7 Best Carry Champions in League of Legends

Hello, League of Legends enthusiasts, I’m glad you’re here and interested in what we’re going to talk about today. Of course, about League of Legends. In this world-famous game, the goal is to defeat the enemy team with your team by knocking down their main Nexus. 

If you are a fan and a loyal player of this game, you know the other rules. Currently, the League of Legends has more than 150 champions of all kinds. From support roles to jungle roles, you have plenty of options to choose from. 

Today we will mention carry champions, you know, the ones who carry the whole team on their backs. Below is a list of the top 7 carry champions in the League of Legends.

What Is The Carry Champion In The League Of Legends?

Let’s repeat what it actually means when we say some champion is a carry champion. Simply put, the carry champion is a champion who becomes so strong in the game that the rest of the team can rely on him to lead the whole game to the end, that is, to easily collect multiple kills and make it easier for his teammates to win. 

Usually, the term “carry” is associated with mages, marksmen, assassins. In the past, the terms ADC were often used, meaning attack damage carries, and also APC for ability power carries.

It was hard for us to decide to single out only 7 carry champions that we will put in the category of “the best carry champions in the League of Legends” but somehow we still succeeded. These champions from the list can significantly increase your chances of increasing your rank and winning the highest scores. So let’s start with the list.

Who Are The Best Carry Champions in League of Legends?

1. Darius

Deservedly, Darius is at the top of this list. Did you see him, of course, he can carry the whole game by himself. His passive, Hemorrhage is a truly bloody tool that successfully attacks anyone who opposes him. He can deal a lot of damage, which is great for team fights where his power comes to the fore. 

If you play Darius build tanky items like Black Cleaver, Thornmail, Sterak’s Gage, Spirit Visage, or Ravenous Hydra. His strength is at its peak during the mid-game, with Noxian Guillotine by his side Darius is becoming an unstoppable killing machine. 

With Darius you have a chance to quickly become the main in your team because the enemy champions can have a hard time dealing with Darius, they just don’t know how to counter him.

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2. Vayne

It doesn’t matter that Vayne is in 2nd place, she is just as strong (if not more so) than Darius. She has high mobility and true damage which makes her excellent in attacking the enemy team. We say team because Vayne is able to attack and defeat an entire enemy team when she gets strong enough. 

Also, with her ult, she can become invisible which allows her to sneak up on her targets and take their lives. Her disadvantage is an early game where she is not so strong and must gain a few levels before she can embark on a killer mission. With her Silver Bolts ability, she can also get the tankiest champions in the game.

3. Jinx

This combative but also sarcastic girl won’t even blink before sorting out her guns and shooting her enemies. She is very fast after she kills her target, which allows her to catch and shoot other members of the enemy team in a short time. 

Her big advantage is that she can take down objectives in a very short time and thus give her team extra power. Also, she is a great split-pusher that will make the enemy team think again about their tactics – will they lose turrets or will they continue to fight in a team fight. 

So, get this girl because she can do both, she can quickly and easily destroy enemy turrets or she can choose whether to fire her ult, rocket and kill all enemy champions with low health from a great distance. Or, she will rely on her faithful guns and shoot up close her targets.

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4. Zed

Zed is among the champions with the highest ban rate in the League of Legends. We have to admit, we don’t like to meet him on the opposite side of the lane. His advantage is his precision with which he can quickly kill any enemy before the enemy tries to defend himself. His ability called Living Shadow can well harm his enemies while he plans to deliver the final blow with his Death Mark. 

But remember, Zed is a pretty tough champion to learn so if you want to carry the whole game by yourself you have to prepare for a lot of practice with him to learn all his abilities and when to use them.

5. Katarina

When we talk about a champion who can carry the game right from the start, but who is also so fast that he can defend himself from enemies in time and attack them to get a kill, we are talking about Katarina. Her daggers are weapons with which she can deal extra damage to her enemies, which only increases her strength. 

Katarina is a bit of an underrated champion, but with her abilities, you can easily become the star of the game. Katarina’s advantage is that she can be fed up in a short time and the enemy champions will not be able to easily kill her later. This is why she is the ideal carry champion because once she starts killing she doesn’t stop with her killer mission. Well, at least until her team wins the game.

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6. Kha’Zix

Who is the star of the jungle? It’s Kha’Zix, the ultimate jungle pick (or ban, if you don’t want to fight him). He is one of the champions who can also rely on an early game where he will jump out of the bushes and attack his target who will not even be aware of what has befallen her. He can heal himself or slow his enemies, depending on how he chooses. 

That way he gets a chance to gather easily kill, and when he gathers enough kills and powerful items, his inner beast comes to light and Kha’Zix becomes an unstoppable champion. You won’t go wrong if you choose Kha’Zix as the champion to carry the whole team.

7. Fizz

Fizz, seemingly playful and harmless is actually so strong that he can carry the game alone. He can do a lot of damage but he is very hard to play, so players should take some time to practice his abilities to make Fizz a master on land as well as in the sea. 

Also, he can easily deceive his enemies because his E serves to escape so he can almost always get out of a tricky situation. And we must not forget his long-range ultimate which is extremely useful in team fights. 

Imagine your enemies who just find themselves in the middle of big water where they are greeted by a shark and eaten in the blink of an eye. With Fizz as the carry champion, victory is guaranteed.


As we already mentioned, champions who can carry the game are the key to victory. Such champions can save teamfights, conquer objects, crash turrets and at the same time unstoppably kill an entire enemy team. Usually, these champions are marksmen or mage champions, but we can see that there are other roles that can carry the whole team. 

We have mentioned only 7 of them here, these 7 champions are guaranteed to bring you victory, you just have to learn how to play them. Each of these champions has a special tactic on how to turn the game around and become a killing machine so take your time to learn everything about it.

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