Top 10 Best Scaling Junglers in League of Legends

If laning is too difficult for you, try the jungle. If you’re a League of Legends player, you’re probably tired of playing against overpowered champions who will make you question your sanity and the point of this world. 

But don’t worry, the game’s map has been designed in such a way that you can go jungle hit minions and not care about a single thing in the world. Then continue to get reported for having spent an hour and forty minutes in the bush! 

Unless you want to be more useful and gank other lanes for your cores; in this case, you will be recognized with honors by your teammates and you will be able to live in harmony with your other players.

What Exactly is a Scaling Champion?

As the name implies, this is a champion who is weak early on yet strong in the late games.

The late game is a crucial component in League of Legends, and there are champions that perform very well in the late game. Many of these champions will take time and money to get online, and once they do, the game will become much more difficult for the opposition.

When you’re playing as a scaling champion, it’s critical that you avoid falling behind in the early game because this will make your late game less effective. Having a good start will ensure that you have an even greater conclusion!

Top 10 Best Scaling Junglers in League of Legends

10. Viego

What is the importance of Viego being rated first? Because he embodies the very concept of badassness. This character transforms his opponents into wraiths and heals them for a percentage of their entire health. 

He is one of the most unbalanced junglers in the game just because of this, along with Emberknife’s abilities. If the other team fails to make use of his agricultural potential, they will suffer the consequences in the late game! 

As an added bonus, he’s a skilled escape artist, so even if the opposing team decides to pay you a visit, Harrowed Path will be able to quickly and easily escape. 

I can’t think of a better champion who puts in a better performance than Viego himself, to be honest. Try him out, he’s one of the greatest there is!

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9. Evelynn

Jungle till you reach level 6, then gank, return to the jungle, gank, and continue until the other team rage quits, surrenders, or reports you a total of five times. 

But don’t worry, your teammates will be proud of you for carrying the game and claiming another EZ kathoska victory for them. 

If you enjoy playing as nasty vampire ladies that feed on the blood of others, then please accept my invitation to choose this evil succubus! But, I hear you wonder, what makes her such a good jungler? Her passive, on the other hand, heals her every time she exits a fight. 

She allows her to simply escape from assaulting minions while she heals and never has to worry about being pinned down in the jungle due to this spell. Try her out; even though she’s difficult to play with, she’s a breeze to jungle with.

8. Gwen

Gwen from Ben10, perhaps? It’s hell to the no more if you’re Gwen, fresh out of the bush. Her passive is undoubtedly one of the most effective abilities for jungling because it is dependent on the health % of her enemies’ missing health. 

She deals extra bonus magic damage and heals for a part of the damage delivered depending on the missing health percentage of her opponents. 

In addition to her main ability, “Skin n slash,” which offers her additional attack speed after dashing at her enemies, she also has a number of other spells. Some may argue with my decision not to select Gwen in the first place, but hey, I don’t much enjoy playing this champion. Anyway, here are some of the reasons why she is fantastic.

7. Elise

She is a particularly entertaining jungler to play due of her passive, which allows her to deliver additional magical damage while also healing herself. This ability may be used in conjunction with omnivamp items such as Hailblade or Emberknife to increase their effectiveness.

However, she can be a real pain in the buttocks to play against in lane, and her jungling may be quite hazardous in the late game. In one-on-one battles, she’s actually rather good. 

If you suffer from a split personality disorder and are unable to determine whether you want to be a spider lady or a regular human being, you can choose Elise as your partner. 

Her entire existence revolves around slithering here and there, biting an opposing champion, then biting a tower, and finally biting the Nexus. If you’re playing against a newbie Elise, consider yourself lucky; if not, consider yourself doomed!

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6. Karthus

This champion performs exceptionally well in the jungle, particularly when equipped with an item known as Hailblade, which provides him with omnivamp and lets him to sustain himself. He has a good area of effect, which is useful for taking out numerous minions in the jungle at the same time. 

Unfortunately, this isn’t DotA2 and you won’t be able to stack minions camps, so you’ll have to make do with nuking single camps! As a champion, Karthus is respectable since he has abilities that lower the magic of other champions and, most crucially, minions. 

Despite the fact that he would generally perform better in lane, he should jungle on rare instances. You should give him a go, especially because Karthus synergizes nicely with other magic damage champions.

5. Camille

This is another champion who should have been assigned to a lane, but for the sake of this post, she will be placed in the jungle. What makes her such a skilled jungler? 

Because of her Precision Protocol spell, she has the ability to boost herself with additional damage and movement speed, allowing her to outpace the minions she’s farming in the jungle while doing so. 

AoE damage and healing are dealt with by Tactical Sweep, another spell that does damage and heals to Camille’s targets if they are within the outside half of the spell’s radius. 

Make sure to equip yourself with Emberknife, which is both practical and simple to master. Happy jungling!

4. Nidalee

Nidalee grew up in the jungle, and as a result, she has become the jungle. A feral kitten who is a great joy to play with but is tough to manage since she is wild and untamable by humans. 

Because she is a ranged champion, you will need to equip Hailblade on her in order to get the benefits of omnivamp. 

But don’t worry, she can also transform into a cat from a human and get a variety of powers that cause a significant amount of damage to her opponents. Because she’s difficult to play, you may receive a few reports here and there.

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3. Lee Sin

Lee Sin is a competent jungler, and by combining his skills and purchasing the appropriate equipment, you may wreak havoc on this blind monk’s horde. 

I recommend that you get the Emberknife since you will have enough of omnivamp and will be able to sustain yourself by mixing your spells and applying them against minions with that weapon. 

It’s important to remember that this person is also an excellent snowballer, so wasting too much time in the jungle might spell disaster for your team. On the whole, a terrific champion, but he loses his edge in the late game, so strive to finish early, just like you would in bed!

2. Renekton

A really terrible alligator. Perhaps he’s displeased with himself since the Florida Man paid him a visit. Who knows, he could even be SCP-682’s offspring, but who knows! 

My understanding is that this caiman is one of the most straightforward champions to defeat in the game. He’s very effective with novice players, and he excels in the role of jungler, but why is this? 

Take, for example, his “Cull The Meek” ability, which is a spell that may deliver damage to numerous minions at the same time while also healing him for a part of the damage dealt. 

If he has more than 50 furies, his health absorption is raised much more so. Getting kills with him was also a breeze for me, so be sure to gank your mid-lane every now and then!

1. Irelia

Irelia is one of those champions that may be used to win the game on her alone without the help of other players. Sometimes games become so bizarre that the so-called “counters to Irelia” that you’re up against are annihilated inside the first 20 minutes of the game. 

This isn’t uncommon. Not only is she gorgeous and over-the-top, but she’s also a competent jungler. But what makes her so effective in the good old jungle? 

The majority of this is due to her passive, which offers her increased attack speed and additional attack damage if she hits the maximum number of stacks on her passive ability. 

Aside from that, Bladesurge is fantastic because it heals you, and we all know that if anything heals you, you should take it to the jungle with you and prepare to get reported a whopping nine times!


That pretty much sums up this guide to the top ten scaling jungler champions in League of Legends. Who else do you believe is a great scaling jungler champion in your opinion? What would you want to see as a follow-up in upcoming articles? Please let us know!

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