5 Hardest Top Lane Champions in League of Legends

Welcome back to another article about your favorite game – League of Legends! We hope you are ready for new victories and new matches, and maybe try out some new champions. In the League of Legends, the rules are clear – 5 players make up one team, and two teams take part in the fight at Summoner’s Rift. 

Each player has his own role in the team and according to that role he chooses champions and contributes to his team. The player can choose between several roles – support, ADC, solo, mid, and jungler. 

In this article, we will talk about the top lane, where the player plays solo. Playing in the top lane is not an easy task, and champions intended for the top lane are a great challenge for players. Now let’s see which top lane champions are the toughest for the master.

When League of Legends hit the world gaming scene, back in 2009, it had a very small collection of champions available to players. The players mostly played some of the most famous champions, such as Miss Fortune, Yasuo, Poppy, Kha’Zix, and others.

However, League of Legends soon overtook all the games ahead of it and came in place of the most popular game that exists. Players embark on a quest to win League Points and move from a lower tier to a higher tier. 

Riot Games realizes that the League of Legends will remain at the top for a long time to come and is moving into change. New champions are coming, the League of Legends client is changing, the map is getting different, and all in all, the game is being modernized and adapted to the masses.

Today, League of Legends has more than 150 champions, and in addition to the main game, there are spin-off games – Legends of Runeterra, Teamfight Tactics, and Wild Rift (version of League of Legends only for mobile devices). 

League of Legends has started to hold real sports competitions with large sums of money for the best players, and currently, on the Netflix platform, you can find the animated series Arcane that follows the lives of League of Legends champions. It’s probably a little clearer to you now what makes League of Legends such a popular franchise.

Here is the end of this short introduction to the League of Legends, now let’s move on to what interests you most – the 5 hardest top lane champions in the League of Legends.

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5. Gangplank

This pirate may seem like an easy task for new players, but trust us, Gangplank is anything but easy. Gangplank is capable of performing miracles in the lane and can cause serious damage to its opponents. However, Gangplank has complicated abilities that need to be learned well before a novice player can start using them without any sense. 

His weak point is the initial phase of the game in which he is quite weak. You have to keep in mind that Gangplank is not a tank champion and it is not wise to attack enemy champions with it and try to get an easy kill. Gangplank is more likely to pull off the thick end. 

He is an AD champion, and the most important tip is to learn when is the right time and place to set up his barrels and take advantage of his Ult. If you put his Ult in the wrong place it will be useless. Gangplank is a really complicated champion but once you manage to master it you will become a very powerful weapon on Summoner’s Rift.

4. Irelia

Irelia used to be a very popular pick for players, however as many new champions came along Irelia fell a bit into oblivion. But this goddess is not to be joked about, especially when she finds herself in front of you in the lane. Irelia has the ability to find herself next to her enemy very quickly, thus confusing him and causing him serious damage.

Irelia is not meant for new players because they will, due to their ignorance, pay dearly for the mistakes they will unknowingly make by playing with Irelia. The most important piece of advice is that players always keep an eye on her passive. Irelia’s passive must always be stacked in order for her to harm her enemies. 

It is important to learn when to engage, and when players master it, Irelia becomes a dangerous machine that will be difficult to stop. She can also use her Q to farm below the turret, which is her added advantage over enemy champions. 

Irelia really has great potential to be the main star in her team, it just takes enough time and a lot of matches played to master her abilities. If you want to become a master of Irelia, prepare for hours and hours of practice.

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3. Illaoi

Illaoi deservedly ranked third on this list. Her abilities are hard to learn to combine, so her power depends on who controls her behind the keyboard. Perhaps her best power is the soul-stealing, with which she dangerously threatens her enemies. 

She is a champion who gets stronger and stronger as the game progresses, so if you choose to play with Illaoi don’t focus on the initial stages of the game as her time comes later as the game progresses. Of course, we have to mention her Ult which is probably one of the most powerful spells in the whole game. 

If you manage to use her Ult at the right time, you can count on at least two or three enemy players to be dead, and if you’re lucky, you might win a pentakill. How cool is that?

2. Fiora

Older players certainly remember what Fiora was like at the beginning of the game. She was a very skilled warrior and it was easy to win many kills with her. However, Fiora later got the update and became a very complicated champion, even for those players who knew how to play it perfectly before the update. 

Her power lies in split-pushing, she is among the best split-pushers in the game. Fiora should focus on clearing the lane at the very beginning of the game. At the same time, you need to harass the enemy champion and try to get a turret. 

After she cleans her lane, Fiora is ready to help her teammates and collect kills. Later, Fiora becomes the strongest champion on the map, and her team’s victory has never been closer.

1. Riven

It is unlikely that this list could pass without Riven, the champion who has been bothering players for a long time. Riven is a very mobile champion who can cause serious damage to her enemies. 

She is a very difficult champion to learn because of her abilities which must be carefully combined in order for Riven to reach her maximum. It takes a lot of time and practice for players to learn when is the right time to use which ability and in which combination. 

Even if you play against her and try to attack her, because of her mobility she will be ready to avoid any attack. With Riven, victories are guaranteed, but prepare for a very long journey of learning how to play properly with Riven.

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As you can see, the top lane can be a very demanding lane because it is the farthest, and players have to rely solely on themselves. Precisely because of this, it is desirable to choose champions who will be a powerful weapon in the fight against the enemy team. These 5 champions listed are just some of the toughest champions you can meet. 

However, their strength is very great, so if you want to become a master of the top lane and spread fear among enemy players, choose one of these 5 champions today and start learning how to play with them. Good luck and have fun!

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