5 Best Attack Speed Items in League of Legends (2022)

Everyone likes to reduce their enemy’s health to 0 with some fast attacks, so they don’t know what hit them. In League of Legends, some champions take speedy attacks into their own hands to bully their clueless opponents. It practically means that no matter which champion you choose to play, attack speed can be built on everyone.

Opting out for attack speed build, you will auto-attack your opponents to death with insane speeds. Mainly, attack speed items built by the AD carries are chosen to attack faster and apply pressure onto their enemies, granting them faster killing rates. Nevertheless, attack speed can also be built on junglers – to increase their speed for clearing camps, tanks in the top lane – to deal with ganks more efficiently and assassins – granting them insanely fast kills.

But, to achieve such things, you will face the task of choosing which items will help you reach that 2,50 attack speed cap. League provides its players with enormous champions and items to choose from, making new players scratch their heads when it comes to what to pick, what is good, and what is not. So, to help you, we made a list of the best items that give you the most attack speed to destroy your opponents.

The Best Attack Speed Items in League of Legends in Season 12

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5. Kraken Slayer

Let’s start with the number one item that every AD carries picks in every damn game, but it has its reasons why. As a Mythic item, Kraken Slayer is a compelling item that helps every ADC to do their jobs – carry the team.

Purchasing Kraken Slayer will grant you a very decent boost of +65 Attack damage paired with a +20% Critical Strike Chance and, most importantly, a bonus of +20% Attack Speed. But that’s not all. The Kraken Slayer has a unique passive ability –  Bring it down – attacking enemies generates stacks. After you hit your second auto, the third attack will deal 60+45% bonus AD of True Damage. 

As True damage ignores all defenses of your opponent, you can deal massive blows to the tankiest of them all. So, you are still wondering why this item is on this list while granting a small amount of attack speed?

This item’s passive ability makes it the most potent item any AD carry can choose. Besides all of the benefits items, it empowers all Legendary items that you purchase throughout the game with a 10% attack speed bonus. Meaning if you have a complete build with Kraken Slayer and four other Legendary items, it will grant you a 40% attack speed bonus on top of every item you have.

It is excellent to have this item in your set, but if you don’t and your enemy has it, you better run and hide because it will destroy squishies like you in no time.

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4. Trinity Force

The holy trinity of every tank bruiser and Ezreal, consistent with attack speed, health, and ability haste, allows them the best mix-up of resources. The item has been there in the items shop from the very start of this game and survived through numerous twists and tweaks, and now it’s ready, ladies and gentlemen. It is Trinity Force.

This is another Mythic item that provides the champion you are playing with many effects and modifiers. That being said, it will grant you +35 Attack Damage, generous +20 Ability Haste, and +200 Health, but most importantly, a bonus of +30% Attack Speed. 

Also, as every Mythic Item, Trinity Force has a passive ability – Threefold Strike – grants you +20% movement speed for every hit for 3 seconds and +6% base damage increase stacking up to 30% when attacking enemy champions or structures. Being a Mythic item, it also grants a bonus of 3 Attack damage, 3 ability haste, and 3 movement speed to any Legendary item you own.

A conclusion for this item, it is an excellent Mythic pick for most AD bruisers in the top lane and jungle that can provide many resources like damage, haste, attack, and movement speed.

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3. Blade of the Ruined King

When playing against multiple tanks that are giving you a hard time as AD carry? Then it would be better if you considered buying Blade of the Ruined King to ease things up. It can be used by champions that are highly dependent on basic attacks due to its ability to provide hefty amounts of Attack Speed and Lifesteal to make you more sustainable on your own.

This gives you decent utility. The Blade of the Ruined King is used to get access to your opponent’s weak side while also giving you the ability to evade skill shots and to improve your kiting. This item grants you +40 Attack Damage, +25 Attack Speed, and very much needed +10% Lifesteal. An interesting fact about this item is that it haves two passive abilities. 

Yes, you read that right. The first passive – Mist’s Edge- empowers your basic attacks to deal 8-12% of targets current health as bonus physical damage on-hit. And the second one – Siphon- your basic attack on enemy champions applies stacks up to 3 times. The third stack consumes all stacks to deal 40-150 bonus magic damage on-hit and slow the target by 25% for the next 2 seconds and grant you the exact amount and duration of the movement speed.

Blade of the Ruined King comes as a great addition to any champions kit providing enough attack speed, Lifesteal, and all kinds of damage, while also slowing and applying on-hit effects.

2. Guinsoo’s Rageblade 

Due to recent changes in the itemization in League of Legends, Guinsoo’s Rageblade has received some deserved love. It has now become an item all about attack speed and critical attack chance, making your autos blistering fast with a spice of crit chance. But this item has a lot more to offer. This item also has two passive abilities that further improve your damage output and ramp up the attack speed even further.

To start, Guinsoo’s Rageblade will grant you a whopping +40% Attack speed to make your attacks super fast. One of its passive abilities – Wrath – will convert all of your critical strike % into bonus on-hit damage, which is great because you will be attacking at a higher rate and deal more and more damage onto your opponent. And its second passive ability is not a joke either—Seething Strike – an ability that will amplify by 100% all your on-hit effects after it’s fully stacked.

This item synergizes well with champions like Tryndamere, Master Yi, or Vayne, which are heavy hitters, especially with their auto-attacks. If you see Guinsoo’s on any of them, you will need to run and hide if you don’t have any armor, but even if you do and go for a complete tank build, you won’t be safe.

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1. Phantom Dancer 

Want to dance around your opponents and taunt them while they cannot do anything against you? Then Phantom Dancer is the right choice of item to do so. It represents another item to do massive amounts of damage with exceptional speed, getting easy kills on anyone who thinks they stand a chance against you. 

Phantom Dancer will boost most of your essential needs, like your attack speed by 25%, your attack damage by 20%, and for the same amount, increased Critical Strike Chance. The buffs don’t end there, as this item will provide you with 7% movement speed which is plenty for those ADC’s without any mobility. Spectral Waltz is the passive ability of this item that will grant you 7% bonus movement speed on-hit and apply its stack. 

When you stack up to 4 times, the next attack consumes the stacks and bursts you with an additional 30% attack speed. This makes you hit those enemies with speeds more significant than the speed of light because it gives you a total of 55% attack speed and 14% movement speed to run circles around those peasants.

Phantom Dancer is best suited for AD caries that depend on attacking speed while also giving them enormous movement speed. It is an item that provides users with all the necessary things to win some games.

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