Top 7 Best K/DA Skins in League of Legends

Have you heard of the best band in the League of Legends world? You must have heard their awesome hits, the band is called K / DA, and their infectious hit POP / STARS has been ringing in the ears of all League of Legends fans for a long time. It is a female band whose lead singer is our favorite fox Ahri. 

This band including Ahri, has 5 members, girl power all over! We are hoping for a music tour soon, and while we are looking forward to it, we are going to introduce you to the K / DA members.

A Little More About K / DA

This band consists of five members, Ahri as lead singer, Akali, Evelynn, Kai’sa, and Seraphine. The five of them, in addition to being very good friends, radiate positive energy at every performance and throw the audience into a trance. In addition to beautiful and strong voices that can reach the highest notes on the music scale, the girls have a very high-quality style and do not cease to enchant fans with their beautiful fashion creations. 

It will be really difficult for us to decide which fashion creations to choose as the best ones, but we have prepared seven of them that leave every fan of these lovely dolls speechless at first sight.

1. K/DA Ahri Prestige Edition

We will start with Ahri, the foxy lady who is the main voice of this band. The lead singer sometimes unknowingly leaves her faithful friends in the shadows but they mostly forgive her for it, it’s their dearest Ahri after all. K/DA Ahri Prestige Edition depicts Ahri in a special light, golden, to be exact. 

Her hair is shorter, lighter, and her golden outfit dazzles the masses. Exactly what she wanted to achieve during the Pop Shine Awards performance where she first showed in this special outfit. This glittering and beautiful skin can be purchased like other Prestige skins, with 100 Prestige points and is loot eligible, also.

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2. K/DA All Out Akali

Well, well, who is this badass sweetie? Don’t you recognize her? Of course, with her new haircut and gorgeous outfit only up close you will be able to see this is Akali. With eight Chromas, Tanzanite, Ruby, Sapphire, Peridot, Rose Quartz, Catseye, and Pearl, Akali is one you won’t be able to take your eyes off her. 

Her microphone is literally spitting fire, and surprisingly fast movements will make everyone wonder where Akali and her, we must admit, beautiful glittering jacket that we all want in our collection go. Unlike the initial K / DA skin where she wore a hat and left the impression of an uninterested member of the band, All Out Akali has a trendy chic hairstyle in the latest fashion. Of course, none of this would have been complete without her motorcycle, and she might surprise us and drive to the concert with motorcycle, who knows? Her outfit definitely can survive a fast ride.

3. K/DA Evelynn Prestige Edition

We just can’t get enough of these Prestige skins; in addition to golden Ahri, Evelynn also got her Prestige Edition. The debut of this outfit was during their Pop Music Awards performance. Evelynn, as a blonde, looks outrageously good, in her new and shiny outfit, which consists of a new blonde hairstyle and golden dress. Little Miss Perfect! You can buy this Prestige skin with 100 Prestige points, like other Prestige skins.

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4. K/DA All Out Evelynn

We can’t move on to the next member of this successful and famous band until we present Evelynn in an even better release than the previous one, if that is even possible. K/DA All Out Evelynn comes with 7 Chromas, Pearl, Emerald, Rose Quartz, Tanzanite, Sapphire, Turquoise, and Ruby. 

A short shiny jacket, a sexy leather or latex outfit (we’re not quite sure), with the most significant change – her long hair is shortened and tied in a ponytail that hangs lightly over her shoulders. We miss her long hair a bit, but this edition is definitely one of her best. Evelynn has once again shown that she knows how to attract the audience’s attention, thus raising the image of her band. Well done, Evelynn!

5. K/DA Kai’sa

Who has the best dance moves and also the best legs on stage? Ladies and gentlemen, welcome K/DA Kai’sa, a dancer who will easily make you sway to the beat of the music and easily hypnotize you that you can’t stop watching and listening to these five beautiful girls. 

Her high heels combined with long hair and buns on her head are a combination of a girl and a woman at once who is ready to sweep the floor with you if you make her angry. A natural refreshment on the music scene, Kai’sa is a real talent.

6. K/DA All Out Kai’sa

There has never been enough praise for Kai’sa, so we will just continue this list with her ultimate K / DA All Out Prestige Edition. FABULOUS! Her musical skills are finally coming to the fore here, and she is no longer in the shadow of her also very talented friends. 

Kai’sa knows that journalists and paparazzi are lurking around every corner, so she made sure they had something to see. High gold boots above the knee, a shiny silver leotard especially for the red carpet, and her shiny long hair braided in a high ponytail. Ariana Grande, is that you?

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7. K/DA All Out Seraphine Rising Star

Perhaps the last mentioned, but not the least important member of the band, the young Seraphine, like her friends, is trying to build a successful career and be a role model for young people. A rising star, she practices her voice and performance on stage, and her girlfriends greatly support her. 

Her long hair is her trademark, and she doesn’t go to sleep without a microphone in her hand. Maybe she dreams of being a Superstar, who knows? Specifically for Seraphine, you can unlock her skins through special Seraphine missions, starting with Seraphine Indie following her path to Rising Star and finally her world fame in K / DA as a Superstar.

Final Thoughts

We can’t hear you, the music of these girls is too loud! And honestly, we don’t want to turn down the volume, because there are five beautiful and talented girls on the scene, Ahri, Seraphine, Akali, Kai’sa, and Evelynn. Please, one round of applause for them. Riot definitely knew what he was doing with this music add-on to the game. New skins, new stories, new looks, animations, and voices of these five champions give a unique experience to everyone who loves good sound effects, and playing with these champions. 

Even those who have no intention of playing Akali or Seraphine have to admit that K / DA is a complete hit. These skins look so good that we want to buy outfits, form a band and go on a world tour; it looks so easy when they do. It was not easy to choose the seven best K / DA skins, but we opted for these seven mentioned above, although we could add a few more, of course. Trust us, and team fight looks a lot better when they do it.

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