The Ultimate List Of Tenacity Items in League of Legends

The Ultimate List Of Tenacity Items in League of Legends

League of Legends contains many different forms of crowd control abilities. Some may slow the targets while others will completely bring the enemy champions to a halt. They become a strong variable in any fight or skirmish, even being the deciding factor in many. Just other strong abilities, crowd control abilities have a counter to them. That is a stat called Tenacity. Tenacity helps you reduce the duration of the crowd control abilities by some fractions of a second.

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What is Tenacity in League of Legends?

Tenacity (or Crowd Control Reduction) is a stat that reduces the duration of all incoming stun, drowsy, kinematics, nearsighted, stasis, and suppression. The stat is the percentage by which the duration is reduced.

In League of Legends, you can have a minimum tenacity equal to 0.3s. This increases by gaining more tenacity via items, runes, summoner spells, and even certain abilities. Tenacity also can increase by combining tenacity-granting items, runes, abilities, and summoner spells.

Tenacity Items in League of Legends:

The following items grant you tenacity in LoL:

1. Mercury Treads

Mercury Treads are one of the many boots you can purchase. It grants you different stats such as movement speed, magic resistance as well as tenacity. Mercury Treads cost 1100 gold and can be built using tier one boots and a null-magic mantle. To be precise, it grants you the following stats:

  • +45 Movement Speed
  • +25 Magic Resist
  • +30% Tenacity

Best Tenacity Item Mercury Treads League of Legends

Often, these boots are purchased for the tenacity instead of the magic resistance stats that it provides. That gives us an idea of how valuable tenacity can be as a stat. Often tanks and bruisers have a lot of tenacity to prevent them from getting locked out in a fight.

2. Elixir of Iron

The Elixir of Iron is one of the three Elixirs that you can buy. While the other two provide unique stats themselves, the Elixir of Iron grants you bonus health as well as percentage tenacity. The item also grants allies bonus movement speed if they walk directly on the same path as you. To be specific, the elixir grants you the following stats:

  • 300 Bonus Health
  • 25% Tenacity
  • 15% Increased Size
  • 15% Bonus Movement Speed to Allies

Best Tenacity Item Elixir of Iron League of Legends

You need to be level 9 to buy the Elixir of Iron and it costs 500 gold. It can be consumed instantly and can be stored in an inventory slot. It does not have a build path.

3. Sunfire Aegis

Sunfire Aegis is a tank mythic item in League of Legends. It is one of the strongest and most expensive mythic items in the game. It is best suited for tanks such as Ornn and Sion. It grants stats such as ability haste, health, armor, and magic resist. Not only does it additionally grant you tenacity but also a unique mythic passive that lets you stack more and more tenacity depending upon how many legendary items you have in your inventory. It consists of the components Bami’s Cinder and Aegis of the Legion and costs 3200 gold. It grants you the following stats:

  • +20 Ability Haste
  • +450 Health
  • +35 Armor
  • +35 Magic Resist
  • It empowers all legendary items with 5% tenacity

Best Tenacity Item Sunfire Aegis League of Legends

This item is great for tenacity as it lets you stack it quicker than other items.

4. Silvermere Dawn

Silveremere Dawn is a great AD item because of the stats that it provides as well as the tenacity you can gain from its unique active ability. It provides not only attack damage but also health and magic resistance. What makes this item great, however, is the Quicksilver Sash. It is a component, which on it’s own, removes all crowd control debuffs upon activation with a 90s cooldown. Silvermere Dawn grants the following stats:

  • +40 Attack Damage
  • +300 Health
  • +40 Magic Resist
  • Unique: Quicksilver removes all crowd control debuffs from your champion and grants 50% tenacity, slow resist and ghosting for 3 seconds.

Best Tenacity Item Silvermere Dawn League of Legends

This item is especially good for fighter champions who need to counter crucial enemy abilities such as Annie’s passive stun Pyromania or Mordekaiser’s ultimate ability Realm of Death.

Other Sources of Tenacity in LoL:

Although there are only four purchasable items that grant tenacity, they are not the only four things that grant you tenacity.

1. Runes

There are two runes that grant you tenacity in League of Legends. They have been listed and described below:

  • Legend: Tenacity (Precision)
  • Unflinching (Resolve)

Legend: Tenacity

Legend: Tenacity grants you 5% (+2.5% per Legend Stack) tenacity, up to 30% with 10 stacks. It can be taken in the second slot of the Precision tree. This rune is great for any champion that does not benefit from attack speed but utilizes a keystone from the Precision tree such as Udyr with Lethal Tempo or Garen with Conqueror.

Best Runes Tenacity Item Legend Tenacity League of Legends


Unflinching grants you 5-25% tenacity and slow resist based on missing health. It can be taken in the 4th slot in the Resolve tree. This rune is often taken by champions such as Camille or Darius who utilize the Resolve tree in order to have a greater chance on the rift.

Best Runes Tenacity Item Unflinching League of Legends

2. Summoner Spell

The following summoner spell grants you temporary tenacity:


Cleanse is a self-targetted summoner spell that removes almost all crowd control abilities and summoner spell debuffs upon activation with a cooldown of 210 seconds. It is often taken by AD Carry champions who need to cleanse themselves of the enemy’s crowd control abilities to avoid crucial disadvantages in any fight. It is most commonly taken versus a champion such as Leona who applies a great deal of crowd control abilities on her target.

Best Tenacity Item Summoner Spell Cleanse League of Legends

3. Champion Ability

Courage (Garen W)

Active: Garen reduces incoming damage by 30% for a few seconds. For the first 0.75 seconds, Garen additionally gains a shield and 60% tenacity. This is the only champion ability that grants tenacity in League of Legends.

Best Tenacity Item Champion Ability Courage (Garen W) League of Legends

Stacking Tenacity

In League of Legends, tenacity can stack both additively and multiplicatively. The stat itself is built up from sub-stats called modifiers. Tenacity from different things are grouped as the same type. The stat from the factors of same group stack up additively, multiplied by tenacity gained from addition of tenacity from another group.

The most tenacity a champion can achieve is Garen with a potential to gain 99.265% tenacity with from eight different sources at once.

Debuffs and CC Affected and Not Affected by Tenacity:

Did you know that not all crowd control abilities are affected by the percentage of tenacity that you have? Here’s a list of crowd control abilities whose effects are reduced by having tenacity:

  • Slow
  • Stun
  • Root

The crowd control abilities which cannot be affected by having tenacity:

  • Airborne
  • Drowsy
  • Kinematics
  • Nearsight
  • Stasis
  • Supression

Champions that Utilize Tenacity Runes

Here are some champions who often take tenacity in their runes as standard:

  • Amumu benefits from Legend: Tenacity
  • Camille benefits from Unflinching
  • Garen benefits from Legend: Tenacity
  • Fiora benefits from Legend: Tenacity
  • Kayn benefits from Legend: Tenacity

Best Utilize Tenacity Runes Champion League of Legends

Final Thoughts

Tenacity can be a crucial stat for certain champions who are easy to kite and need to impact without being caught up in crowd control abilities. Take Camille for an example, she is an extremely strong late-game champion. If she is unable to deal all of her single-target damage to the correct target then it makes her useless no matter how strong she is. Garen is also a champion who needs to stay on his target in a duel. If he is caught up in crowd control, he is likely to be kited and killed before he is able to do anything.

What did you think of our guide? What do you think of tenacity in League of Legends? Do you utilize tenacity from any of the mentioned sources? What are your thoughts on the newest patch? We love hearing your feedback, so hit us with it in the comment section below!

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