5 Best LoL Jungle Streamers to Watch

Welcome to another League of Legends article where we will give you a variety of tips on how to improve your game and win the much desired League Points. League of Legends is one of the most famous and most played games today. New players join this game every day, and the number of players playing League of Legends is at a high level every day. 

No wonder Riot tries so hard to improve this game with each new update or patch. Unlike the very beginnings of the game, today players can choose from more than 150 different champions, and the skins for these champions currently on the market are simply wonderful.

But today we are not talking about champions or their skins. Today we are talking about a new career that has prevailed among active players of popular games – the career of a streamer. 

Streamers are players who are actively playing a game that is popular, in this case League of Legends, and recording their gameplay. They can stream their games in real-time, and sometimes they can upload an already recorded video match they played. They often utilize video compressors, to minimize file sizes of pre-recorded videos and enhance efficiency.

Today, the most popular streaming platforms are YouTube and Twitch. Most streamers have active accounts on these platforms, and their fans can join live to watch and comment on their game. Often streamers have their own fan base with which they communicate regularly, answer their questions during a live match or simply dedicate themselves to them after playing a match. 

Who decides to be a streamer? Well, streamers can become anyone, but the most successful streamers are those who have a very high gaming skill and can successfully transfer it to their viewers. They are able to give them advice and teach them how to play different roles in the League of Legends. 

In addition, streamers must be charismatic and interesting because it will bring them many more fans, and even if they do not transfer their skill to viewers, their interest will be in the foreground and people will watch them because of that.

League of Legends streamers are often divided into the roles that suit them best – so there are streamers who play only the ADC role, or streamers who are best at supporting the role. Today we are interested in streamers who play the jungle role, one of the most demanding roles in the League of Legends.

Just so you know, the choice was not easy at all. Jungle roles are a very, very demanding role in the League of Legends. One jungler needs to know how to navigate the jungle without bumping into an enemy jungler or other champions of an enemy team. 

Players who play the jungle role need to know when it’s right to gank the other lane, and they also need to make sure they get to the Dragon before the enemy jungler and get the team together to head to Baron Nashor. And much more. So, let’s go say something about the 5 best jungle streamers in the League of Legends.

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5. Phylaris

Phylaris is a popular League of Legends player who is not so much known for his streamings but for published videos of his matches. He plays as a jungler and shows his viewers the best tips and tricks to clear the jungle. 

His fan base is very large, players really like his videos and tips on how to behave when playing jungle roles. With his videos, you can learn how to quickly clear the jungle and gain an advantage over the enemy jungler. 

Because of his simple way of explaining the methods he uses in the jungle, he is very interesting to players who find his videos very educational. Also, he plays on a North American server. If you want to quickly and directly learn a few new tricks to use in the jungle, check out some of Phylaris ’videos.

4. Trick2G

Much more popular is Trick2G who has garnered the most fame by playing with Udyr and being the best solo queue jungler. Like Phylaris he also plays on the North American server. In his videos, players could learn how to climb the League of Legends as much as possible, as junglers of course. 

Playing with Udyr, Trick2G was regularly such a strong player that he could carry the whole team alone and defeat all 5 enemy champions without anyone’s help. In addition to his gaming skill, Trick2G has a very interesting personality that attracts viewers to his channel. 

He often has interesting stories and is very humorous, so his videos are very educational BUT also very likable among League of Legends fans.

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3. King Nidhoog

You’ve probably heard of the famous King Nidhogg. King Nidhogg plays on a North American server and it makes it so funny that you may wonder why you actually strayed to his channel. King Nidhogg is not focused on educating his viewers, he is more concerned with making them have fun and laugh. 

We have to admit to him that he is really funny and interesting, even though we won’t learn much from his videos. Of course, not because of him, but because of how much knowledge we try to absorb, because King Nidhogg is first and foremost a very skilled player who knows what he’s doing, no matter how hard he seems. 

If you want to spend time having fun and laughing go to his YouTube channel and check out some of the videos he posted. He’s a Challenger, so he knows what he’s doing, no worries.

2. Virkayu

Virkayu is probably the most popular League of Legends streamer in the jungler category. He plays on the EU West server. His fan base has over 250,000 fans eagerly awaiting his new videos. Its content can be found on the Twitch platform as well as on the YouTube platform. 

His videos are educational, and Virkayu really tries his best to pass on his knowledge to players who have come to learn how to play like real junglers. What sets him apart from other streamers is that he knows how to play other roles, and his tips can also help players who don’t want to play specifically as junglers. 

Don’t let it happen to you to skip Virkay because you can learn a lot from him. Even if you don’t decide to play as a jungler, it doesn’t matter, Virkayu will give you advice for other roles, listen to him because it will pay off. Trust us on this one.

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We can write a completely new article about NEACE, he totally deserved the first place so much, and you will probably agree with our choice. Neace streams on the North American server, and his way of streaming is something between interesting and educational content. 

We can say that he is a very good coach because he constantly tries to motivate his viewers, and he does it in such a positive way that every player immediately wants to apply it in his game after watching his videos. If you want a little different content than usual, choose NEACE to be your spirit animal.

Final Thoughts

This list can be much longer, do you agree with us? There are many more streams that are focused on the jungler role and create really quality content, however, there is only room for five players on this list, and this is our selection of the top five jungler streamers in the League of Legends. 

If you are looking for some new faces to watch, choose one of these five players, your gameplay can be improved very quickly thanks to them. In the comments leave your suggestions of the best jungler streamers, if they differ from ours. We look forward to them. Good luck and have fun playing (and watching) League of Legends!

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