Best Counter Junglers in League of Legends

Hello summoners! What is your favorite role in League of Legends? As we all know, when a player needs to choose a champion, he can choose between five different roles – solo top, bottom lane (adc champion or support champion), jungler or mid laner. 

Each champion is designed for different roles, so you have to keep in mind that Teemo will not have a good time if he plays as an adc. 

So, each player has their own preferences about the role they choose, some players like to play as support, and some just love the power that the selection of adc champions gives them. 

Today’s topic is jungle, and we will talk about how to counter jungle in the League of Legends and which 7 champions are the best choice for this venture.

Kudos for all the players who like to play jungle roles in the League of Legends, you are really special. Jungle roles are the most demanding role of all, and this will be confirmed by everyone who knows how difficult and hard it is to play a match properly as a jungler. 

Jungler roles can be played in several ways, but it is important to choose the right champion and good strategy. Some players like an aggressive approach from the very beginning of the game, so they immediately want to attack the enemy jungler or gank other lanes to help their teammates and win a kill.

Furthermore, some players will just want to farm and kill jungle monsters and try to be trouble free for as long as possible. Of course, many players want to have the best of both worlds, so in parallel they will try to dominate the jungle, and occasionally just walk calmly among the bushes and watch their business.

Junglers are the ones who control the map, it is their task, whatever tactics they choose. Their hard work and commitment will pay off in the long run for their team, especially when they set out to conquer Dragons and Baron Nashor. 

You must not forget the ganks, your team expects it from you. You also need to react in time to gank other lanes to help your teammates defend your lane or clear it of enemy minions and knock down enemy turret. 

Bot lane is an ideal terrain for ganking. Be careful because the enemy jungler will take the opportunity to attack your teammates, you have to place wards around key places where the enemy jungler can hide, this way you will warn your adc and support to be careful.

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What Does a Counter Jungler Do In League of Legends?

The term “counter jungler” means that your champion needs to attack the enemy part of the jungle and farm their jungle camps. 

So you need to go to the enemy part of the jungle and try to steal monsters from the enemy jungler. If you steal his monsters, he will be left without gold and without the ability to farm for the next hundred seconds as long as it takes for jungle monsters to respawn.

In this way you have successfully taken control of the map because the enemy jungler will have to be very careful where he moves, as he will become weaker.

This is a good way to detect the position of an enemy jungler. When we find out where he is, we can warn our team to watch out if the enemy jungler is near. 

This will ruin the entire enemy team’s plans especially on lanes where players expect their jungler to come help them.

We will now introduce you to the 7 best counter junglers in the League of Legends.

7. Nunu

Nunu should by no means be underestimated, especially when he is deep in the jungle, ready to jump out and attack enemy champions with his Biggest Snowball Ever. Its combination with a snow globe and ossified spells becomes deadly for enemy champions who will not know what befell them. 

His farming stage is very effective because he can quickly clear the camps, which means he can quickly gank other lanes and set out to conquer the enemy part of the jungle. Nunu can be very dangerous, and it depends on the player behind the keyboard, of course.

6. Olaf

Olaf is also a deadly weapon for anyone who dares to oppose him. Olaf is a tanky champion, but can do very strong damage to his enemies. 

He is very fast, which allows him to move quickly through the jungle and quickly kill jungle monsters. As soon as he reaches level 6, his potential comes from a climax, and that’s what enemy players need to fear.

5. Master Yi

I don’t think there is much to be said about Master Yi, Master Yi is one of the most champions in the League of Legends matches. Master Yi is very easy to play, so he is a favorite of beginner players. 

His speed is crucial when it comes to conquering the jungle. He can quickly kill a jungle monster, and at the same time recharge and so do not waste time on returning to base when weakened. 

Master Yi is also good at ganking other lanes, just emerge from the bush and win a pentakill, very easily!

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4. Nidalee

This cougar comes right from the jungle. A true warrior, a catwoman, moves through the jungle as if at home. Well, because that’s her home, theoretically. 

Nidalee has high damage and high range which is why she is capable of killing anyone who dares to set foot on her part of the jungle. When turned into her animal version, Nidalee almost certainly wins the kill. 

Therefore, beware of wild animals when you enter the jungle, you never know where the danger lurks.

3. Hecarim

We don’t have to talk much about the Hecarim, his abilities speak for himself. Its greatest strength lies in its speed, and speed in the jungle can save lives, all junglers know that. Or take a life, if Hecarim decides to dominate the jungle. 

Hecarim is good at catching enemy champions, which means he will be good at ganking other lanes as well as at catching enemy jungler and stealing objects from his side of the jungle.

2. Kha’ Zix

Kha ‘Zix is capable of inflicting so much damage on his opponents, which is one of the reasons why he is often a banned champion in ranked games. Players do not like his strength, so they preventively eliminate him from the match. 

He’s a very mobile champion, and that’s very good when you need to move quickly around the jungle or when you need to gank other lanes. Also, he is able to disappear from sight whenever he wants, and enemy players have no idea what kind of surprise Kha ‘Zix is preparing for them when he suddenly jumps out of the darkness.

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1. Shaco

Well, well who do we have here? Is it Shaco or his evil twin brother? Both of you! Shaco is a champion who requires very good gaming skill and for whom players need to have a very good strategy. 

He cleans the jungle very quickly and that is why he is a favorite choice for players who want a slightly more dynamic game. And only when his evil twin appears and the enemy champions remain confused?! 

That’s where the fun begins. Choose Shaco if you want to show off your gaming skill and clear the jungle before the enemy jungler even thinks he has a chance.

Final Thoughts

This list included seven counter junglers who can handle this role. Everyone on the list has common abilities that make them ideal for quickly clearing the jungle and quickly taking control of the map. 

And that is a sure and guaranteed path to victory. If some champion is forgotten on the list, feel free to share your opinion with us. And of course, good luck and have fun!

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