7 Best Lethality ADCs in League of Legends

ADC champions rely on attack speed and critical strike along with a high attack damage, while most of them are built like this, some benefit from lethality bonuses. These are champions who have slow attack speeds but can deal burst damage every time they throw an ability or a basic attack. 

Lethality works great on squishy champions that do not stack up on armor, and being in the bot lane means you will be facing support and ADC champions who usually stack up on attack damage and utility items. 

So lethality items will really work great on this lane but there are only a few champions who can wield lethality items and still come out on top. So in this article, we listed 7 ADC champions that can definitely build Lethality items and benefit from it.

7. Draven

Draven has long since been used in the bottom lane and he has seen many different builds. I myself play Draven and I like to build a lethality item as his first build simply because it greatly synergizes with the damage he deals with his Q. Adding lethality to Draven’s crit-based damage will increase his damage output exponentially. 

How To Play Lethality Draven?

With Draven, you might want to max your Q first to maximize your damage output in the early phases of the game. Stack up on your Q’s and when you already have 2 spinning axes, at any point of the game, try to poke enemies by hitting them once or twice and backing away using your blood rush. Draven can 1v1 with any champion in the early game especially when he buys lethality items as his first items. 

Best Lethality item

Youmuu’s Ghostblade

Youmuu’s is a great first build on Draven and any other champion that can wield it, it has a great active effect that boosts the movement speed of the user and is actually great for Draven whenever he recalls to base. 

The faster he gets back in lane, the more CS and EXP he gets, plus the lethality bonus from this item will also help him dish out more damage. Youmuu’s wraith step passive will also help Draven chase enemies better as it allows him to ghost past minions that might block him while chasing an enemy champion. 

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6. Jhin

Lethality items help champions deal higher damage with their abilities and this will greatly synergize with Jhin’s long-range pokes from his W and his bouncing grenades. It will also allow him to deal more damage with his ultimate with each bullet. 

Jhin is also capable of reaching tremendous amounts of attack damage which always synergizes with lethality as it lets him ignore a flat amount of armor of an enemy. 

How To Play Lethality Jhin?

As for Jhin, you will need to play him as your typical ADC champion but with a twist in items. Building lethality items on Jhin especially in the early game will allow him to secure more kills with his ultimate. It will also synergize with his 4th shot that deals execute damage, meaning the lower the hp of the enemy is, the stronger his damage will be. 

Best Lethality Item

Duskblade of Drakthar

Imagine a Jhin that runs really fast and can finish enemies off with just one or two bullets, now imagine that he can turn invisible every time he kills an enemy. Jhin will really be OP when he builds this item as it allows him to position himself better every after he scores a takedown. You will still have your crit items so your basic attack is your best weapon in this build.

The Collector

Speaking of Lethality, dealing execute damage is so much better when you have Dark Harvest and The collector. Jhin’s 4th shot will become even scarier as he doesn’t only have crit damage, he also has lethality and execute damage, this item will literally execute enemies whenever they fall off the 5% hp threshold. 

5. Caitlyn

With the recent buff on Caitlyn’s Q, people are now finding wins with Lethality Caitlyn, she can deal tons of damage with her Q now especially when she is built with lethality items. Her playstyle doesn’t change that much however because she will still rely on her range and her combos, the real cherry on top of this build comes from her ultimate, with Dark harvest as her rune, she can execute enemies even if they still are at ¼ of their maximum HP. 

How To Play Lethality Caitlyn?

You won’t have that much attack speed with lethality Caitlyn build so you’re gonna have to play safe and avoid 1v1 fights with ADC champions that have high attack speed, they can easily outplay you if they manage to close the gap between you and them. You should rely on your Q as your poke instead and place your traps strategically as you will deal more damage with lethality items. 

Best Lethality Items


Duskblade allows Caitlyn to slow enemies down the first time she hit them, this is a great alternative item for Caitlyn’s classic Stormrazor first build. It will have the same effect only it will deal more damage. Duskblade also allows Caitlyn to reposition herself during team fights as it lets her turn invisible whenever she scores a takedown.

