5 Best Blind Pick Top Laners

The Top Lane is one of the most fun to play roles in League of Legends. Having the chance to 1v1 your opponent, fighting long-drawn-out fights that are effectively battles of attrition to see which tank can outlast their enemy, is an enjoyable aspect of the League of Legends gaming experience. 

As always, there is a wide variety of champions to choose from. League players have experimented with the meta and may have surprised Riot with some of their top lane picks. An excellent way to try out new champions is by joining Blind Pick.

A list of the Top 5 best blind pick top laners is suggested below. 

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5. Garen

Garen’s ability to regenerate health when not in combat makes him one of the ideal candidates if you are looking to sustain fights in League of Legends. His passive ability, i.e., Perseverance, allows you to regenerate health by simply not being in combat for about 8 seconds. 

This can be a big surprise for enemies. Garen can hop into combat and do as well as take damage for his team, being the tank. If the health drops too low, all you have to do is lie low for a while. Hide in the bushes, retreat to your tower, or into the Jungle. 

If your teammates can hold on for just half a minute, Garen can join the battle again with nearly complete health. By this time, all enemy abilities are likely to be on cooldown.

Most League players combine Garen’s passive with Warmog’s Armor which also grants boosted health regeneration. Furthermore, his Judgement, Decisive Strike, and Demacian Justice allow him to keep the pressure on his enemies. 

Meanwhile, Courage and his passive allow him to sustain in combat. These combinations of abilities easily make Garen one of the top 5 choices for the top lane in Blind Pick.

4. Aatrox

Pain is temporary, but victory is forever, as Aatrox himself might say. The Darkin Blade thrives in tolerating and inflicting pain. Earlier versions of his ability dynamics relied almost entirely on either using his existing health to inflict pain on the enemy or rapidly regenerating his lost health mid-combat. 

Aatrox was reworked recently, and he still is one of the favorite picks for the top lane.

Aatrox’s passive, the Deathbringer Stance, is like a permanent Bloodthirster built into the champion. It doesn’t take much imagination to see how items with lifesteal can enhance Aatrox’s domination in the game. 

His Umbral Dash also helps him heal as a passive ability. His other abilities, i.e., the Darkin Blade and Infernal Chains, are meant to tank and fight the enemy attacks. 

The best way to play Aatrox is in the top lane, where you can build him as a tank with lifesteal items. You will soon realize that Aatrox can become an unkillable fighting machine if you know how to play him right.

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3. Illaoi

The Kraken Princess took the meta by storm when Riot Games introduced her a few seasons ago. She would almost always be picked if not banned outright.

Blind Pick was no different. Dominating the top lane with lots of area of effect damage and crowd control abilities, Illaoi quickly became one of the best Blind Pick choices for the top lane.

Although her abilities are advantageous in teamfights with vast amounts of area of effect and cc damage, she is equally dangerous while fighting solo in the top lane. Her unique set of abilities is difficult to counter.

Illaoi’s passive, i.e., the Prophet of an Elder God, covers a lot of ground with tentacles. The enemy has little space to outmaneuver Illaoi freely. Similarly, Harsh Lesson and Test of Spirit can be combined to leap to a target to deal damage and yank the enemy’s spirit out of them. 

99% of the time, the enemy will likely retreat to break this spiritual chokehold. Her ultimate, i.e., Leap of Faith, can be combined with her ‘Q,’ i.e., the Tentacle Smash. Leap of Faith covers the area with tentacles that can smash the enemy for maximum damage. 

2. Vayne

Vayne may not be the obvious choice for most top laners. She seems designed for the bottom lane to be played as AD Carry. That being said, Vayne has been used effectively in the top lane.

It’s a very simple dynamic if you want to play her as a top-laner. One, dodge the enemy burst attacks with Vayne’s Tumble. Two, Try to hit enemy champions with at least three basic attacks together. Her third attack will deal true damage, rendering all armor-building items useless for enemy tanks. 

Three, remember that Vayne is still squishy as compared with enemy top-laners. You will likely be unable to sustain a fight for long in a toe to toe battle.

However, Vayne is very adept at taking down enemy tanks. Just build a little more true damage and some armor and health, and you will be good to go.

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1. Nasus

This list would not be complete without including Nasus. With a high enough creep score, Nasus can single-handedly do a 1v5 in teamfights. 

Creep score is essential for Nasus, perhaps more so than for other champions, because Siphoning Strike, his ‘Q’ permanently increases its damage if Nasus kills a minion or an enemy with this ability. 

This means there is no end to how much damage Nasus can do with his Q. 

While the rest of his abilities will allow him to tank and sustain during fights, his Siphoning Strike, with its low cooldown rate, does all the damage you need. If your Nasus is sufficiently fed, a single ‘Q’ can be enough to kill a squishy enemy champion. 

His ultimate, Fury of the Sands, also decreases the cooldown on Siphoning Strike further when active. You can keep hammering the enemy with your Q, provided you can build up its damage.


This list is by no means exhaustive or authoritative. It’s an attempt to explore the kinds of champions available to play depending upon your preferred playstyle. 

Blind Pick can be a lot of fun if you want to try out new champions to see which ones you are most comfortable with. Garen, Aatrox, Illaoi, Vayne, and Nasus are some of the best picks for the top lane in Blind Pick.

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