AP Twitch – The Ultimate Build Guide

AP Twitch The Ultimate Build Guide League of Legends

In the current state of the game, one of the most annoying champion builds currently being abused in League of Legends is the AP Twitch build. AP Twitch can be played in almost every lane and has the potential to cripple your opponents.

One of the most common roles for AP Twitch is to go Support, abuse support items for gold, and start roaming to wreak havoc. AP Twitch brings an insane amount of damage and gank potential to your team early in the game which can heavily disrupt the enemy laning phase.

With his Q that grants him invisibility and attack speed, his long range ultimate and a reliable slow coupled with his poisonous passive, AP Twitch will allow you to decimate your laning opponents and leave you plenty of time to bully other lanes.

If you are looking for a fun way to make your opponents rage-quit, follow this guide on AP Twitch Support to crush your competition for easy LP.

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AP Twitch Background:

Twitch is one of the best ADCs in League of Legends. If you are an old player, you might already know the crazy ambush Twitch playstyle that used to make you cry tears of blood. With his invisibility, high attack speed, and insane amounts of damage, a well-farmed Twitch could make the enemy team surrender very quickly.

However, in the recent metas, Twitch is more often played as an AP because it is simply much more effective and fun. Some players have complained that ADC Twitch is no longer viable, since AP Twitch is much more impactful in the early game than ADC. As a result, players have creatively produced some crazy AP Twitch builds.

This made-for-ADC champion is now commonly being flexed as an AP support. It may seem a bit off, but you must try it before you can judge. Although ADC Twitch is still popular in the higher brackets, AP Twitch wreaks havoc in most lower ones and has become incredibly popular.

Interested? Keep reading for a super effective AP Twitch build.

Is AP Twitch Viable?

Twitch has a maximum of 15% AP scaling on his passive and 6% AP scaling per 100 AP on his slow (Venom Cask). This means that if you have 500AP, you can slow your enemies by over 80% (50% base at level 4 + 30%). Combined with his burst damage, you can easily burst down enemy champions at even 50% HP.

Additionally, at level 3 when you have all your abilities, you can bully the midlane to allow your other lanes some breathing space, and if you start roaming, you can immediately go top to ruin the enemy toplaner’s farm!

But if you think AP Twitch only offers value to the team through his roaming potential, you are wrong. His W, on a very low cooldown, coupled with his passive Deadly Venom, offers insane poke and slow, which can change the trajectory of your teamfights.

Best Items for AP Twitch:

There are a bunch of items that go really well with AP Twitch. These are similar to the items you would build on any attack-speed based burst mage, since that is the role AP Twitch fills. The best items to build on him are listed below.

Nashor’s Tooth:

AP Twitch Nashor’s Tooth League of Legends

Nashor’s Tooth is actually the best item for you to first build as Twitch AP, especially if played in the roaming support role. This item’s passive deals bonus damage to all enemies you auto-attack, which works really well with your passive.

You can trigger it by simply auto-attacking, and this item will allow you to melt your enemies. You can also take advantage of the bonus damage by poking away at your enemies during extended standoffs.

Sorcerer’s Shoes:

Another must-build for AP Twitch is Sorcerer’s Shoes. The magic penetration will allow you to bypass whatever magic resistance items your enemies buy. This will go well with the bonus pure damage your passive provides.

If you aren’t convinced yet, the magic penetration allows you to deal significant damage by spamming your E (Contaminate), which has increased damage for every stack of your passive, allowing you to slowly eat away at your opponent’s HP.

AP Twitch Sorcerer’s Shoes League of Legends

Crown of the Shattered Queen:

AP Twitch Crown of the Shattered Queen League of Legends

Notice the order of items? Yes, you’re seeing this right. You only need to build your Mythic item third or fourth! You have enough damage and sustainability with Sorcerer’s Boots and Nashor’s Tooth early in the game.

Crown of the Shattered Queen allows you to escape alive from unfavourable situations, and also gives your other Legendary items a little boost! It also gives a sweet amount of AP to boost your damage output, and mana and health to sustain you in teamfights!

All in all, this item is a must have for Twitch AP.

Rabadon’s Deathcap

Rabadon’s Deathcap is your next big item. What else do you need for a brilliant AP build? A huge amount of pure ability power gives your damage a huge boost. Although it is a bit expensive, you should be getting enough kills and gold at this point in the game to afford it.

Pair this with other AP items, and your venom cask, you can easily nuke down enemies by excruciatingly slowing them and raining down hell!

Zhonya’s Hourglass:

Still not surviving fights long enough to dish out lethal damage and slows? No worries, Zhonya’s Hourglass is here to save the day! It gives a respectable amount of AP boost, and allows you to save yourself from at least one lethal assault!

Twitch needs no more than 4 seconds of breathing space to comeback and wreak havoc, so Zhonya’s is the way to go if you’re not surviving as long as you should, since this will bring your abilities back up off cooldown.


The final nail in the coffin for your opponent’s hopes of winning the match is Shadowflame. Its unique passive allows your attacks or abilities to ignore some magic resistance, which is incredibly useful in the late-game when almost everyone has some sort of MR.

Providing 100AP and a way to circumvent magic resistance, Shadowflame will complete your build and allow you to give your enemies a good beating regardless of how much MR they build!

Our Verdict:

AP Twitch is an incredibly fun and versatile method of playing one of the sneakiest champions in League of Legends. It is incredibly rewarding at any phase of the game, but in the late game, you can absolutely demolish your enemies in no time!

Have fun driving your enemies absolutely insane with your damage and let us know in the comments down below whether you prefer AP or AD Twitch.

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