Best Hybrid ADCs in League of legends

Playing league is usually a joyful thing. But not if you keep getting bullied in your lane. It gets worse when your support doesn’t even do its role and you are left behind in the game. 

You might have been playing Vayne with your support but just end up playing solo in the bot lane. Then you fed to the enemy team. 

So now, you’re tilted and want to try something else. Well, you’re in the right article because we’ll be listing some of the best hybrid ADCs that will give you a second option while you are in-game.

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Hybrid Champions

A hybrid champion is one who can create mixed damaged items for other classes as well as their own. It enables a champion to be considerably more versatile in terms of build and battle effectiveness.

It is crucial to remember that a hybrid build is not always the best option, and should only be considered based on its performance in specific scenarios as well as the champion’s scaling capability with specific stats. 

Ability power, attack damage, attack speed, armor penetration, magic penetration, and on-hit damage are all important stats for hybrid builds.

The champions in this article are the ones who are most usually identified as being able to employ a hybrid build. Also, they are not ranked by strength or win ratio, I just simply listed them for you guys to have an idea of what champ to pick for your next game.

Now, with that being said, let’s move on with the list. 

7. Ezreal

I believe that we can all agree that Ez’real definitely belongs on this list. This “Prodigal Explorer” is a go-to for a lot of ADC players for the versatility and mobility this champ offers.

With his kit of hybrid scaling and mobility, Ezreal is a constantly potent character. He can completely demolish teams late game and be a bully throughout the laning phase in the hands of a veteran player. That is why he is still a popular option in professional League of Legends competitions.

Ezreal began far too powerful in Wild Rift and was subsequently nerfed. He is still one of the better ADC options for hard carrying a match. But he can also be heavily countered, making it difficult to snowball into the late game. And everyone knows that an unfed Ezreal is useless in a thunderstorm.

As I’ve mentioned, this champ can give you an easy win. But be wise when to use this champ. If you see the enemy team pick any of these champs: Draven, Kog’Maw, Twitch, Miss Fortune, Caitlyn, Vayne, I suggest that you pick another champ. 

But if you believe that you have the skillset and the ability to play against them using Ez, then why not? After all, it is your game.

6. Kai’Sa

This champion is also one of my favorites. She is very cool to play with but very stressful to play against. 

And because of that, I don’t recommend her to most newbies. Of course, you can still try her out and make some practice. Who knows, maybe she is the perfect match for your gameplay.

Kai’Sa has been a fixture of professional tournaments and solo queue since her inclusion in the first League game. She combines the best qualities of the previous great hypercarriers into a single selection. 

She can shred tanks like Vayne, skirmish like Draven, and dive for kills like Tristana. She serves as the ADC’s utility knife.

Kai’Sa is at her finest in Wild Rift. She may not have as many things as she does in the regular League, but this does not restrict her ability. 

If given the opportunity, she is capable of dominating games and is difficult to stop in bouts. To bring her down, a team must work together. If not, Kai’Sa is the ADC everyone should be afraid of.

I’ve mentioned wild rift and you might be wondering what was that? Well, Riot has decided to develop a mobile game of League and that is why we have this game. 

If you can no longer afford to play on PC because of the long hours of sitting, I suggest you try its mobile version, which is Wild Rift.

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5. Kog’Maw

This champ definitely holds a place on this list. I’ve been playing this champ ever since and I have very few or nothing at all to say against him. 

Kog’Maw is a great ADC who is distinguished by his “late game,” unlike many other champions in this role. 

Rather, the level of Living Artillery and the ability to destroy adversaries at great range, as well as an attack speed and explosive damage that pulverizes tanks, determine Kog’Maw’s might and presence.

Kog’Maw is regarded as a champion carrying par excellence in the late game, with outstanding attack speed numbers and a unique ability with high potential. 

It is easy to utilize as an ADC because you just use W and click on foes nearby. You must learn to preserve your R as an APC or you will run out of mana in the middle of team combat.

You must stay behind your tanks or a wall in team engagements. He is undeniably strong and has the capacity to inflict significant damage, but there is a problem: he lacks escape and has low defense. 

Kog’Maw is the main aim of the opposing side because of the damage he can inflict, hence defensive equipment is occasionally advised to help you resist the attack a little better.

Overall, he is a very lovable champion. Also, you will love to use this champ to steal dragons and Baron from the enemy team.

4. Twitch

If you ask me, this champ is pretty much synonymous with Kog and has all the rights to be on this list. However, unlike Kog, Twitch has an ability that allows him to escape imminent death. And because of that, I think he is a better choice.

