Top 7 Best Abilities in The Late Game

The late game is one of the most important moments in the game because everything can affect, and everything can change suddenly, even with the smallest of the moves. 

As long as the early-mid game hasn’t been so bad there is still hope. You just have to know what to do and when (hard, right?).

So what are these critical actions? Mostly bad decisions, in Solo Queue, are just like that, in competitive, when you are playing with a team, it is just a bad call. 

Perhaps it is easy for you to remember a game where you or some of your teammates got caught, or you or someone else decided going to clear waves bot-lane would be a good idea and the enemy team takes an objective like baron or an important tower you regret about what you or somebody else did. 

Often with the first option happen, someone is not well positioned and ends up being killed and there is a huge disadvantage then on a team fight that might lead you to cede an objective for the enemy that perhaps might doom you for the rest of the game. 

What is that ability you fear the most in that critical moment when both teams are dancing hoping and expecting one member made that mistake to end up giving away the whole game? 

Below I’m going to list you the Top 7 Best Abilities in The Late game that usually gives away the whole match.

1. Vision

Vision, in my opinion, is the deadliest ability anyone can have, if you recall a single match from the Worlds, or even the region tournaments like the LCS, all the time since the game starts the teams are fighting to control de map vision. This is important to secure objectives, to be safe, to execute perfect ganks and of course to win the game. 

No matter in which situation you are, if you are well aware of where your enemy is and you stay in a safe zone, everything will be fine and most likely your enemy is going to make a mistake. 

But, bear in mind this can be also a problem that can give your match away to the enemy team if you don’t have vision control over a certain part of the map, and you don’t see the whole enemy team in your minimap, then don’t die for a ward, usually, it is the enemy team who is baiting you and waiting you make a mistake like this one, it is always safe to go to ward an area if the whole team is going and few of the enemy players are in the minimap and far away from the place you want vision, or you can go alone as long as the whole enemy team is seen. 

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2. Tempered Fate (Bard R)

Tempered Fate is one of the most useful abilities that can work defensive and offensive. It is not just incredibly useful in the late game but also during mid-game as well. Tempered Fat can be used for disengaging, engaging, protecting objectives, buying time to re-group, and to get prepared to fight or even just for timings in activable items or time in the cooldown of your teammate’s ultimates. 

Of course, this ability is not just as beautiful as it sounds, it requires a lot of skill from the player to aim and to use it correctly, with implies a lot more knowledge than usual, like timings, map awareness, and mechanical skill.

3. Death Sentence (Thresh Q)

Thresh has been almost the perfect support from all the times, and no matter how much Riot nerfs it, he is still being one of the good picks, the only thing that Thresh is missing is a healing ability, but his skill set makes him a wonderful option to go. His Q is one of the scariest things to expect when you are playing against him, especially if the player is skilled and good with predictions. 

One good Q in late game and most likely everything is lost, Death Sentence is also good to keep the enemy team on the backline out of range and gives away parts of the map that can be used to clean enemy vision, prepare ambushes or even prepare big objectives like Baron. 

4. Powder Keg + Parrrley (Gangplank E + Q)

When you saw Parrrley I bet the first thing you thought about was a pirate! My favorite pirate (and one of my favorite champions) Gangplank is deadly with the Powder Keg. This is a Top 7 of abilities, and even when I have been writing just one, I believe this combo from Gangplank can be considered as one as well. 

The late game of this combo is just deadly, can make a lot of damage in small areas where all the enemy team can be damaged if used it correctly, in combination with the critical damage Gangplank can do through his Q, it can end up being mortal for champions that are not tank or off-tank. Deleting enemies with one barrel or moving the scale in favor due to the low HP enemy bar can make a big difference when sieging towers or fighting for objectives like Baron or Dragon.

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5. Paddle Star (Zoe Q)

Zoe is a very unique champion with an interesting skill set. It is hard to decide which ability would be the best in late-game from her, but I believe the Q is just as deadly as the other ones before. One single Q can one-shot you or at least force you to go immediately back to base to heal if you don’t get engaged immediately. Besides, in combination with her E is great for keeping enemies zoned in the backline and probably killed if she manages to aim one.

6. Requiem (Karthus R) 

Karthus is a champion that many are not afraid of, but nobody likes to play against. It is annoying to feel you are safe and see Requiem being cast. Indeed, Karthus ultimate is not an almighty that will kill you immediately if you are fully recovered or getting back to your lane, but, if we speak about targetting or trying to balance a fight, this might be the right option to turn something that was lost into something that is fightable or even winnable. 

As many may think, it is not just to play Karthus to push R as soon as you get it. The cooldown from Requiem is long for a reason; it is an absolute game-changer. Just to mention an example, think about a Draven that has been stacking League of Draven (his passive) for a while and turns to be a situation where killed or being killed in the lane-phase/mid-game can be decisive for the late game, when Requiem is cast can turn the balance in favor to help Draven to chargeback that passive and literally, end the game immediately. 

It is also good to ensure the enemy can’t take objectives if the team fight is lost, by casting the ultimate in the very end, depending on the situation after the battle has finished, Requiem could kill some of the survivors or at least force them to go back to base to get healed that would prevent them to take objectives.

7. Realm of Death (Mordekaiser R) 

Mordekaiser is a champion that is very good as a solo-laner, can face almost any match easily and it is extremely scary when hitting the sixth level, especially because a gank against him can turn it to be a bit hard to contend. Mordekaiser ultimate takes him and the selected enemy champion to a Realm of Death, which means that no one but Mordekaiser and the targeted champion moves to another dimension where just both of them can fight against each other. 

This is an interesting ultimate, first of all, because Mordekaiser is a great fighter and it is hard to defeat when fighting 1 vs 1, but it is not just about annihilating the designated champion. Mordekaiser’s ultimate works perfectly by using it defensively or strategically. One of the most common options is to take one important champion from the other team to prevent to help in the team fight, for example, ADC or mid-laner can be fighting against Mordekaiser and even if Mordekaiser dies, at least he makes sure the ADC and the Mid-laner doesn’t take part of the team fight. 

You can take the enemy jungler to the Realm of Death, which means he can use smite only over and you until the effect is gone, which can result in an important strategy when fighting objectives like Baron or Dragon. Depending on the team composition (or the enemy team composition) Mordekaiser ultimate can be definitive to secure objectives or to win a team fight, just bear in mind this is not decisive, it can give you a great advantage this is only half of the work, you have to do the other half by executing your mechanics well. 

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Among all the champions in the game, is easy to find abilities that might help you to determine some game phases or even decide the whole match. Perhaps if you are a one-trick-laner the options might be different for you, but overall I consider in this list you will find the most overpowered abilities in the game until now. It is not just about killing 1 vs 1 but having flexibility in the way you use it because the best way to beat your enemy is by doing something he doesn’t expect you to do. 

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