10 Best Epic Skins in League of Legends

Riot Games make free-to-play games for everybody of us to play and enjoy, we can even compete at the highest level without even spending a single dollar. So how does a company become one of the most successful gaming companies out there if the game is free to play? 

The answer to that is cosmetics, different tiers of cosmetics that attract every player each time something new is released. Riot Games doesn’t hold back when creating cosmetic items, they really do put their everything when making a cosmetic. 

They also market their products really well by releasing said cosmetics through events that have their own corresponding lore. Nowadays, skins get released by skin line, meaning there is a back story to a group of skins you can dive into, they don’t simply release skins for the joy of it. 

League of Legends used to release skins to whichever champion they liked but nowadays, they like to release skins by group or what they like to call skin line. Riot releases short-time events that have a huge story behind them as a way to bring in more players. 

They also use this tactic to give players more reason to buy the skins they want for their main champions. There are different skin tiers in League of Legends that vary in price, overall design, unique visual and audio effects, and many more. 

There are 7 tiers on League of Legends character cosmetics namely, timeworn, deluxe, standard, epic, legendary, mythic, and ultimate with ultimate being the most expensive and has the most changes to the character and timeworn being skins released in the early days of League of Legends. 

In this article, I will show you 10 of the best Epic skins of League of Legends and the deciding factor will be how much has the character changed in terms of overall design and effects. 

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1. Championship Leblanc

Having a total of 10 skins, this is Leblanc’s best skin so far, and being a championship skin, it only means that a lot of effort has been put into this skin. Championship skins are also an annual release with the selected champion being the most popular or staple champion of the world’s championship’s team captain. 

Championship skins really looked the same in the previous years with blue and gold accents and don’t really differ that much. Championship Leblanc is different from all of the championship skins and has her own unique design and theme, she also has an awesome recall that really screams champion. 

Not much is changed in her taunts and interactions but her recall lets her stand on an X-shaped stage with spotlights and shows the world cup. The skill effects are also changed along with its sound design. 

2. Bloodmoon Aatrox

I personally enjoy this skin because the detail put into this skin is just out of this world. Bloodmoon Aatrox’s splash art is just so awesome you can even use it as a wallpaper, it has a strong dark souls vibe to it and it reflects its in-game design. Though not much is changed in its interactions, it has an awesome recall animation. The sounds are also nice especially when Aatrox uses his ultimate and he resets it every time he gets a kill. 

Using your ultimate also gives Aatrox wings and he grows in size which really makes him terrifying especially when he is heavily fed and takes on the entire enemy team. 

Each time he procs his passive and kills an enemy champion, he rings his unique Bloodmoon sound that sounds really awesome even if you are playing Aatrox or playing against him. 

3. Dragonblade Riven

Being a Riven main, this is one of my favorite skins on her, and being one of her earliest skins that has unique animations and sound effects, this skin really has a place in our hearts. Sporting red and gold accents made specifically for Riot games’ Lunar Revel event, this skin really emits an oriental feel. 

The spells have unique sounds and effects, her Q emits a smooth fiery sound effect and it also emits fire visual effects. The same goes for her W which lets out a huge boom and lets her release a fiery explosion. 

She also has a unique short blade which is really different from all of her previous skins that lets her wield a broken blade. When she uses her ultimate, Riven will reforge her sword which makes it look like a bigger version than what she has when she is not using her ultimate.

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4. K/DA skins

K/DA skins are Riot Games’ most popular skins out there having one of the highest purchase rates. K/DA skins have been advertised really hard with promotions like releasing an official music video that did not only win lots of awards, it also gave enough fuel for the hype train for fans to want more hence the release of K/DA all out. 

These skins have a unique musical effect on every spell they have, they also have a unique recall animation that lets the champions perform their K/DA dance which they performed in the Worlds championship and during their music video. 

These skins are really worth it as the overall design is really unique with all the colorful diva accents. Their skills also have a unique visual effects having crystal designs. 

5. Psyops Ezreal

This has been the staple skin for Worlds championship players or basically pro players because of one simple reason. The sounds that this skin emits are so satisfying to hear that using his Q feels rhythmic. 

Psyops skins are sort of a mercenary-based skins and you can clearly see this when Ezreal uses his recall. Psyops skins usually have dark or grey accents signifying an elite skill set just like in action movies. 

6. Spirit Blossom Riven

Every anime lover screamed when this skin was announced, everybody saw that Riven has some sort of a spirit behind her in her splash art. 

You can see this spirit whenever Riven uses her W or her recall. Having Purple colors, the spirit she has is clearly based on Sasuke’s Susanoo from the anime Naruto. The skin has a smooth feeling every time you perform your AA+Q combo.

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7. Bewitching Miss Fortune

Another skin that is favored by pro players because of its unique audio effects. Every time MF uses her basic attack, it produces a unique and satisfying sound. Since its release, this skin along with its prestige Variant has been this champion’s staple skin. 

8. Demacia Vice Garen

Demacia Vice Garen’s design is heavily based on some of the retro games out there namely Grand Theft Auto Vice City and other retro action-based movies. Having pretty much the same interaction and taunts, there is not much to see in this skin. But his overall design is just goofy and cool at the same time. 

His sword becomes a long sword and is changed with neon accents and spinning it with his E brings out a purplish-blue two-tone color around Garen. And speaking of cool, Garen also wears purple-colored shades, a blue jacket, and a tank top with skinny jeans. 

His ultimate lets him strike enemies with a huge energy sword with grid lines on the ground, hugely based on the retro idea of what the future looks like. 

9. Divine Sword Irelia

This is one of Irelia’s best skins out there as her small blades turn into daggers, the splash art is just marvelous you can use it as a wallpaper. During its release, it’s the most sought-after skin for Irelia thanks to the sound it produces every time she uses her Q. 

Not only does her Q sound good, but it also looks good because every time she uses it a dragon comes along with her to strike the enemy. The skin looks really clean with white-colored designs that really goes well with Irelia’s personality. Her recall is also cool which lets her summon her dragon spirit and ride it to get to the base.

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10. Star Guardian Lux

One of Lux’s most detailed skins out there, before her ultimate skin came out, this is the most sought-after skin she has. 

Having a design based on the anime Sailor Moon, this skin graces the battlefield with its colorful accents and anime sound effects. Her recall plays some sort of anime outro that signifies the hero’s job is done and is now leaving. All of her spells have been changed and are easily noticeable. 

Final Thoughts 

Epic skins might be a tier below legendary skins but they are still worth buying if you like the overall design. Skins in this tier have unique effects on the character’s abilities and recall, but voice lines, attack animations, and interactions stay the same. 

Most of these skins are released as part of a skin line where there consists of one or two legendary skins and the rest are epic skins. 

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