Best Low Elo Top Laners in League of Legends

Hello, League of Legends players! How are your ranked games progressing? We all know how much climbing the League of Legends is the most arduous journey that requires a lot of time, but also nerves spent on the keyboard. 

Players must know how to play with different champions and learn different strategies to be able to match their opponents. And to master one champion takes many hours of playing and learning. 

So you can see how demanding this can be for gamers. Especially for players who are dissatisfied with their position in the rankings. They will want to do their best to get out of the low tier as soon as possible. 

Fortunately, here is a list of the top 5 low ELO top laners in the League of Legends, for all of you who want to get out of the low tier with the help of top lane champions.

You are probably already familiar with the League of Legends ranked system. Each season, Riot opens a new ranked season in which players play ranked matches, collect League Points and try to reach the best tier. 

Each player has favorite champions with whom he tries to achieve this, and a favorite role according to which he chooses at which position on the map he will start the game. 

In League of Legends there are five roles, top lane, mid lane, support, adc and jungler. Today we will talk about the top lane.

Top lane is considered one of the most demanding lanes on Summoner’s Rift. This is because it is the furthest last year, and players need time to get to it if the fight starts. 

Also, players who play in the top lane must be prepared to depend only on themselves, so they must choose a reliable champion who will be able to fight against the enemy top laner.

When we mention low elo, we are actually referring to Bronze and Silver tiers, most often. In case you didn’t know, in the League of Legends ranked system most players are in low ELO. 

Therefore, it is very difficult to create a chance to get out of these tiers, and players who manage to get out of them will be able to notice how their matches become better because the players in high ELO are much more professional and serious. That’s why they managed to get out of low ELO, in the end.

Surely you can remember of many matches where you played with amateurs, new players who did not know the basic rules of the League of Legends. 

Because of them, your team weakened very quickly and the possibility of winning was lost, regardless of the fact that maybe you or some other teammate had a good strategy. This does not mean that such players are bad, on the contrary, they are in the initial phase of the game where they try to find a champion or a role that suits them best.

In this article, you will find 5 best low elo top lane champions with whom you can go hunting for victories. Each new victory means you are one step closer to a higher tier.

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5. Darius

Seeing Darius in the top last year means that the match will very likely be very bloody. Darius has no mercy for anyone, his weapon is ready for anyone who gets in his way. 

Darius is a very common choice for top lanes, and his kit is not that complicated – which is why he is often chosen by players who are still beginners in the League of Legends. 

Wondering why Darius is a good choice? Well, with his Decimate (his Q ability), Darius can heal himself at the same time, depending on how many champions he will injure. If you find yourself in a 1v2 situation playing with Darius, don’t worry, Darius is very good at fighting two enemy champions. 

He will usually win, that’s how it is. And only when he reaches level 6 and gets his ult, better known as Noxian Guillotine, Darius will go head-hunting, and his enemies will be happy if they manage to avoid his guillotine.

4. Tryndamere

Tryndamere, also called The Barbarian King, like Darius will not give up on anything when it comes to killing others. In his hand is a sword that can halve every enemy champion he finds near him. 

His early game was mainly focused on clearing the lane, killing minions and diving under enemy turret. He is so good at it! Why is Tryndamere a great choice for low ELO? Well, Tryndamere doesn’t die that easily. 

Tryndamere has an ult called Undying Rage – you’ve probably found yourself in a situation where you almost killed this big guy many times, only for him to activate his Undying Rage and kill you. 

With Undying Rage, he also deals a lot of damage so he can carry the game by himself if he is smart enough.

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3. Illaoi 

Illaoi is very reminiscent of the evil sea monster from the Little Mermaid cartoon or the evil sea monster from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean, isn’t it? With her tentacles, this monstrous woman catches everything in front of her. 

Illaoi is a real example of an independent woman who can take care of (and fight for) herself, and that is exactly what she is doing in the top lane. She can push the lane by herself and she can fight her enemies, too. 

What makes her special is that she is a tanky champion, which means that Illaoi shouldn’t die much on the field. Also, it is said that she dated Gangplank many years ago, so maybe he taught her some tricks on how to become even more dangerous.

The good thing is that many low ELO players do not know her strategies, so you will have a strategic advantage over the enemy team.

2. Jax

In second place is Jax, a danger lurking, then aggressively jumping and scaring his enemies. If you didn’t know, Jax can go fully AD or fully AP whichever you choose. You certainly won’t go wrong because playing with Jax means guaranteed damage to enemy champions. 

After clearing the top lane, Jax is ready to start jumping on enemy champions all over the map.

Once he gets his ult, Grandmaster’s Might, Jax will boost his magic resistance and get bonus armor. And that means a lot of bonus armor. With Jax, getting out of low ELO will be an easy mission.

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1. Nasus

Who loves puppies? Raise your hand if you are a dog lover, because Nasus is coming on the scene. Nasus is one of the most tanky champions in the League of Legends, and that’s what saves him from certain death because his ability kit isn’t very powerful, compared to other champions on the list. 

Nasus should collect stacks because the more stacks he has, the more damage he will do when he casts his Q (Siphoning Strike) ability. 

Also, when he gets his ult ability, he will be useful when it comes time for team fights. Just follow Nasus and you’ll come out of low ELO while you say “Woof!”

Final Thoughts

What do you say? Were you surprised to see some of the champions on this list? Well, there are reasons for everything, so you could see why these 5 champions can boast that it is easy to play with them in low ELO games. 

New players often tend to choose champions who have a simple ability kit, and sometimes with that choice in advance they make the enemy team take them for granted. 

Choosing any of these champions can increase your chances of being a very strong player of your team, and at the same time to leave that Silver tier once and for all.

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