What Does Tilt-Proof Mean in League of Legends?

What Does Tilt-Proof Mean in League of Legends?

Much like in any aspect of life, the art of gaming has a lot of good qualities that we, as individuals, can aspire to have. Sure, the large goals like climbing the ranks and becoming the absolute best or simply to just have fun are very important. It gives you something to strive toward. Aim for the moon, and if you miss, you may hit the stars. However, it’s also important to divide these goals into bite-sized chunks. This will help them become more manageable in the short term and prevent you from becoming too overwhelmed.

While we did mention that large goals are important, one could argue that it is the small principles that matter, as they define who you are. One such principle is being tilt-proof, especially in a game as rage-inducing (at times) as League of Legends. But what is tilt-proof, and how do you achieve nirvana once you master it?

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What Does Tilt-Proof Even Mean?

To understand what tilt-proof means, you have to understand what the term tilt means. In the gaming world, this is just a term people use for people who get upset. This usually affects their performance in a negative way and can manifest itself through things like making bad calls in the future, blaming teammates, and other things that result in either intentional or unintentional negative behavior.

In the most basic sense of the term, tilt-proof simply refers to the act of not raging when something doesn’t go your way. This can come in the form of being ganked repeatedly, having a tough time in lane, or simply losing in a 1v1 scenario. Aside from being a good quality as a player, League of Legends actually goes the extra mile and incentivizes players who practice it by letting your teammates honor you for your upstanding attitude.

Tips to be Tilt-Proof

Mistakes happen, it’s only natural. Sure, in the lower elos, it can be a bit more frustrating. It can happen to you as likely as it can happen to teammates, especially when your opponents catch you by surprise. But here are some tips to help you calm down and hopefully either increase the overall team morale, or just prevent it from going further down a downward spiral.

Acknowledge Mistakes

Don’t be afraid to say sorry when it’s your fault. In our heads, it can be tough to admit our fault. The simple “only 4 seconds left until my Barrier is off cooldown” is alright once in a while, but it’s no good if you lose 1v1 in a fight you initiated then blame your jungler from halfway across the map why he isn’t more proactive with ganking. A simple “my bad” will suffice, and it lets your team know that you will be more mindful and avoid making the same mistake in the future – or at least, you’ll try to.

Thank Your Allies

A little appreciation can go a long way, especially for self-esteem. Thanking your allies can have great benefits. It lets them know they appreciate their gank, or their clutch shield that prevented you from dying from the enemy Ignite. In the future, if they feel good about themselves, they’ll be more likely to pay attention to helping you and the rest of your team out, and a lot of it has to do with them simply knowing their efforts are not going unnoticed. Sure, in a perfect world, we wouldn’t need to, but we’re all human, and this does go a long way.

Don’t Blame

Unless your ally is intentionally feeding, it’s probably best to either help them out or leave them alone. Spamming in all caps over chat won’t really lead to a win, and it won’t help your feeding ally either. In fact, it just incentivizes that ally to just give up, since it stops being a fun experience. The game can still turn around, that’s why Riot allows inhibitors to respawn. It’s that late game madness that allows you to make a comeback, and it will be a very satisfying experience winning after a 12 kill deficit.

Take a Break

Being tilt-proof sounds easy enough on paper, but it’s an entirely different thing in practice. What can we do when that blood pressure is on the verge of popping a vein? Taking a break could be a good choice. It’s supposed to be fun, but we can’t avoid feeling frustrated 100% of the time. In times like those, it’s better to cool your head and look for alternative activities to wind down with, instead of subconsciously carrying that tilted mentality to the next game and unknowingly affect your team.

Mute is Better Than Flaming

If all else fails, just mute them. It’s certainly better than seeing the negative chats the whole game, as it actually lowers morale and therefore performance, no matter how much you deny it. A lot of us actually get provoked into responding, and then it just results in the whole game spent flaming each other.


At the end of the day, League of Legends is still a game, and the point of games is to be fun! So the next time you encounter a seemingly bad lineup, do your best and move on in the worst case scenario. There will always be a next time, and you come out on the losing end if you log off your PC upset because you lost a game.

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