How to Reduce Shop HUD in League of Legends?

Sometimes while playing games, some of the menus, fonts, or others irritate us for one reason or another. The case with the HUD of the shop in League of Legends may not occur often. But still, it poses a problem for some players. In this article, you will learn what HUD is, its relation to the League Shop, and, lastly, how to solve the problem.

What is HUD?

Let’s start by defining what HUD is. Heads up “Display is a term used in the gaming world. Be it used by game developers or simply by players or users of various platforms, it always means the same thing.

When it comes to gaming.HUD stands for the heads up display area, which you can see on your monitor. In most cases, this area is vital- for the game stats or windows. It can be your character’s HP, abilities, and, in our case, the shop in League of Legends.

Having a non-intrusive heads-up display is crucial when gaming. If the HUD is not properly made, it can get in the way of your game, ruining the gameplay. That is something that most developers want to avoid.

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Shop HUD in League of Legends

In this case, as you can see from the title, we will talk about the Heads-up Display of the shop in League of Legends.

With the shop being one of the most critical parts of every match, It is crucial- to be able to access it. Thus, the HUD can pose a problem for some people, as when you open the shop, it will appear in the middle of your screen, covering many things. You may want to increase its size or reduce it, and that’s totally up to you. But if you are curious about how to do it, read below.

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How to reduce the LoL shop HUD

When it comes- to reducing the Heads-up Display of the League shop, there are a few ways.

Before we start, it’s important to note that the HUD size depends on the resolution at which you are playing the game, your monitor, and your settings.

Let’s say that the HUD appears too big and you want to change it, or the opposite. Start by simply opening the shop while in the game. Now, point the mouse at any of the four corners and try to drag it inwards or outwards, depending on what you want to do. After you’ve done this and configured it to the size you want, simply close it and play your game.

The second option, as we said, is related to the resolution. Given the fact that this is something that is different for everyone, your shop HUD may appear large or small on your screen based on the setting you have input in the resolution window. To change this, simply go to the options menu. Move to graphics, and select a different resolution, which seems to be more appropriate for your monitor. When you do this. The League’s Heads up Display will revert to its default state.

Lastly comes the option related to the resolution of your game and the settings that you may have changed. This way goes around restoring your default settings by either using the in-game menu to do it. Or by doing it the old-fashioned way.

The first way, as I said, is to access your in-game menu, go to graphic settings, and restore them to their default.

The second option, on the other hand. Requires you to go to the installation folder of your game. From there, look for the Config folder and once you find it, open it too and look for a file with the name “game.cfg.” Once you find it, simply delete this file, and the settings of your game will be returned to the default, thus your HUD too.

An example of the file path

E:) Riot Games “League of Legends” Config and look for a game.

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I can say that changing the HUD of the shop in League of Legends is something quite simple. Although you will hardly see this as a problem, you should not worry too much. Resolving it is easy and can be done- in a few minutes. I hope this small tip was of help, and till the next article!

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