Best Blind Pick Supports in League of Legends

While getting a lot of kills and having high kills, deaths, and assists ratios (K/D/A) is a lot of fun, it’s equally satisfying to help your team win by playing Support. By playing Support, you set the tone, pace, and timing of teamfights. 

Good Support means a comfortable bot lane for your team’s ADC, and a comfortable ADC means greater chances of winning. The focal point of a team’s strategy in League of Legends often relies on what abilities the Support brings to the table.

Being able to shield your teammates from damage, heal them, pin enemies down, bring enemies closer and pull your teammates out of danger make up the criteria for choosing a Support champion in Blind Pick. A list of the Top 5 Best Blind Pick Supports is as follows.

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5. Blitzcrank, The Great Steam Golem

Just by moving about in the bot lane, Blitzcrank can make opponents shift their position out of fear of being grabbed by the Rocket Grab. This ability is beneficial when you are suspicious of an enemy hiding in the bush in front of you. 

Just stand in the direction of the bush and press “Q.” If there are any enemies there, Blitzcrank will pull them out. His Power Fist makes for a good one-two punch combination. 

Blitzcrank can surprise enemies with Overdrive. After level 6, you do a W+Q+E+R combo to do a lot of damage, and your ADC can finish the enemy afterward.

Blitzcrank is also a great Support because he is tanky. His passive grants him a shield at low health. Having a tanky Support is helpful in this meta. 

Another cool thing that you can try with Blitz is to try and pull enemies within the radius of your turrets and let your turret do some damage for you. 

You can easily pull off these tricks with map awareness and the correct positioning. You can also grab enemies across walls.

It would help if you tried not to grab enemy tanks with Blitzcrank because your teammates might use their abilities on the enemy tank instead of squishy damage dealers on the opponent’s side.

4. Thresh, The Chain Warden

Thresh is also a tanky Support with practically an unlimited ability to build armor and ability power, thanks to his passive. Thresh is an excellent Support for several reasons. He can pin an enemy champion down momentarily with his Death Sentence, rendering the enemy champion harmless for just a fraction of a few seconds. 

This will allow the ADC and the rest of your team to kill the enemy champion. If he casts Death Sentence a second time, Thresh will be pulled towards the enemy, offering new tactical advantages. 

You can use Thresh’s W, the Dark Passage, in two interesting ways. If your teammates are in danger, Thresh can place the lantern near them and walk in the opposite direction. By clicking the lantern, the entire team can get a shield and be pulled back to Thresh’s position. 

On the other hand, if Thresh manages to get in close to the enemy with his Death Sentence, the lantern can be used to pull your team into battle. 

Furthermore, you can also use Death Sentence and Dark Passage across walls. Thresh’s Ultimate, The Box, locks in enemies, deals damage and slows them if they break the barrier. In mid to late game and in teamfights, this can offer critical advantages to your team.

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3. Leona, The Radiant Dawn

With great Area of Effect Damage and Crowd Control abilities, Leona is an excellent choice for Support in Blind Pick. She can dash to enemies, slow down multiple enemies at once with her Ultimate and gain damage reduction and magic resistance. 

Her passive lets her allies deal additional damage to enemies that Leona has hit them first with any of her abilities. In the limited space during the laning phase in Botlane, Leona is effective as she can control the battlefield with her Area of Effect abilities. 

The Solar Flare, her Ultimate, is particularly effective when the enemy champions are huddled closer together. It will stun the champion at the center of the solar flare and slow down the rest of the enemy team.

She can set up plays for the ADC in the early game using Eclipse and Shield of Daybreak. Meanwhile, Sunlight, her passive, help your teammates do additional damage to enemies after Leona has primed them with spell damage. 

The only ability that Leona lacks is the ability to shield allies from damage and help them escape from danger. However, Leona can be a very tanky Support which more than makes up for the lack of ability to heal or shield allies.

2. Lux, The Lady of Luminosity

Lux is a mage that was initially played in the mid-lane exclusively. Now, however, she has become a champion of choice as a Support in Blind Pick. She can shield herself as well as her allies. 

Lux can do additional magic damage with basic attacks or any ability to enemies upon whom Lux has cast a spell already. With her “Q,” the Light Binding, she can bind two enemies together for a short while. With her ultimate, the Final Spark, she can hit enemies from a long-range with a laser that doe significant magic damage. 

Finally, with Lucent Singularity, she can control the bot lane with area of effect damage, slowing down enemies in the area of effect and damaging them.

If you are looking to play aggressively in the bot lane, Lux is a good choice for Support in Blind Pick.

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1. Pyke, The Bloodharbor Ripper

Pyke is one of the most OP Supports in League of Legends, despite being somewhat nerfed lately. He can camouflage himself and his allies to help them escape, stun enemies, damage, and pull them closer. 

These abilities make Pyke a deadly enemy to play against but a great ally to play with. He can execute low-health enemies with his ultimate, granting gold to allies who assist. 

The downside to playing with Pyke is that he is squishy, and tanky supports can counter him. That being said, you can keep the pressure up on the enemies with Pyke with his mobility, surprise attacks, and his ability to kill enemies with low health.


Blind Pick lets you experiment with champions before choosing them in ranked. This list of Supports offers helpful insights into which criteria to keep in mind while choosing a Support. 

Go ahead and try playing with Bltizcrank, Thresh, Leona, Lux, and Pyke if you haven’t already, and try other Supports to see how they match up against these of the Top 5 Best Blind Pick Supports.

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