6 Reasons Why You Can’t Sign In To The League of Legends Client

League of Legends, like many other online games, has logging problems from time to time. That can be caused by many factors and is something that, in most cases, is strongly individual to certain players. It is not a mass problem that occurs often, but rather an individual problem for some players.

The six main reasons why you can’t sign in to League of Legends clients can be caused by various things. For example, the servers can be down, and you can be suspended from game activities for LoL. You may have problems related to your computer. Another option is to patch or update the problem with new content in the game. The last two are multiple instance errors and killer network problems.

In this article, I will list the six reasons. You will be able to read about them, see them ranked, and find some details and solutions related to each of the problems.

6. Killer advanced network streaming

That is the first problem in our ranking and the least likely to occur. 

You must be using Killer Network Adapter for this problem. If you are having one, and you see an error message like, You may be offline from League of Legends, This may mean that one of the killer options is what caused this problem. As I said, this is not something. Which you will experience often and, in fact, it may be something very few of you may have a problem with.

The most likely cause is the advanced streaming option. This one, in short, prioritizes the network bandwidth for some streams. From there, you may experience problems with LoL, as it is possible that both conflict with each other.

Solving it is not that hard, so you do not have to worry. Just follow the next steps, and if the problem is related to the Killer network, you will deal with it right away.

The way to resolve the problem is to first press the Windows key and type “Killer.” This way, you will find the Killer Network app and open it. The app can have different names, but it will always be called “Killer.” For example, Killer Network Manager, etc. Once you have opened it, go to Settings and look for the advanced streaming option. After you find it, simply uncheck it to disable the option. 

This way, if the problem is with it, You will not have it conflict with the league. At this point, you just have to go back to League of Legends and open the client. If you have the problem, check if it is gone, then GG. If it is still there. Then the problem may come from elsewhere, so check out the other problems on the list.

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That is yet another way, which is likely less popular when it comes to problems with signing in on the LoL client.

As you know, League is a game with low system requirements and can run on anything. But there are cases where your drivers can be outdated or your OS needs to be updated. Although most PCs are up to date, have new windows, and are ready for gaming, There are some who are not, for example, newly built machines or very old ones. 

Those who use out-of-date drivers and operating systems have no installation at all. If the problem is related to any of this. You may experience errors like League of Legends Error 1B. The program can’t start because d3dx9_43.dll is missing from your computer, Unknown direct x error, or Error: 0xc0000005. All of this is closely related to PC problems.

You do not need to be a specialist to solve them. All you need to do is check below to see how to solve this problem.

As I said, if you see any of the errors from above, The best option is to start with the simplest solutions. For example, try to open League of Legends as an administrator (right mouse button and press “run as admin”). 

The next thing you can do is run a repair on the LoL client. All you need to do is go to settings in the client, then click on “full repair.” Wait till it is done and see if it works.

Another option is if you cannot access the settings, to simply reinstall the whole game and install it again. That will work the same way but will take longer to complete.

If none of this helps with the problem, then it is time to check out your drivers. You can use their software or simply go to the manufacturer’s websites. You can easily find them online. The trick is that you need to know your model, for example, GPU model (Windows key plus R, type msinfo32, and you will see details there). 

After you find out the drivers and update them, try to see if you still have a sign-in problem. If you do, continue on and look for a different solution as this was not the problem.

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4. Problems with the game servers

This one is not commonly seen in League of Legends, or at least I have not witnessed it that often.

The problems with the servers are most likely to be seen. In locations where events or the peak of the ranked season occur, There are too many players willing to play at the same time. Most of the time, this happens when there are not enough servers available to handle the traffic and the specific time. 

For example, after 5 pm, when everyone is home and has time for a game or two, If a few million players load at the same moment, the servers will feel the traffic and may get overloaded.

As I said, this problem is not something you or I can solve. In such cases, all we can do is wait for the traffic to lessen. Or wait for the company to increase the server capacity. 

If it is reassuring, know that you will rarely see this problem occur to you. In countries where League is very popular, the company took care to have enough servers ready to take any size of traffic and not burden the players by making them wait in long queues to log in.

3. Issues with new patches and updates

You may know, but this problem occurs often. It is not only related to the league but also to many other games and files. The patch or update problems are mainly due to the game’s being unable to download or patch till the end. By this, I mean that an error occurs in the middle of downloading new files or updating existing ones. Resulting in incomplete game files, not full game content, and you will not be able to log into the client.