Serpent’s Fang

This item lets Caitlyn deal more damage to an enemy caught by her traps whenever opponents try to shield themselves. 

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4. Vayne

We all know that Vayne is a champion that relies so much on attack speed because she needs to proc her W fast, but with lethality builds on her, you’re gonna want to max your Q first instead of your W. You will be poking enemies with your Q if you have a high lethality bonus on Vayne.

How To Play Lethality Vayne?

Play your lane as a typical ADC but make sure your support can keep you healthy before deciding to build lethality items on Vayne. Do not fight enemies with lethality items alone, crit and high AD bonuses will also synergize with Vayne’s Q pokes. 

Play safely as you will most likely lose the range battle against most ADC champions, so only try to engage them when you have your ultimate up which gives you the upper hand of becoming invisible each time you use your Q. 

Best Lethality Item

Duskblade of Drakthar

This item will improve Vayne’s invisibility passives so she doesn’t only go invisible every time she casts her Q, but she can also turn invisible every time she scores a takedown. Kind of like a ranged Kha’Zix that vanishes from view every now and then. 

3. Miss Fortune

Lethality is good for ADC champions that rely on abilities to do damage, and what other ADC out there displays this tactic better than MF herself? 

Her kit revolves around poking enemies with her Q or her E, her ultimate is also one of the best AOE damage in the game and it scales greatly with lethality. When you build lethality items on MF, she basically increases the flat damage of each wave from her ultimate.

How To Play Lethality Miss Fortune?

When building MF as a lethality-based champion, you will have to rely on your abilities to fight enemies in your lane. Lethality MF is crazy especially in the early game because of her Q, every time MF uses it on a unit her Q bounces off towards the enemy behind that unit, and in addition to that, if the first unit dies as MF casts her Q on it, the second damage will deal critical damage to the next opponent. 

One Q from an MF with a serrated dirk in the early game can literally bring a squishy ADC’s hp down to half. 

Best Lethality Item


This item lets the wielder deal bonus damage if the user damages an opponent twice in quick succession. MF’s ultimate easily procs this item’s effect.

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2. Ezreal

Ezreal can benefit from lethality because he relies on his Q more than his basic attack to damage enemies, his Q even procs his on-hit effects so some lethality items like duskblade will work great on him. 

Ezreal has lots of playstyles that can vary depending on the enemy team comp meaning he also has lots of item build choices.

How To Play Lethality Ezreal?

No matter what build you are running, Ezreal needs to have mana so buying a tear of the goddess as your first item should always be the priority. Running presence of mind or Mana flow band also works great as it lets him restore mana on each takedown and it also lets him stack up on mana. 

If you will play Ezreal as a lethality champion, you will need to keep your distance from champions and rely on your Q to hit them, your other abilities won’t deal that much damage so position yourself strategically in every team fight to maximize the damage from your Q. 

Best Item Builds

Duskblade of Drakthar

This item initially slows enemies down which lets Ezreal hit his next Q or ability easier. 

1. Varus

Relying on his Q especially when it is empowered, Varus takes out enemies from far away. E can easily execute enemies with his empowered Q especially if he has Dark harvest equipped and some lethality items as well. 

How To Play Lethality Varus?

Varus has a long-range so you will be safe from trades every time you try to last hit CS. He has a strong early game as well because he can bully enemies with his Q and they won’t even be able to retaliate as he will be too far to reach. 

Best Item Builds

Duskblade of Drakthar

This item serves as a fail-safe for Varus whenever enemies get to close the gap between him and them. The slow effect from this item will guarantee Varus’ disengagement which he can also extend using his E or his ultimate. 

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Playing ADC will always ask the question when to choose lethality over crit, the quick answer to that is if you believe you can finish the game in under 30 mins, then go for lethality and abuse the lead you have to finish the game quickly, otherwise pick crit. Lethality doesn’t scale that hard in the late game unlike crit does, so try to assess situations every time you choose to go lethality rather than crit. 

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