Best Blind Pick ADCs in League of Legends

ADC is the key to victory in a League of Legends game. The stronger your AD carry is, the better your team’s chances are of winning. 

For this reason, ADC is often the first option of many players queuing up for Blind Pick. 

Which ADC you need to choose depends on several factors, including your playstyle, the Support champion you have, the overall make-up of your team, and that of the enemy team.

Keeping these factors in mind, here is a list of the 4 Best Blind Pick ADCs.

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4. Ashe, The Frost Archer

What makes Ashe really powerful is her passive, the Frost Shot. It slows down enemies when she hits them with her basic attacks. Critical strikes slow them down even more. 

An elementary tactic to fully utilize Ashe’s potential is to enhance attack speed and critical strike percentages. When you reach levels 11 and above, you should ideally have sufficient attack speed and critical strike to take on any champion in the enemy team. 

Couple that with Ashe’s ultimate, Enchanted Crystal Arrow, and the enemy usually stands no chance against Ashe.

She was one of the first few champions introduced in the game when League of Legends was initially released in 2009. Despite so many changes and over one hundred new champions in the game introduced over the past decade or so, Ashe remains a very powerful champion in the bot lane. 

Her “Q,” the Ranger’s Focus, transforms her attacks into a flurry of arrows, decimating the enemy’s movement speed. With Volley, her “W,” she casts arrows in a cone that can hit and slow multiple enemies. Finally, her “E” can help reveal areas hidden by the fog of war in the Summoner’s Rift.

All of these abilities make Ashe a deadly foe in team fights. She can slow down multiple enemies at once and stun and slow the entire enemy team if her ultimate is timed and positioned properly.

The one drawback with Ashe is that she doesn’t have any ability that offers mobility. It would be best if you kept that in mind while playing ADC with Ashe. 

After you use Flash, unless your Support can pull you out of danger, it’s difficult to escape from danger with Ashe.

3. Vayne, The Night Hunter

Vayne could more accurately be described as the Tank hunter. With a passive “W,” the Silver Bolts, every third consecutive basic attack on the same enemy deals bonus true damage as a percentage of the enemy’s maximum health. 

This means the greater the maximum health of the enemy, the greater the damage dealt with her third basic attack. Tanks are looking to maximize their total health, and this ability by Vayne effectively neutralizes the extra health that gives tanks an advantage in battle. 

Vayne’s Condemn throws enemies backward, and if they hit a wall, they are impaled. That is the ideal time to hit them with three basic attacks to inflict maximum pain.

Using Condemn requires Vayne to be able to reposition herself constantly. That is why her “Q,” Tumble, allows her to maneuver quickly to a new position at a short distance. 

Her next basic attack after using Tumble deals bonus damage. Based on these abilities, you can chalk out a strategy on how to play with Vayne. You will want to hit enemies with three basic attacks together and hit them against walls or structures as much as possible. 

With her ultimate, the Final Hour, Vayne becomes invisible with Tumble and has reduced cooldowns and bonus movement speed with Night Hunter.

Vayne is called a Hypercarry because she is a bit weaker in the initial laning phase, being prone to crowd control and area of effect damage while she has no cc or aoe damage. 

That being said, at later stages in the game, particularly after levels 11 and 16, Vayne becomes an unstoppable force. You are more likely to see enemy tanks running away from Vayne than the other way around.

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2. Sivir, The Battle Mistress

Sivir was also one of the first few champions in the game back when League of Legends was released over a decade ago. 

With excellent mobility, attack speed, and a defensive shield, she is best suited for pushing lanes early in the game, taking down multiple enemies during teamfights, and boosting the entire team’s attack speed. 

Her ultimate, On the Hunt, can be used defensively and offensively. You can either help your team run away from enemies or help them run towards the enemies with enhanced movement.

The trick to mastering Sivir, however, is her “E,” i.e., Spell Shield. It helps Sivir block an enemy’s ability, no matter how powerful it is, and also helps her regain mana. 

While Sivir is a bit mana hungry otherwise, this ability helps her regain mana quickly in battle. Spell Shield can be used for regaining mana by using simple tactics such as putting on the shield and moving into an area where the enemy has aoe. 

You can also position yourself to tempt and invite the enemy to use an ability and press “E” at the right time.

With Richochet and Boomerang, Sivir is deadly during the laning phase and teamfights as she can engage more than one enemy simultaneously, including entire minion waves. 

You need to focus on building up critical strike percentage with Sivir and use her Spell Shield and mobility at the right time.

1. Samira, The Desert Rose

Samira is one of the most versatile champions in League of Legends. While most champions are good at engaging enemies from a distance or up close, Samira can do both. 

Her passive, the Daredevil Impulse, further incentivizes hitting enemies with different abilities consecutively as she builds up damage. With her “Q,” Samira either fires a shot from a distance or swings her sword at nearby enemies. 

She can also slash through enemies with Wild Rush, hit multiple enemies with Blade Whirl, and attack enemies rapidly in all directions with her ultimate, the Inferno Trigger. 

Any list of the best choices of ADCs in League of Legends would be complete without Samira

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