Twitch is a ranged marksman assassin in the game. He’s also a hard-carry champion, which means his scaling later in the game is quite powerful. 

Twitch is a beast to be dealt with for adversaries confronting him later in the game, using his invisibility to better position and ambush his enemies, his attack speed mixed with his high attack damage to shred his victims in seconds, and his long-range ultimate to cut down his foes while keeping away.

My favorite part of this champ’s gameplay is his ult. 

If you are positioned well, you can just go and Ratatata the whole enemy team. And after that, ez win. You can go ahead and collect your team’s commend for you.

He’s virtually always been a powerful player, and as a result, he’s an excellent choice for anyone playing the ADC role. A good Twitch can rip apart any team battle and later in the game easily take their team to victory.

3. Tristana

If you’ve seen a grasshopper-like Tris, that is more or less a hybrid Tris. And yes, I know, she is very hard to deal with. She’s got the AD and still dominates with her AP skills. Truly a top-tier marksman.

You may play her in any lane, but she’ll be most effective as a midlaner or ADC. AP Tristana has far less DPS and late-game potential than AD Tristana. 

However, she possesses amazing burst damage and might make it difficult for an opposition team to acquire defensive equipment against her. 

Tristana built on AP is a burst damage queen. She has the ability to instantly demolish her target and then Rocket Jump back into safety. 

Despite her trolly build, Tristana still has three abilities that scale with AP. She has incredible late-game potential and is an overall fantastic champion to play.

She, on the other hand, sucks in lengthier bouts. Her Rocket Jump is extremely vulnerable to CC, rendering her primary source of damage almost ineffective. Her early game is hampered by a non-existent passive ability and a poor damage output. 

She requires a strong setup from her support, otherwise, she won’t be able to engage correctly. Her combinations take a long time to master.

If you’re tired of dying every clash while using Ashe, I suggest you pick this chic. Playing her is like a roller coaster ride, literally.

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2. Senna

When I first saw, this topic, this champ was the very first to pop up in my mind. For the older generations who are going back to the game, you should beware of this champ. I’m telling you she is a difficult one. 

Senna is an excellent combination of a marksman and a support player, which is why she is deployed in both positions. Senna has the ability to heal, protect, and deal damage all at the same time. 

Her heal is effective for sustaining allies, making her a solid and safe support choice. At the same time, she may increase her range by gathering souls and be a terrifying late-game carry.

Senna has always been a one-of-a-kind character, with a weird damage/support hybrid kit. She can protect others, grant them movement, and, like Thresh, she relies on soul collecting. 

Without the right backup to harvest souls, she falls short as an ADC in the damaged arena. Yes, fasting Senna works in Wild Rift as well.

Some players choose her as a Support character, however, this is a non-meta decision. The most important thing to remember about Senna is that she may be a bit fragile in the early game.

All in all, Senna is a marksman in League of Legends, which makes her most useful as an ADC in the bot lane. 

Aside from her usefulness as an ADC, she is also employed as support who assists the carries throughout the game. And that is why a lot of players love her, just be careful of simping for her, for she is Lucian’s wife.

1. Corki

Of course, this article and this list won’t be complete without Corki in it. He’ll dominate you in AD fights and will still dominate you with his AP skills.

Corki was one of League of Legends’ first AP/AD hybrid carriers. Corki, like Kog’Maw or Varus, benefits from equipment that increases his poking range and adaptability. 

Corki is a frequent gunner and an extremely mobile shooter in League of Legends. Corki may also rush directly into an adversary and then fly away safely with his cargo. 

Corki is a marksman, but his abilities deliver magical damage, therefore when he surrenders to Corki, the player normally deals magical damage.

He has been seen in Dragon Lane, Baron Lane, and Mid Lane. And as I’ve mentioned, he can and he will dominate you.

Corki is a good choice for those who want a carry they can trust while their support roams the map. 

He is seen more in Mid currently, but with the correct equipment, he can be a terrible menace on Baron Lane. Because his adaptability is both his greatest strength and weakness, he is not a beginner-friendly character.


And that is it for this list, my friends. I hope you enjoyed the read and I hope you get an idea of which champ you’ll be trying next. 

Remember, these champions may suit your playstyle, and sometimes they may not. So, don’t be frustrated if you can’t get an ace with the champ that we have listed here. 

If ever you tested this list, we’d love to hear from you again. Leave a review and let’s start a discussion. Again, that is all. Good luck and have fun gamers!

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