What Mid Lane Champion Should You Main in Season 12?

Every time a change is made to a character in Riot Games’ League of Legends, the character’s ranking is affected, which has an influence on how you play. 

It may be difficult to keep up with all of the advents of new technologies. This list, fortunately for you, will help you out with that. 

Keep reading to know why mid lane champion rankings are significant in League of Legends, as well as to discover about some of the top-tier mid lane champions for this season.

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5 Best Mid Lane Champions To Main in Season 12

5. Ahri

When it comes to doing damage, Ahri is solely dependent on her magical powers, making her one of the most deadly magical assassins in League of Legends. 

The champion, on the other hand, is capable of destroying whole health pools of opponent champions in a matter of seconds. 

In addition, the champion has a victory rate of 52.1 percent as of the 11.16 release, making it one of the most potent mid-laners in the current meta.

Despite the fact that she is a mid-lane champion, Ahri, the Nine-Tailed Fox, is an excellent choice because of her burst damage potential in the early and mid-game portions of a battle. 

Ahri has the potential to swiftly rise to become one of the most deadly champions on the game, capable of taking over the whole map if he gains enough experience and money.

With that in mind, Ahri is a champion that is significantly easier to learn and master than other champions. 

Even Ahri, like the majority of champions that are suited for the mid-lane, has an exceptionally high skill ceiling, which is similar to that of most other champions. This further implies that players who are able to master the skills of this exquisite assassin in League of Legends will have a more enjoyable time in the mid-lane.

4. Kassadin

Kasseldin is a magical assassin in League of Legends that depends significantly on the casting of his abilities to inflict damage on his targets. 

Additionally, Kassadin’s passive ability, Void Stone, lets him take less magic damage from his opponents than he would otherwise. 

The last ability is Kassadin’s Null Sphere ability, which allows the champion to do damage to opposing champions while simultaneously getting the benefit of a shield that absorbs any incoming magic damage.

The champion is also armed with a slowing ability known as Force Pulse, which prevents enemies from fleeing or catching up with him by slowing them down. Kassadin is also armed with a blink in his ultimate ability, Riftwalk, in addition to all of the other features listed above.

Kassadin may use these abilities to close the distance between him and unsuspecting opponent champions, wiping off their entire health pool in a matter of seconds. 

By evaluating Kassadin’s skills, it is reasonable to state that he is one of the best mid-lane champions available in the current meta. He is also one of the least difficult champions to learn.

3. Viktor

A mid-laner with a 51.5 percent win rate in the current meta, Viktor (the Machine Herald) is one of the most potent characters in the game. 

Viktor, on the other hand, is a very strong mid-lane champion who depends significantly on his casting talents, even if he doesn’t have a high win rate in the game.

When it comes to his talents, Viktor has a total of four active skills and one passive ability to his arsenal. Viktor’s passive ability, Glorious Evolution, on the other hand, grants the champion the ability to accumulate Hex Fragments. 

Viktor’s active skills are further enhanced when hex fragments are collected in sufficient quantities, resulting in the champion having a total of eight active abilities.

The champion is difficult to master, but Viktor provides the player with a wide range of alternatives in each given circumstance, despite the fact that the champion is difficult to master. 

In light of Viktor’s outstanding accomplishments on the professional stage, it is reasonable to declare that the champion is unquestionably one of the most potent mid-lane mages in the current meta.

2. Yasuo

Yasuo, one of League of Legends’ most adaptable champions, may be played in any of the three lanes accessible in Summoner’s Rift. 

He is one of the most flexible champions in the game. The champion is most effective when used as a mid-lane or ADC assassin, although he may also be used as a top-lane warrior when necessary.

Yasuo, the Unforgiven, possesses a plethora of abilities that enhance the effectiveness of his basic strikes, resulting in a significant quantity of physical damage. 

Additionally, Yasuo’s Wind Wall ability allows the champion to deflect all incoming projectiles (excluding turret missiles) for a total of 3.75 seconds while on the field. 

