5 Squishiest Champions in League of Legends

League of Legends is a game that can take hours to learn, days to master. During this time you will experience many highs and lows, but at the end of it all you will be rewarded with some pretty awesome moments. League of Legends is an amazing game that has taken over the world by storm, there are professional leagues in every country now and people who play this game are treated like celebrities.

The best part about this whole thing is that anyone can play! It doesn’t matter if you know nothing about games because League of Legends will teach you everything about gaming while making sure you have fun doing so. This article aims to show off five champions who are squishier than others on the list so stay tuned.

Small Note: “Squishy” refers to champions who are way easier to kill, as opposed to others. What makes a champion squishy is (usually) their low health & defense stats, along with not having an escape ability in their kit.

1. Anivia

Anivia is a lot like Annie but with one key difference. She takes damage MUCH easier than the other champions on this list, making her the squishiest champion in League of Legends. Anivia has no natural form of escape; she instead has to risk her life for an egg that can be used as an escape tool after enough time has passed. This means that if you want to play aggressive with Anivia then you should wait until team fights or when enemies are preoccupied with objectives before committing yourself to anything too dangerous.

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2. Sona

Sona is a champion that can dish out a lot of damage if played correctly. However, she is also one of the squishiest champions in League of Legends. Sona relies on her abilities to deal damage, and if she’s caught out of the position she can easily be killed. Her lack of mobility makes her an easy target for enemies, so make sure you keep her safe during team fights. Unfortunately, her kit doesn’t provide much in the way of defense, so she needs to make sure she stays behind her allies to avoid taking too much damage.

3. Orianna

Orianna is a champion who was played by many professionals during the season 3 world championship. Unfortunately for them, even though they knew how to play the game perfectly they did not know that Orianna takes damage just as easily as other champions on this list. Many times did we see Orianna get caught out near enemies and quickly die. Her lack of an escape tool makes it very easy for her foes to catch up and kill her since she doesn’t have any form of natural mobility or high health pool so be careful when playing this champion!

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4. Yuumi

Yuumi is a champion that can be difficult to play if you’re not used to champions that lack an escape. Her kit revolves around being able to stay close to her allies, which makes her very squishy if she’s caught out of position. She also doesn’t have a lot of health, making her an easy target for enemies. When she is not linked to another champion, she is extremely fragile and simple to lockdown. If she is struck by CC as well, her W will go on cooldown, making her vulnerable to death.

5. Lux

Lux is a champion with good burst damage, however she also has low mobility. This means that in order to be able to deal her full burst damage, she has to walk into the middle of battle where all her enemies are. While Lux does have high range with her abilities, if she’s caught out she will die quickly since most of the damage dealt in League of Legends comes from abilities. It’s important that you try not to get caught or stand in an area where your enemies can kill you without getting too close themselves.

These five champions are squishier than others, so it is important that you are careful when playing them. They may be easy to kill if you’re not paying attention, so make sure you stay safe and don’t take unnecessary risks. I hope you enjoyed the article, good luck in-game!

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