How to be Annoying in League of Legends

How to be Annoying in League of Legends? Complete Guide

It’s no secret that, beneath the fun to be had and quirky antics League of Legends has, often lies a darker side – and no, we’re not referring to griefing. Sometimes we encounter opponents who just irk us for one reason or another, and hey, it’s normal! We aren’t here to judge you. We will, however, look at some of the ways you can turn the tables and apply this to your opponents. Getting under your opponent’s skin actually tips the balance of the game in your favor, as it often leaves them open to mistakes. The psychological warfare begins!

Spammable Attacks and Cookie Cutters

Some champions simply excel at harassing opponents in lane, with not much you can do. That isn’t to say you’ll lose your lane, but it can be annoying to deal with, especially when they start spamming those combos. Ever try last hitting against Pantheon as a melee champion? It’s not exactly the most pleasant experience. It’s very much the same for Wukong, who can spam his combo with his meager mana cost, oftentimes leaving unscathed himself.

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Annoying Builds

Every so often, Riot makes changes with how champions work, be it skills, stats, or other adjustments. And that’s fine, it’s part of the game. However, I’d argue that the biggest changes that shift the meta often come from items and how they synergize with champions. An example of this would be a Yorick with a Hullbreaker. As if he wasn’t a split pushing monster on his own already, giving him that makes him even more annoying, and with some tankier items, he can absolutely wreck towers and help out the team with his annoying spells. Some popular items that work well with fan favorites now include the now infamous Turbo Chemtank and Immortal Shieldbow, which have seen they’re nerfs throughout the current season.

Some items simply just shift the meta, regardless of how well they synergize. In season 11, AP champions, especially immobile ones, were very susceptible to just being 1 shot by a mildly fed assassin. With the introduction of Crown of the Shattered Queen, however, that drastically lowered the effectiveness, giving the mages time to react. This forces players to either adapt their playstyle or switch it up altogether.

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Playing Something Off-Meta… That Actually Works

Do you remember when Quinn first made her appearance in the top lane and it actually worked? It was the bane of top lane champions, especially melee ones; and let’s be honest, a big percentage of champions designed for top lane are in some shape or form, bruisers. Needless to say, it wasn’t a good time. What about AP Master Yi before it was nerfed? Or back when mid lane assassins like Zed and Talon weren’t meta yet? You get the point.

Today, we have all sorts of variations, as League does give us some wiggle room, but ultimately prefers we play in the designated role. Look at the Korean server, for instance. They’ve been known to be one of the best players in League of Legends, so it’s no surprise some of the experimental builds that actually stick around originate from Korea. Introducing new builds that opponents won’t be prepared for can actually throw a wrench into your game plans. To counter this, always be on the lookout for new builds and keep an open mind. This allows you, at the very least, to be mentally prepared for the unexpected. I was left with my head scratching too, the first time I saw an Ashe with a support build.


Just camping the bush and leaving your enemy guessing is very annoying. Is the Blitzcrank in the bush? Is he out roaming? We may never know, and it’s too risky to find out. Sure, you could ward the bush instead of the river, but when paired with a vision ward and a lane bully, there’s not much else you can do. Other champions like Renekton and Fiora who excel at dueling and come with built-in CC baked into their kit are naturally good zoners. You don’t even need to hide in the brush. Standing there and taking your CS is a big enough threat by default.


We don’t mean dodging the queue, just the skillshots. We don’t roll like that. An opponent dodging all your skillshots can not only hurt your pride, but it’s really annoying too, especially during the laning phase. Not only does it waste precious mana, but it could potentially psyche you out enough for you to miss succeeding attempts.

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Deleting Champions

I know we were just talking about the Crown of the Shattered Queen, but not everyone is going to get it, and even when you do have it, it still doesn’t assure you survive. It just makes sure you can react before you get burst down. Assassins are especially notorious for this, but other champions that scale well into the late game with powerful hits exist as well. Jhin comes to mind, as he really packs a punch during the later stages of the game, able to delete squishy targets before he gets to reload.

Other champions who infinitely scale are contenders too, such as Nasus and Veigar. Later in the game, they’re able to absolutely smack champions out of Summoner’s Rift with their absurd damage. Even when your 6 slots are locked, they’ll still be able to add more damage until the match ends.

Not Ending the Game

Tower farming. We’ve all experienced it before. It is the League of Legends equivalent of adding salt to the still-running open wound. You already know all hope is lost, yet they don’t end the torment. They simply wait outside your fountain, hoping you walk out, just so they can humiliate you. Shameful. Simply shameful. Dancing around the Nexus instead of breaking it can also be humiliating, but games have been known to do a full 360 because of some actions, so be wary. The psychological warfare only works until the game is over.

When All Else Fails: Emojis

Nothing really triggers a player more than emoji spamming. Reserved for the lowest of the low, this is arguably more provocative than the actual taunts in-game. It won’t be your proudest moment, but it can be effective for throwing your opponent off their game. It’s especially effective after a kill or outplay.

Bonus: Picking Teemo

How to be Annoying with Teemo Champion in League of Legends?

It’s Teemo.

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