop Control Wards into the enemy Jungle in order to track any movement which passes through the pocket of vision you’ve set up.
  • Lastly, remember that Sejuani’s core build and kit focuses around defense, but that doesn’t mean she cannot win 1v1 skirmishes. Due to the massive defensive stats she is building and gaining, the Fury of the North can easily win trades and skirmishes against isolated enemies, as they’ll struggle to deal virtually any real damage to her. Just make sure that your items match the enemy carry’s damage type, in order to mitigate as much as possible.

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Finalizing Thoughts

If we take a moment and analyze Sejuani’s entire character, we’re quick to realize just how different the Fury of the North is compared to other Tank champions. She might not involve her trusted mount into the game as much as we’d perhaps like her to, but Sejuani’s gameplay is anything but linear, as opposed to other similar champions.

Although the early game plays out in a rather standard fashion, with players grinding to reach LVL 6 as quickly as possible in order to start impacting the Map, as soon as Sejuani can purchase the Bami’s Cinder and Boots, the game suddenly starts changing.

Players should primarily focus on pressuring the Map, counter-ganking any enemy attempt at building advantages. Sejuani’s kit allows her to shut down fights and turn their outcomes around, with so much hard CC and a wide range of mechanics to play around.

Towards the late game, the Fury of the North becomes the primary engage tool for her team, using well-aimed Glacial Prisons (R) to isolate and lock down enemy carries, before charging into the enemy team to allow her allies to clean up the fight and follow. The natural stat stacking helps build her resistances up naturally, feeling tanky enough throughout the entirety of the game.

As we are looking to close our guide on Sejuani, we hope you found the information shared with you useful, as we urge our readers to keep a keen eye out on our website, where we consistently upload more League-related content, including guides like this one!

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