If you experience such a problem. Then you have probably seen errors such as League of Legends Error Code 004, League of Legends Error Code 002, or Unexpected Login Error.

To solve any of them, you have to try a few simple steps. The easiest one is to check your internet connection. Often, if you have no connection, you may experience such errors and be unable to enter. 

One of the most common errors people make is failing to comprehend. To launch an update or patch to download without having enough space on their disk. It is critical to check the available space on the disk where your game is installed. If there is not enough, you will not be able to patch it fully and get an error. 

Clearing space on your HDD or SSD is easy. And I believe you can all do it. Just in case, I will tell you how to do it properly. The first step is to open your control panel. From there, find the games, apps, and other things you do not usually need and uninstall them. If there are leftover files, delete them from the folders.

Another thing that may help is turning off your firewall for the game. This happens in the settings of your firewall, where you have to point out an exception, and just add League of Legends there. That may help in some cases.

If neither of the previous helps to solve it, You can try to repair the client. You already know how to do that. If that helps, good, but if it does not, You have to try reinstalling the whole game completely and installing it again.

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2. Error with multiple instances

That is something I have had a lot of experience with within League of Legends.

You cannot sign in to the game client because your computer is already running a league multiple times. In my case, it is often more than four to five instances. That prevents the League of Legends from starting and you from getting into the client. In fact, you will not even see the client open.

Although this is one option, there is another. The second one is if someone is using your account and is logged in from somewhere else. 

You may have given in to a friend, or it could be worse. But if they are in, you will have a hard time logging in. An error may occur, and you may not even be able to sign in. 

The error codes, as you can see, speak for themselves here. They are not letters and number combinations. But full clear sentences that tell you the problem.

When it comes to solving them, The easiest way is to open the task manager on your PC. By doing so, you will be able to see all the processes running on your machine, including League of Legends. From here, you have to find the LoL processes and close them. Closing them is easy. All you have to do is, click on them and press the end task button. That will close the instances, and you will be able to retry and log in to League of Legends.

The problem where someone else has logged into your account is a bit more difficult to solve. The first thing you can do is to make sure a friend of yours, who knows your passwords, is in the account. If they are in, simply ask them to log out. And you are done easily. But in case someone steals your account, The best solution is to change your password. 

A person who stole your account will not have it easy when it comes to changing your email and passwords. As they will need more details which are better protected. The best thing you can do is change your password and nickname. Make sure they are secure in order to not experience the same problem.

1. You have been banned or suspended from the game.

That is the most common thing when it comes to being unable to sign in to the client and play. As you know, bans and suspensions are not things that happen randomly. In most cases, people have done something against the rules of the game. For example, they have been extremely toxic in matches, frequently reported for feeling on purpose, cheating, and a variety of other options. There are literally many things that you can get banned or suspended for. And in most cases, the reasons are reasonable.

When it comes to this problem. You will simply see why you have it. From the company, they explain to you why you were suspended or banned. And even provide you with proof such as chat logs and more.

There are not really any ways to solve this. As I said, if you get banned or suspended, it is most likely that you are at fault. And as you know, bans in the league, especially permanent ones, are like permanent. You will not lift them no matter what.

The suspension, on the other hand. Is something that can be helped with. Most of them are related to you making a mistake for the first time, for example. After some time, you will be able to play again. And in order to avoid a ban in the future, you have to behave properly. That means no flaming, no trolling, and go AFK. The best advice is to not even talk during the games. If possible, mute everyone from the start and just play your matches.

Although it is extremely rare, mistakes do occur with both suspensions and bans. In 99 percent of the cases, this will not work. If you truly believe that they punished you for something you did not do, Then the best you can do is to go to their support on their website and write a ticket. Explain everything in detail and provide pictures. That will help them understand the case. If you are lucky and you truly have no-fault, they may lift the punishment.


In the end, League of Legends is just a game. For various reasons, you may experience problems with signing into the client. You saw some on the list, but these are only the six most popular problems.

Speaking generally, most of this is solvable and preventable, even when it comes to the bans. Keep in mind to never overstress if you cannot enter your client’s home. Look for solutions online and take the right steps to fix the problem.

I hope this article was helpful. Thank you for taking the time to read this and until the next one.

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