Best Hybrid Supports in League of Legends

Supports have a vital and challenging position in League of Legends. There will be no games without a Support. 

You may be in a game without an ADC or a Tank, but never without a Support. If ever you played a game without Support, have you noticed how hard the game turned out? 

Since playing support is a very hard responsibility, there are only a handful of players who are willing, capable, and is good at playing this role. 

Now, if you are one of those, you might be tired of playing the slow side of the game. You might want to have some highlights for yourself as well. Good thing that Riot and LoL developers gave us some choice. 

It is not that players like you are getting tired of playing support. The thing is you guys are getting tired of supports without plan b. And that is a great thing, you are thinking ahead of the game.

 We love team players like that. And because of that, we are showing you a list of hybrid supports that can play his role and even carry the game.

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Best Hybrid Supports

There are various types of support teammates. Some players prefer CC supports like Morgana and Lux, while others prefer healing supports like Sona,  and Soraka.

Tanks and bruisers, on the other side, favor an active playstyle. While any support champion may be offensively played, the champions mentioned below are some of the most exciting to play!

I know that you know your preferred champion, so hopefully, you’ll find one or two in this list. Let’s get on with the list.

7. Bard

Despite being a healer, Bard can be played pretty aggressively too.

Bard’s passive Traveler’s Call summons Meeps, who assist his auto attacks by delivering additional magic damage. This might be advantageous for aggressive playstyles. Bard may Q Cosmic Bind two adversaries and then use his meep-assisted basic strikes to reduce their health.

Bard may cover the distance with his E Magical Journey to catch the adversary off guard during a gank or merely in the lane. He may even ult the tower with R Tempered Fate as the ADC picks down any low-health foes lurking behind it.

Also, because of his skills, he can keep bullying other lanes fast. Plus, his ult has a very wide range. That is definitely helpful when ganking lanes. Then there is his Q, which can stun multiple enemies. Definitely holds a spot in this list.

6. Rakan

Rakan is a League of Legends champion that may be fed or be a feed for the enemy.  He is very dependent on how well you understand how to play him. 

While his kit isn’t difficult to master, knowing when to engage and when to disengage is what makes Rakan a little more difficult to play.

When done well, an aggressive playstyle on Rakan can be both exhilarating and the enemy’s worst nightmare. Rakan may defeat opponents and flee by using his E Battle Dance to fly back to the safety of the ADC while also defending the ADC.

However, in order to be genuinely aggressive with Rakan, you must use his ultimate The Quickness. You must be aggressive when going straight into an opponent squad. Charm each enemy and fly back to safety while your squad kills the captivated opponents. Tricky, yet enjoyable.

Here is a bonus tip, utilize the combos of Rakan and Xayah. This may come obvious, but only a few duos utilize this. So, if you have a duo, ask them to pick Xayah for you.

5. Leona

Leona is an excellent support option, as she has stuns, shields, gap closers, and slows. so believe me when I say that she belongs to this list as well.

Leona is a fantastic battle starter. She attaches her E Zenith Blade to the opponent and travels to their goal. It may be quite useful when used with her ultimate Solar Flare to slow or stun foes near Leona and allow your ADC to pick up a lot of kills.

When in the midst of a combat, Leona can stun the adversary with her Q Shield of Daybreak. This skill comes in useful when the combat is prolonged. That little respite from attacks may turn the course of a battle and propel you to victory.

Leona is an excellent aggressive support since she is often used as a tank, allowing her to survive team battles. She has the ability to lead the attack with her E while stunning any strong hitters with her Q. 

While Leona lacks healing skills, her kit has practically everything else you’ll need. She also flourishes as an aggressive support because she isn’t punished as harshly for mistakes as others, such as Brand.

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4. Thresh

Thresh is usually regarded as the best support among players. And let me tell you something: I’m one of those players. 

He can be played in a number of ways, ranging from cautiously focusing on his W Dark Passage to avoid the ADC to offensively chaining your opponents with your Q skill.

If you want to play this dude aggressively, you must use all of his abilities in a specific order. Use his Q Death Sentence to close the gap with the opponent. It may be used in conjunction with his W Dark Passage. 

This ability is typically used to help the ADC in evading danger. When Thresh uses his Q while the ADC clicks on his W, the ADC is thrown into the fight with Thresh. Because Thresh and the ADC are so close, it may frighten an opponent.

Use his E Flay and R The Box to slow down the fleeing foes. If your Q comes back up, use it to restart the antics. When you get that Q, it’s a lot of fun and satisfying.

I am telling you, pick this champ whenever you have the chance. The game is practically a kid’s play for this champ in the late game.

3. Pyke

Pyke is unquestionably one of the most active support champions. Riot chose to combine an assassin and a support to see what would happen. Pyke was the output. It’s like Zed and Thresh has a child.  Pyke’s powers are entirely combative.

Pyke’s abilities, in a way, bridge the gap. His Q Bone Skewer draws the adversary closer (if you strike it), while his W Ghostwater Dive provides him incredible movement speed, and his E Phantom Undertow may be utilized to bridge the distance or escape after an assault. It also stuns any adversaries that are still in his path.

Pyke’s ultimate Death from Below lets him to blink and execute the low-health adversary while rewarding anybody who helps with gold.

While Pyke lacks standard support abilities, his passive Gift of the Drowned Ones allows him to regen while he is out of opponent range. As a result, he can enter, kill, exit, and regenerate. Let’s talk about OP.

I just hate some Pyke players. Because they end up leaving behind their ADCs. Some of them are just show off. Anyways, that is just my opinion, if you love this dude, go ahead and pick him but be sure to play with your team as well.

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2. Shaco

Shaco is a strange character and the uncanny valley entry on our list. There has recently been an influx of Shaco Supports, all of which have different builds. 

Shaco is feasible for this list since he is a Champion that can be played both AP and AD — he’s simply too unusual, off-meta, and bizarre not to.

The majority of your Supporting activities with Shaco will revolve around using your stealth and boxes to catch foes off surprise. If that’s not the case, you’ll just poke them with your Shiv, functioning as a control/harassment Support.

When you exit the Lane, it’s simply plain Shaco. You’ll level up your standard gear and become the crazed clown Assassin you’ve always been. You could have a Support item on hand this time.

Shaco is straightforward; no matter where you toss him, he remains the same. I just thought it was hilarious and wonderful to watch him become a Support, and he had to be on this list.

1. Lulu

Lulu, like the other Enchanters you’ve played, is just a typical boosting Champion. Aside from that, Lulu conducts a lot of poking and pestering on the Lane, making the most of her relatively powerful passive and Q.

This implies you’ll be at an HP disadvantage when confronted with a Lulu Lane, however, this may be mitigated in a variety of ways, one of which is simply keeping your distance and laning safely. Lulu reaches her usefulness peak at level 6, when she unlocks her powerful Ultimate ability.

Lulu’s Ultimate, when combined with a hyper carry, may render them unkillable and transform them into a hyper tank. 

This spell has benefited a number of Master Yi and Yasuo players, allowing them to win team battles on their own. It’s that good, and when used right, it may have a significant influence on the entire game.

As previously said, Lulu is an Enchanter, which means she will heal, protect, and boost her friends. You should become accustomed to her primary playstyle. 

Most Support Champions end up in this category, and I hope Riot continues to break the norm with new Champion releases.


I guess that’s it for this list. What do you think about the list? Will you play and try these champions in your next games? I hope you will. Also, if you ever did try them, come back in this post, and let’s have a discussion with your insights. Finally, good luck and have fun, always!

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