Is G2G Legit for League of Legends?

Is G2G Legit for League of Legends?

In recent times, a marketplace has popped up for literally all sorts of things. As such, the gaming community has seen a significant rise in League of Legends items, and even accounts being listed on the not-so-popular website.

And that begs the question. Is it actually legit? Do you really get the services and items that are offered on G2G? Or is it just a scam for making you chuckle up some money?

In a nutshell, G2G is legit. Just like any other marketplace, it tries to ensure that no scams take place. The platform has over 29,500 reviews on Trust Pilot with an average rating of 4.7 and has been listed as a Verified Company.

What Is G2G Marketplace?

What Is G2G Marketplace?

It would come as no surprise if you’re not familiar with the website. According to the website itself, G2G is the “World Leading Digital Marketplace Platform”.

They bring the seller and buyer on one platform, allowing trades between different in-game items and accounts. These aren’t restricted to LoL as the sellers deal in a wide variety of games.

Additionally, you can also find coaching lessons, gift cards, and nearly anything that can be capitalized in the gaming world.

As with all such eCommerce platforms, the sellers have ratings, based on which you can decide if the service is legit. While we won’t vouch for their authenticity, we will explain their claims.

Is G2G Legit?

G2G claims to be in the business since 2013, with a few million active users. The platform considerably has no real competition and it would be safe to say that they indeed are telling the truth about their numbers.

But that does not answer our question. Are they legit? While the platform routinely gets bad reviews and tweets about it being a scam, that is the case with all other such websites as well. It is noteworthy that G2G has around 29,500 reviews on Trust Pilot, where the platform stands strong with a 4.7 rating. Due to its standings, it has been listed as a Verified Company on Trustpilot.

Additionally, G2G also offers refunds in case you do end up getting scammed.

It is important to remember that at the end of the day, G2G is merely a platform with different kinds of sellers. If you opt for one with a good rating, you’re likely not to get scammed. But as far as the platform itself is concerned, its motto seems to be quite true about being number one.


Is G2G Legit?

The G2G platform is quite adamant about improving the buyer’s experience. To do so, they have introduced GamerProtect.

Essentially, it will act as insurance when making a purchase on the platform by providing incentives to the buyer. If you do not receive your order or the received item is different than what was mentioned in the product description, then GamerProduct will take responsibility by covering the costs of your purchase instead.

Similarly, in the case of the seller, if an unauthorized refund is requested by the buyer, then GamerProtect will incorporate chargeback liability. If the seller can provide evidence that he was being scammed, then the dispute will be settled in his favor.

What Is The Seller And Buyer Ranking System On G2G?

What Is The Seller And Buyer Ranking System On G2G?

Since scams in gaming merchandise are not unheard of, G2G has tried to combat that by making a ranking system with 6 tiers. Essentially, buyers and sellers will be ranked by the platform, based on how much they have interacted and bought items.

Buyer Ranking

In a nutshell, for the buyer rankings, you will be awarded:

  • Regular by default in case you have made no purchase
  • Bronze after you make one purchase
  • Silver after spending $100 on the platform
  • Gold after spending $500 on the platform
  • Platinum after spending $1000 on the platform
  • Platinum Plus for more than $1000 expenditure

In case you are found involved in fraud or unauthorized payments, then G2G may decrease your rank.

Seller Ranking

Seller Rankings are a bit more sophisticated than the Buyer rankings and for good measure too. Apart from having six tiers, Sellers also have professions to make sure they are authentic.

In essence, a seller will not be ranked immediately but will have to first provide a Photo ID and maintain a 90% completion rate for selling. Once these criteria are met, the Seller will automatically be added to the ranking system.

The tier list is essentially the same for the sellers and the buyers with Regular as the minimum and Platinum Plus as the maximum achievable rank.

Is G2G Even Worth It?

Is G2G Even Worth It?

So we’ve discussed the ins and outs of how G2G works, but is it even worth it?

Buying in-game items are quite common but can take a toll on your budget. This is mainly why G2G grew in popularity in the first place. Since most gamers cannot afford expensive League of Legends skins and other items from the game directly, they can do so from G2G.

Similarly, in the case of selling accounts, it may be that you lost all your progress in LoL or any other game and want it back. Grinding back to the top is time-consuming, but buying an account isn’t.

Not to mention, many youngsters are looking for coaching lessons for games such as Dota 2, League of Legends, and Fortnight.

Pros And Cons Of Using G2G

The G2G market is famous for a reason. They offer items, services, and accounts for several games, have secure payment methods, and also incorporate Buyer and Seller Protection.

In terms, of their support team, it is quite fair and helpful when you need them to solve disputes. They also make use of the Escrow service where payments will not be released to the seller until the buyer confirms that they received the correct order.

The main disadvantage with G2G, however, is the fact that they do not have real-time chat support. Therefore, if you need instant help, you’ll have to instead wait to drop a query or complain on their email rather. They will nevertheless reach you.


All in all, the G2G marketplace in itself is quite trustworthy and all its claims can be backed up by reviews. However, this also does not mean that you will not get scammed.

Just like on other marketplaces, some people are simply there to make quick cash by scamming you. If you’re not careful enough, then you could certainly fall into their trap and end up throwing your money away.

This is where the ranking system comes in. You can use G2G’s ranking system to ensure that the seller has a good tier rank and reviews. You are likely to get the item you are looking for in this case. The payment methods are also quite trusted, notably the Escrow service offered by G2G, which will only release payments to sellers, once buyers confirm their order.

In a nutshell, we can say that G2G is legit indeed, and if you’re careful with who you deal with on that website, you are likely not to come across any issues or scams. That brings us to the end of this guide. Thank you for reading.

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