Best Blind Pick Mid Lane Champions in LoL

For several reasons, the midlane pick is very crucial during champ selection. Sometimes the entire game strategy for a team relies on who the midlane pick will be. There are at least two excellent reasons for this. 

The mid-laner is best positioned to roam around and help the top lane and the bot lane. Secondly, most of the time, the mid-lane champion is best equipped to assassinate the enemy AD Carry. 

Preventing the enemy AD Carry from being fed and helping your own AD Carry grow in strength is a simple, time-tested method to increase your chances of winning.

For these and other reasons, teams must be aware of the possible strategy and tactics vis-a-vis the choice of the mid-laner. Five of the top best mid-lane champion picks for Blind Pick are mentioned below.

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5. Katarina, The Sinister Blade

If you open youtube and search “Katarina Pentakill,” you might begin to think that killing the entire enemy team with Katarina is a routine operation. Katarina thrives in damaging and engaging multiple enemies at the same time. 

The best ability that Katarina possesses is perhaps not its ultimate but her ability to jump in and out of battle practically countless times. She was reworked a few seasons ago, and now you can jump to her blades with her “E,” i.e., Shunpo. 

You can also jump to minions, enemy champions, and your teammates. That allows for a significant boost to mobility and is always helpful during team fights, 1v1, and when you want to gank the bot lane, for instance.

The thing you need to be careful about with Katarina is that it takes some skill if you want to fight an enemy 1v1 in a toe to toe battle. Since she is squishy, you will want to keep the pressure up on your opponent if you are head to head. 

Otherwise, there is a chance Katarina can get dominated. Similarly, during teamfights, you should ideally wait for your teammates to engage. When the enemy CC and Area of Effect damages have been utilized, jump in with your Bouncing Blade while leaving a blade behind with her ‘Preparation’ in case you need to escape back soon. 

Jumping to the blade you just threw at the enemy will make Katarina swing her blades around, damaging all enemies in range. Then, just press ‘R’ and watch the magic happen. This is just one of the tactics that you can use while playing with Katarina.

4. Zed, The Master of Shadows

Zed is an expert at going in for a kill and then escaping with minimum damage taken, all in the space of a few seconds. 

While the persona, back story, and animations of Zed are pretty cool by themselves, what makes it even more remarkable to play with are his abilities. Knowing when and where to prop up a shadow can be intimidating for Zed’s opponents. 

It takes a little while to master using Zed’s shadows, but once you get the hang of it, few other champions are as rewarding to play with. 

With Zed, you should try to hit enemies by abilities both with the shadow and with Zed himself. 

This nearly doubles the damage dealt, and with some crit strike and actual damage built up, you can take almost half of the enemy’s health just by a simple “W+E+Q.” 

In other words, you throw a shadow forward with Living Shadow, slow the enemy down with Shadow Slash and try and hit Razor Shuriken with Zed and his shadow. The enemy will be on the backfoot now. 

As a follow-up, if you feel confident, press “W” again, and you will exchange places with your shadow/ Hit the enemy with a simple basic attack if the health is below 50%. This does extra damage, thanks to Zed’s passive, Contempt for the Weak.

There are numerous ways you can combine Zed’s abilities to innovate and explore new tactics and dynamics. Juking opponents using Zed’s shadows is very rewarding indeed.

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3. Ahri, The Nine-Tailed Fox

Ahri is a good pick for the mid-lane as she thrives at mobility and burst magic damage. She is also brilliant at setting up enemies for a team kill with her Charm, causing enemies to harmlessly walk towards her for a couple of seconds with her “E.” 

While playing against an Ahri, you always want to avoid getting entrapped by Charm because it’s complicated to escape from it. 

With Ahri’s ultimate, i.e., Spirit Rush, you can reposition during team fights, set up enemies for a kill using her “E,” do some damage with Orb of Deception and Fox Fire and escape quickly using her ultimate again.

You should ideally try and reposition during battle to ensure the Orb of Deception hits enemies on the way back because it will do actual damage. 

2. Kassadin, the Void Walker

With his ability to jump to enemies multiple times, damage along the way, and shield himself from damage soon after casting his “Q,” Kassadin is an excellent choice for the mid-lane in Blind Pick. 

Since he can shield himself using Null Sphere, he appears tanky to enemy mid-laners. Jumping to enemies with Riftwalk and using the rest of his abilities for damage allows Kassain to escape again relatively unscathed by pressing “R” again.

There are good reasons why Pros seem to prefer Kassadin. Mobility and burst damage is what drive the current meta. Kassian is a good choice for Blind Pick for precisely these reasons.

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1. Leblanc, The Deceiver

Playing against a good Leblanc can be mind-numbingly tough and challenging. She can pin you down using Ethereal Chains, come in close to deal damage using Distortion and then Sigil of Malice, and get back to her original position using Distortion again. 

Her ultimate, Mimic, seems a bit innocuous at first. However, just by mimicking Distortion, Leblanc has four-fold the mobility that any regular mid-laner has. 

And when the enemy does enough damage to be able to come close for a kill, Leblanc’s passive, Mirror Image helps her escape.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of other champions in League of Legends that can be excellent choices for the mid-lane. If I were to start this list again, I might end with different champions. 

That being said, if you are playing Blind Pick, check out Katarina, Zed, Ahri, Kassadin, and Leblanc because, in this meta, they are excellent choices for the mid-lane.

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