To add insult to injury, Yasuo’s ultimate ability, Last Breath, grants the champion the ability to blink to an enemy champion who is visible and knock them down in the process.

All of his abilities enable Yasuo to chase down unsuspecting opponent champions, allowing him to eventually snowball the game. 

Yasuo’s potential as a snowballer overcomes his difficulty scale as a champion when all of these considerations are taken into account, making him one of the greatest champions for the mid-lane in the current meta.

1. Zed

Known as “the Master of Shadows,” Zed is a deadly assassin who specializes in taking out opposing champions who are low on health. 

However, because of Zed’s passive ability, Contempt for the Weak, opponent champions must exercise great caution to avoid being caught in the incorrect situations, which might result in death for them.

In contrast to Zed’s Razor Shuriken and Shadow Slash abilities, which allow him to deal massive amounts of physical damage to enemies in a short period of time, his Living Shadow ability allows him to blink at marked locations in order to either catch a fleeing enemy or escape from an unfavorable ambush situation. 

Above and beyond the rest of his abilities, Zed’s ultimate ability Death Mark grants him the power to become untargetable and sprint through opposing champions, causing tremendous bursts of physical damage in the process.

Despite the fact that Zed is one of the most difficult champions to learn, the champion is one of the most powerful mid-laners in the current meta. 

For this reason, players who struggle to maximize Zed’s potential are encouraged to play the hero in unranked battles until they have mastered this really terrifying champion’s abilities.

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How to Main A Mid Lane Champion in Season 12?

Improve Your Farming Skills

It is not always simple to demolish an enemy’s nexus and emerge victoriously. However, possessing a few more items than the opponent is a significant advantage. 

Having more minions than your enemy is the most effective approach to obtain those additional goods and boost your chances of winning on the battlefield. Each minion that you have killed in the past will reward you with some gold. 

Not to mention that, unlike anything else in League, you will not be given a second opportunity to kill the same minion if you fail to kill him on the first attempt. 

Instead, another will be summoned. However, the one you missed will be a persistent source of gold that you will regret not having gotten your hands on.

We’ve broken this part down into a few paragraphs to make it easier for you to comprehend.


In short, freezing is the state in which minions are not moving. You may direct them to a specific location and manage their behavior such that they remain there all of the time. 

This can result in a variety of benefits, such as the enemy stepping up and being more susceptible to ganks. Alternatively, the opponent will have to approach you and you will have to try to combat him personally.

Slow Push

When an enemy breaks a freeze, it will almost always launch a gradual push to regain control of the situation. This happens when both players have the same number of minions, but they’re on opposite sides of the lane from each other. 

Naturally, supporting minions will come faster to the side where the wave is located, resulting in that side gaining a short numerical advantage over the other side. The slow push should be used to smash large waves, and you should search for short recalls or roams.


Consider the following scenario. You are in the lead in your lane after solo slaying the opposing laner. You push the tab and notice that the rest of your team is losing. At this moment, the only thing that your team has an edge over the opposition is you. 

It will be necessary for you to move about a lot in order to retake the lead for your squad. The most effective method to accomplish this is by shoving the lane first. 

By shoving your lane before roaming, you can ensure that you do not lose out on any of the valuable minions. If your explorations turn out to be fruitful, that’s fantastic! If that’s the case, you didn’t lose anything.

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Best Time to Roam

The ability to roam is one of the most significant advantages that mid laners have when comparing their strengths and weaknesses in different lane compositions. 

They have the ability to have an influence on both the top and bot lane and can quickly shift the momentum in their team’s favor. 

Every time you choose to roam, you will lose mid lane priority and pressure, as well as your position in the game. This may be reduced to a minimum by shoving the wave first and then wandering the area. 

By the time you return from your wander, a new wave of enemies will be on their way towards your tower. The second ideal moment to go for a roam is right after your opponent calls you out on anything. 

If you do this, you will have enough time to shove the wave and sprint to the location where the action occurs. 

Another thing you should be doing when pushing the wave is looking at the bot and top of the wave so that by the time you’re done, you’ll know where you’ll be moving next.

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