What is Magic Penetration And How Does it Work?

Hello guys, welcome to another guide about the game League of Legends. We can talk about League of Legends for days because there are so many things to explain and so many hidden tips to apply to improve our gameplay. Not to mention that Riot Games very often releases new updates and thus further complicates our knowledge of this game. 

But let’s not complain, these updates are always very interesting. But slowly, we will have enough time to explain everything that interests you. Today’s topic will be Magic Penetration. Magic Penetration is a term that is constantly mentioned in the context of League of Legends, but a lot of you don’t know what it really is and what to do with it. So, let’s start with the guide, shall we?

What is Magic Penetration in League of Legends?

In the League of Legends, there are various types of “specifications” that make a single champion special. It can be Movement Speed, Attack Damage, Magic Resistance or, what we will talk about today – Magic Penetration.

Magic Penetration is a term in champion’s stats that explains how much magic resistance will be “blocked” / ignored when his enemy deals magic damage. It is important to remember that flat magic penetration and percentage magic will have no effect if the opponent has less than or equal to zero magic resistance.

Magic Penetrations understands the enemy’s magic resistance (both magic resistance and flat magic resistance) as if they are multiplied by a percentage or reduced by a flat amount. Also, all champions at the beginning of the game have 0 Magic Penetration, and Magic Penetration increases with runes, items and also with some champion abilities. The enemy champion’s magic resistance is multiplied by a percentage for purposes of damage calculation. It stacks multiplicatively and does not matter if the enemy champion has a magic resistance of 0 or less than 0.

Percentage magic penetration decreases more magic resistance on enemy champions who have higher magic resistance. For example, an enemy champion who has 50 magic resistance will be evaluated as having 20 or less. Also, the percentage of magic penetration has a value of 47.09 gold per point.

Now is the time to say something about flat magic penetration. Flat magic penetration stacks additively. Then, the enemy champion’s magic resistance will be reduced by an amount for the purposes of damage calculation. Only it cannot be reduced below zero. Furthermore, flat magic penetration has a value of 31.11 gold per point.

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How to Increase Flat Magic Penetration?

As we said at the beginning of the article, magic penetration is 0 for all champions. It can be increased with runes, some champion abilities and items that are intended for that purpose. So, let’s show them.


Item Cost Amount Availability
Eye of Luden 3200 10 All maps
Hextech Rocketbelt 3200 6 All maps
Luden’s Tempest 3200 6 All maps
Sorcerer’s Shoes 1100 18 All maps
Upgraded Aeropack 3200 10 All maps

Source: leagueoflegends.fandom.com

Item passives

  • Luden’s Tempest (Eye of Luden)
  • Hextech Rocketbelt (Upgraded Aeropack)
  • Shadowflame


  • Sudden Impact 

How To Increase Percent Magic Penetration?


Item Cost Amount Availability
Blighting Jewel 1250 15% All maps
Void Staff 2800 45% All maps

Item Passives

  • Divine Sunderer (Deicide)

Champion Abilities

  • Death’s Grasp (Mordekaiser)

How To Reduce Magic Resistance?

Percentage reduction

Champion Abilities

  • Allure (Evelynn)
  • Transform Mercury Cannon (Jayce)
  • Wall of Pain (Karthus)
  • Radiant Blast (Kayle)
  • Caustic Spittle (Kog’ Maw)
  • Realm of Death (Mordekaiser)
  • Break the Mold (Rell)
  • Electro Harpoon (Rumble)
  • Subjugate (Trundle)

Flat Reduction

Champion Abilities

  • Gatling Gun (Corki)
  • Break the Mold (Rell)


  • Abyssal Mask
  • Voracious Corrosion (Baron Nashor)

Let’s go more deeply into this stuff. If the champion has 100 MR, he will take damage by 50%. The formula for calculating this is as follows: MR : (100 + MR) = % DMG reduction.

Let’s say the target has 150 MR. Let’s calculate it according to the formula.

150: (100 + 150) = 6:10 (this means 60% DMG reduction)

90 x 0.4 = 36 Magic Damage

With this formula you can easily follow how magic penetration works and how items, abilities or runes affect its increasing or decreasing.

Furthermore, magic penetration can apply to every champion or object that deals magic damage. It also applies to turrets. Percentage penetration applies before flat penetration, and magic resistance reduction will affect the magic damage from any source.

The highest amount of flat magic penetration that one champion can receive is 54. Sorcerer’s shoes have 18 MP while Eye of Luden has 10 MP. We also said that runes can increase magic penetration, Sudden Impact has 6 MP.

One champion can also have a maximum of 58.75% of the magic penetration percentage. As you can see, mathematical formulas are mostly used here to make it easier to calculate quantities and percentages. So, if you are good at math and you can count, you will easily adopt how Magic Resistance works.

In the League of Legends, stats are mostly expressed in numbers so it’s really easy to catch these things. Of course, you can find many tutorials on Magic Penetration as well as a list of all the recommended items, runes and abilities that some champions have that increase their Magic Penetration. It is important to research all the guides about the champion you want to play as this will make it much easier for you to make your gaming skill even better.

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Final Thoughts

Let’s finish this guide on Magic Penetration. This amount of information and numbers may still seem incomprehensible to you for now, but take the time to study what it really looks like when applied to Summoner’s Rift and you’ll see how easy it is to recognize how much damage your champion to enemy champion will do. Also, you’ll understand a little better why some items are recommended for build and some not. Share with us your tips on magic penetration and good luck in your games!

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