Top 10 Champions With The Most Skins in League of Legends

Riot Games is a benevolent company that listens to the cheers and jeers of its target audience. That was a hard sentence to read, right? In most cases, Riot Games may arguably have neglected the vocal majority of its player base in both League of Legends and Valorant. 

Due to this, lots of its former players have left out of frustrations and lack of voice in the community

However, a successful way the company has maintained its popularity and the player base is by giving them cosmetics to keep things fresh and pretty. League of Legends has some of the most cosmetics you can find in their game. 

Not only is this because of the sheer amount of champions they can make skins for but also because of various themes and ideas that float around the player community and their creative team.

With this in mind, some champions are more pampered and peppered with these additional decors and reimagining of their characters. 

Some will have more skins and some will be part of the unfortunate majority that have few to none at all. Let us dive into the champion pool and list down the top ten (10) champions the with most skins in League of Legends.

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1. Lux

One of the very first champions players get introduced to is Lux. Luxanna Crownguard or Lux, in short, is one of the backbones that keep League of Legends open to new players. 

Lux also has one of the most complicated skins in the game which allows her to transform into three of the  9 different variants of this skin in one game, this skin is called the Elementalist Lux skin.

The master of the light has 17 skins available for players to buy, and more keep on coming to entice new and old players alike. With her popularity, there are bound to be more skins for her that Riot Games will create and release.

2. Miss Fortune

While it seems she may not be as popular as Lux, Ahir, or Ezreal, the beautiful bounty hunter Miss Fortune is one of the two champions that have 17 skins available in the shop. 

The red-haired bounty hunter has found her place in the hearts and minds of players from the moment they saw her. Her adult allure definitely makes male players keep an eye on her, and female players admire her voluptuous figure.

3. Ezreal

The handsome treasure hunter and prodigy, Ezreal is one of the most famous champions in the game. His cute and boyish charm has led him to be a great face of League of Legends.

With 16 skins available, League of Legends rewards players who enjoy seeing and playing him.

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4. Ahri 

Besides Lux, one of the few backbones and one of the most played champions in the game is Ahri. Her unique design of a female nine-tailed fox has led her to become a fan favorite pick. 

This fan popularity is further bolstered by thematic designs like the Spirit Blossom Ahri and pop culture-themed designs like the variants of KDA Ahri.

League of Legends has made 16 skins under her name, allowing players to find different conceptualizations of the female humanoid version of the mythical creature. 

5. Riven

As many top laners may know, Riven is a champion constantly picked by many top lane mains. The Battle Bunny Riven skin is a fan favorite and probably the most recognizable skin of Riven.

Fortunately, there is actually more than just the Battle Riven skin under her name. In total, Riven has 15 skins available for players to buy and choose from in the shop.

6. Akali

Straying away from the cute charm of previous female champions, Akali leans on her sexy, edgy, and cool to appeal to players in playing her and buying one of her 15 skins.

Additionally, Akali has gotten more popular from three song group-themed skins which are KDA ALL OUT Akali, True Damage Akali, and the classic as well as Prestige versions of KDA Akali skins.

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7. Vayne

In the bottom lane, Vayne is a champion that has found success and popularity from being picked in championship teams like SKT T1 and FPX that have their own championship skins for her. 

The Night Hunter has 15 skins in total for players to buy and choose from, with about half being released pre-2015 and the other half released after that year. Regardless, prepare to find Vaynes with Project or Soulstealer skins tumbling to their deaths or pentakills in the Su’mmoner’s Rift.

8. Caitlyn

At one point, Caitlyn had the most skins available in League of Legends. As of now, she only has 15 skins which are still many when compared to most champions in the game that may have 11 skins or less.

Despite losing her spot as the number one champion with skins, the gun-toting missus has not waned in terms of popularity. 

The animated action-adventure Netflix series named Arcane has given her a resurgence that led to a full visual update on her character. Once the second season of Arcane comes, her popularity will definitely rise once again.

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9. Annie, Ashe, Alistar, Katarina, Sivir, Twisted Fate, Lee Sin, and Leona

There really is no number 9 or number 10 in the champions with the most skin. The rest of the champions all have 14 or fewer skins under them.

There are 8 champions that all have 14 skins in the game. These are Annie, Ashe, Alistar, Katarina, Sivir, Twisted Fate, Lee Sin, and Leona. All of these champions are famous and have great skins. 

Additionally, all of these champions are some of the oldest champions in the game with some skins disabled due to the big visual game update in 2015.

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