Build GuideAP Miss Fortune Build Guide

AP Miss Fortune Build Guide

Ability power Miss Fortune has always been a niche pick in League of Legends. Although the ability power play style has been going around for a while, it has recently seen a boost in popularity. One of the main reasons for this jotted down to the changes in old as well as the introduction of new items.

In the old days, most champions that enjoyed the use of ability power generally had very stereotypical build paths to follow. There was very little wiggle room in what items you had to make. Whereas nowadays, it is the opposite. There are too many good options.

As a result of the influx of these items, all ability power champions have seen an increase in effectiveness and ability power Miss Fortune is no different. You have entirely different items for dealing with a tanky team as compared to what you would build against a squishier team. You even have item choices as early as the first buy in the game.

Therefore build pathing can turn out to be quite confusing. This is especially true for a cult favorite pick such as ability power MF that does not see a lot of play rate. The lack of play rate results in a lot of stuff still being left to trial and error and no real tried and tested builds.

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Miss Fortune: Rune Set

Miss Fortune: Rune Set League of Legends

For Miss Fortune, the primary rune page will be Sorcery, while the secondary has a bit more choices. You can take Domination or Inspiration, whichever is more suitable for the situation. In some cases, you can take Domination primary with the Dark Harvest keystone, but it is not the most efficient setup.

On the Sorcery rune page, you will take the Arcane Comet keystone in most situations. This is because AP Miss Fortune is mostly a poke-based champion. Summon Aery is also an option, but it is only viable if you will be able to constantly bully and attack your opponents in the lane. Once out of lane Arcane Comet will be stronger than Aery in all scenarios.

After the keystone, the runes you select are Manaflow Band, followed by Transcendence. After this, you have a choice between Scorch and Gathering Storm. Scorch is a better rune for the early game, while Gathering Storm is focused on the late game. Scorch is considered to be better since it boosts your poke in the lane.

The secondary rune page, if you are taking Domination will be Cheap Shot and Ultimate Hunter. This is the standard rune page if you want more than just lane prowess from your rune page. While the Inspiration page is solely focused on the lane with Biscuit Delivery and Magical Footwear.

Early Gameplay

AP Miss Fortune Early Gameplay League of Legends

For the people that wish to play AP Miss Fortune in the ADC role, the starting item will most likely be Doran’s Ring. You can also start with Tear of the Goddess to start stacking the Tear.

Having said that, ability power Miss Fortune is primarily a support champion. Hence the starting items on this champion are generally Spellthief’s Edge and Health Potions. However, there are some players that prefer to go for Spectral Sickle. This is only plausible if you can abuse the enemies with auto attacks and even then it is still not ideal. This is because it reduces the effectiveness of “Make it Rain”.

This is often followed by buying a Tear of the Goddess to diminish any mana problems. The Tear will be made into the Muramana when it is fully stacked to give you a boost in damage. Other than the Tear, the best early game buy for Miss Fortune is the Lost Chapter.

You can also buy a Dark Seal if you are winning your lane. The item is considered to be a luxury item since it will very rarely be upgraded. It is purely for laning purposes. Also, you can get an Oblivion Orb early on if your opponents are healing-based champions.

Core Items

AP Miss Fortune Core Items League of Legends

The core item for ability power Miss Fortune is Liandry’s Anguish. This is an irreplaceable item for AP Miss Fortune. This will be your first item in all games. The item works extremely well with Make it Rain, which is most of the ability power MF’s damage.

There are some situations where an argument can be made for Ludens Echo. This is only when the enemy team has zero champions that can stack health. This is a very rare case on its own as nearly all games have champions that will stack health and resistances.

Not to mention even against squishy teams, Liandry’s has a very strong case for being the better item. There are a couple of reasons for this. One of which is that Liandry’s stacks ability haste as its Mythic Passive.

The more ability haste you have, the more frequently you can use your abilities. This is even more important for poke champions that depend on their high-range abilities to do damage. For AP Miss Fortune, that has only one ability to do any damage the more ability haste, the better.

How To Deal With Squishy Teams Using AP Miss Fortune?

Squishy Teams Using AP Miss Fortune League of Legends

Against a squishy or low-health enemy team, you can make either Ludens Echo or Liandry’s Anguish. Ludens gives you higher burst damage, while Liandry’s gives you more sustained damage. The choice is up to you, but Liandry’s is still the recommended item in nearly all scenarios.

After the Mythic item and the completion of Muramana, you can go for more burst damage options. These are items such as Shadowflame and Rabadon’s Deathcap. Both of these items give high damage and the ability to deal heavy damage to enemies with low health and resistance.

Dealing With Tanky and High HP Teams

AP Miss Fortune Tanky and High HP Teams League of Legends

Against a team that has tanks or high HP champions such as Bruisers, Liandrys is the only choice. After the core item, you need to make a Demonic Embrace to further enhance your health percentage damage. The combo of Liandrys and Demonic is the best way to deal with champions that stack health.

The penetration item is surprisingly not Void staff but Serylda’s Grudge. This item is incredibly useful to Miss Fortune as it gives you the ability to slow enemies that are in your ultimate. Furthermore, Bullet Time does physical damage, which is enhanced by the armor penetration from Serylda’s.

If the enemy team is focusing on making magic resistance, then you can consider making Void Staff. Although that is also in the circumstance that you feel the slow on Bullet Time is not as crucial as the damage from Make it Rain.

Defensive Items

AP Miss Fortune Defensive Items League of Legends

If you are in need to make defensive items, Zhonya’s Hourglass and Banshee’s Veil are your best choice. These items are the most efficient in their respective categories.

If the enemy has champions that can dive onto you or one-shot you, Zhonya’s Hourglass is the ideal item to make. The active ability of the Hourglass can be used to survive any type of engage or assassin threat.

In the case of an enemy team having ability power champions, the Banshee’s Veil is your go-to choice. The item gives magic resistance as well as immunity from the first enemy ability that hits you. Much like the Hourglass, it is a multi-purpose item that gives resistance as well as active defense.

Snowball Build For AP Miss Fortune

Snowball Build For AP Miss Fortune League of Legends

“Snow ball” is when you have gotten a big advantage from the lane and wish to use it to get even bigger leads and end the game quickly. In this case, as ability power Miss Fortune your build changes to a more aggressive and high burst play style.

You can even buy Ludens to add more burst damage if you are quite far ahead. However, Liandry’s is not a bad choice either. After the mythic item, you can go for high-damage items such as Shadowflame and an early Deathcap. If you have the Dark Seal, then you can upgrade it to Mejai’s Soulstealer.

The Soulstealer is a luxury item and is only to be made when you are immensely ahead in the game. Even so, this is not the most optimum item to make as it can backfire quite heavily.

In any case, if you are wishing to snowball quickly, you can go for high-damage items rather than over time, sustained damage.

Final Thoughts

In earlier seasons of League of Legends, you had fewer effective champions. This ultimately resulted in the diversity of champions from game to game is quite low. In modern-day League, you face completely different team compositions in every game.

Since you now face different champions in every game, you need to also make different items. You cannot be making the same build in every game. To deal with tanks, you need to make anti-tank items. While for squishy teams, you need to make high burst damage rather than health percentage damage.

You need to know the best items for each circumstance to give you an advantage. Having said that, it is a good thing that when making ability power Miss Fortune, you do not have to fret over it too much. This is because Miss Fortune only has a few adjustments to make for each situation.

For each situation, Miss Fortune only needs to adjust one or two items. You can make the same mythic item in every scenario without having to worry about its effectiveness. Such a champion helps players to keep their focus on the game. This is because you do not have to think about every complication that could arise from making one item or another.

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