10 Best Cheap Skins in League of Legends

Back in the day, Riot games released skins that cost 390 – 520 RP, these skins are so cheap that it’s understood that the only thing that’s changed with these skins are overall designs, audio, and video effects remain the same. 

Despite this, there are cheap skins out there that look awesome and make the 390 – 520 RP purchase worth it. The skins listed in this article are the ones that make the character look unique and so different that the theme diverges away from the characters’ personalities. 

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1. Shadow Evelyn

Perhaps the most detailed and stylistic skin of all the cheapest skins out there is Shadow Evelyn. This skin shows Evelyn as a vampire with a color scheme of light blue and black. 

The skin also has unique visual effects and particles along with new animations and sounds, there really is so much going on for this skin for its 520 RP price. The vampire theme really brings out the seductress demon personality of Evelyn and having the blue color just goes well with her outfit.

2. Viridian Kayle

Kayle has lots of skins and some of them are way above the pricing of skins in League of Legends, but Viridian Kayle is the one all the way down the pricing at 520 RP. 

Kayle’s base skin is an angel with golden armor and white wings with bright yellow lighting effects, while that alone looks great, Viridian Kayle gives the champion an entirely new look. Sporting the green and golden colors of a forest elf based on RPG games, Kayle looks like a different champion with these features.

3. Spooky Gangplank

This skin is one of the most unique skins out there because it doesn’t simply change Gangplank’s overall look, this skin instead turns him into an apparition or a ghost with all the smoke special effects living up to its spooky name. 

Gangplank’s body also becomes ethereal meaning he becomes a see-through and his entire body will have an ethereal color. 

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4. Boom Boom Blitzcrank

This is one of the classic skins of Blitzcrank that old players like me always see in a lot of my games. Boom Boom Blitzcrank highlights the qualities of Blitzcrank that highlight his fists as his main source of action. 

Having 2 large boxing gloves on each hand of Blitzcrank really brings out the effects of his hook and his power uppercut. 

5. Grungy Nunu & Willump

Some of the cheap skins in this list simply change the color scheme of the champion and add a little bit of designs, Grungy Nunu & Willump is an exception to this as this skin turns the Yeti into a huge toy monster with all the blue and purple colors. 

Nunu also changes his clothes into a dragon with green skin and small horns. There might not be special effects on this skin but the change in its overall look makes the skin unique and stand out in a game.

6. Renektoy

750 RP is still a cheap pricing compared to the ones that rank higher, Renektoy changes the entire look of Renekton which turns him from a crocodile to a toy with square-shaped body parts. 

Renekton also has a special death animation, when he dies he falls down and his right arm comes off, a pretty common interaction compared to real-world toys. This skin might even have more effects than the other skins of Renekton that costs higher. 

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7. URF Kench

As a part of an April Fools skin line, Tahm Kench dons the outfit of URF the manatee that we see during the URF rotating game mode. Not a lot of league players know this but Riot made URF and announced him as a champion way back in the early days of League of Legends. 

Tahm Kench really fits the description of Tahm Kench because of his body and size. URF Kench lets Tahm carry a golden spatula that is always seen on URF the manatee’s hands. Lots of players prefer this skin overall the other more expensive skins simply because the champion really looks so much better on this skin.

8. Royal Guard Fiora

Fiora is the champion that embodies the word finesse and a Royal Guard skin really brings that personality out even more. If you are someone who prefers the overall look of a champion in the skin to the visual and audio effects, this skin is for you. 

It has a really cool splash art that shows Fiora on a tilted screen as a Royal Guard sporting a cool-looking hat and a cape. 

9. Prestigious Leblanc

Leblanc mains used to love this way back when there were still no epic skins for Leblanc, some of us old players settled for those skins that basically changed the look of our favorite champions. 

Prestigious Leblanc once gave players an idea that a certain Leblanc player is good when they have this skin, and the fact that we can’t craft skins back then, it just makes more sense that a Leblanc main will buy an iconic skin for his main champion.

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10. Crabgot

Before rework, Crabgot was a controversial champion because of his splash art. He became controversial because the skin splash art shows Urgot carrying a woman with tattered clothes and having her behind facing the camera. 

Riot then decided to rework the entire champion and the Crabgot skin came with it along with its splash art. The skin now has an awesome splash art that shows Urgot as a Giant Kaiju monster in the ocean. The Crabgot skin also makes Urgot unique than all his other skin, the red color and crab skin textures make him stand out in every game. 

Final Thoughts

These cheap skins don’t receive much love these days anymore because of all the new skin lines riot released every now and then. 

Riot does not release skins in this price range anymore because they are focusing on more detailed skins with unique animations and recall effects, but if you still like these skins and would love to buy them then go ahead, we all have our own preferences. 

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