7 Best League of Legends Pets in 2022

League of Legends is an interesting game. You can see any type of character in it. The lore is interesting and offers a lot for the players to discover. We can see the game is full of different types of champions like assassins, mages, marksmen, and tanks, but our focus today will be on those that have pets.

Some may wonder what we mean by “pet.” Well, the league, as we said, is an interesting game. In it, we can see some champions who, for one reason or another, bring their pets into battle. Yep, you heard us correctly, they bring their familiar with them for some extra power when they get in fights with the enemies. Is it weird? No, it’s not League of Legends characters like Annie, Malzahar, Ivern, Yorick, Kalista, Heimerdinger, and Maokai bringing their pets into fights.

These champions are made following the lore of the universe, and the same can be said for their pets. It is important to note that they are implemented in their playstyle as part of their skills and that they depend on their familiars.

7. Annie

Let’s start with Annie. The Dark Child is probably one of the most classic characters in the game. Her pet is also well known to the players. Annie’s familiar is named Tibbers. Having the lore in mind, we can say that the teddy was crafted by her mother, which is also her last memento for Annie. We can easily find information that the bear was created to look like the mythical Shadow Bears. We can speculate a lot about why, but our primary focus now is to explain why Tibbers is so good.

Now on to the details. Annie is a mage, which infuses her mana into Tibbers, making him come alive on level 6 when you level up your ultimate. We dare to say that this is one of the most effective pets on the list, simply because once summoned, the bear can deal great damage, stun the enemy, and if played properly, it can create many opportunities to take enemies by surprise.

With him being Annie’s ultimate, his stats, and the plays that you can create with him, Tibbers poses a great danger to squishy enemy laners. Depending on which level is your ultimate, the stats are as follows: 1200 / 2100 / 3000 HP,50 / 75 / 100 Magic Damage plus additional 15% from Annie AP, short range of 150, attack speed of about 0.6, Armor and Mr both 30 / 50 / 70 and lastly 350 movement speed.

After discussing his stats, we will focus on the actual gameplay. Tibbers is Annie’s pet and thus deals magic damage. At close range, he attacks the targeted enemy with a basic attack. The other ability of his is to add magical damage to the attack, which is similar to Malzahar swans. On the other hand, he can also deal persistent damage given the fact that he is Annie’s pet and is infused with a flaming aura.

Tibbers also has his abilities. Although they are not as strong as those of a regular champion, they are perfect for him, and this makes him compliment Annie’s game even better. The abilities are “Flame Aura”, “Recovery”, “Enrage” and, finally, “Revenge”. The first deals magic damage to all enemies in a range of 350 around Tibbers.

The damage is as follows: 5/7.5/10 + an additional 3% from his owner’s Ability Power. The second ability of his is quite easy to understand. It recovers HP when Tibbers is out of combat for 5 seconds. The percent he heals is 6% of his maximum health, and he also gets a movement speed bonus when moving towards Annie. Enrage is the thirst ability, which we will talk about.

 This one is slightly more important because it is the one that will have the greatest impact on enemies. Tibbers enrages for a period (3 seconds) when he is summoned and, in addition, when the Pyromania skill stuns an enemy. This is an essential ability because it greatly improves the bear’s stats, making him ghosted and gaining 100% bonus movement speed, which decays over the duration. 

His base attack speed is also increased to 1.736 for his next 5 attacks while enraged, but it decreases with each attack until he returns to his normal attack speed. The last one is Revenge. As the name states, he exacts revenge on all nearby enemies after Annie dies. He gets enraged for 10 seconds, heals himself up to 50%, and will target the champion who killed his owner.

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6. Malzahar

Malzahar is another great mage who is played as a mid laner. His pets are the so-called Void Swarm. In his arsenal of abilities, they are Malza’s W . This skill has a range of 150 in which he can summon the Voidlings, has no cast time, a short cooldown of 8 seconds, and costs 40, 45, 50, 55, or 60 MANA based on the ability level.

The Void Swarm is by far weaker than Tibbers. We can point out that it’s quite obvious even by the fact that Annie’s pet is her ultimate ability, while Malzahar’s is his second skill. This doesn’t mean that the void swarms are useless. In many situations, you would prefer them over Tibbers, but let’s see their details.

To explain things better, we will focus on the ability itself. When Malzahar is in a fight with an enemy, he will, of course, cast abilities and fight them off. Once he uses any skill of his, he gains passively a stack of “Zz’Rot Swarm,” which can stack up to two times. Now into play comes his W ability. Once he activates it, all the saved stacks are consumed with a short delay, and he summons the Void Swarm. Once he does that, the voidlings can keep getting spawned for every new stack he gets, and thus, this makes the ability effective in specific situations.

Now let’s focus on how deadly they are. Voidlings deal an average amount of damage to the enemy based on “5 64.5 (based on level) (+ 12/14/16/18/20) (+ 40% bonus AD) (+ 20% AP)”. They may appear weak at first, but as you increase your ability level and your stats, you will see how effective they can be for certain tasks. The damage they deal is magical and it buffs versus enemy minions, which makes them great for cleaning up the pushing wave.

5. Ivern

This is our favorite Ivern. This time we will not focus this much on him, but we will aim our gazes at Daisy. Our forest friend has an ult similar to that of Annie, which summons his companion. Daisy is an Ivern golem. Although she is classified as a pet, she is more like a friend. We can talk a lot about his lore, but today’s focus is on Daisy and her abilities.

As we said, this ultimate is similar to Annie’s in the category of controllable pets. It’s different from Malza voidlings, which can only be spawned, for example. Daisy’s cast time is 0.5 seconds, and it costs only 100 mana to summon her. Her cooldown again depends on the level and the ability haste you have is 140/130/120 seconds.

Daisy is summoned and spawns on the enemies after Ivern casts his ultimate spell, shattering their plans. She can stay on the field for up to a minute but can always be recast as long as her friend (Mr. Bramblefoot) is alive. The recasting itself is simple. Once you cast her on an enemy, she will move to their target, and if you do so on Ivern, Daisy will follow him.

Daisy’s special ability is “Spawn Haste,” which gives her a great movement speed buff of 25% after her spawning lasts for 5 seconds. Another one is her AoE damage reduction, which is great when fighting epic monsters or champions (25% reduction). Daisy can automatically attack enemies when she gets summoned and can also attack non-epic monsters, which, given that you play Ivern, is not something you have to worry about.

Probably her best ability is “Daisy Smash,” with the following effects: Asic attacks apply to stacks of Daisy Smash, resetting whenever she attacks a new target. Against a target with 2 stacks, Daisy’s next basic attack gains 50 bonus attack range and is empowered to charge up for 0.625 seconds to send a shockwave in a line (800 range, 200 widths) toward the target that deals 100% of her AD (+ 20% AP) magic damage to enemies hit and stunned, and knocks them up for 1 second. Daisy Smash! cannot occur again for 3 seconds.

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4. Yorick

When it comes to Yorick, we can talk about his passive and his ultimate at the same time. Both can be categorized as being pets. Looking at it this way, you can say that his pet is similar to Annie and Ivern’s cases, but at the same time, he has one that is more like Malzahar’s.

Let’s start with the first one, and that is “Sheperd of Souls”. The effect radius is from 1000 to 2500 in range. This is his passive and its main ability is to “raise your enemies from their graves.” Yorick passively digs a grave for every enemy champion, large monster, and 12th, 6th, or 2nd (depending on level) non-champion enemy who dies near him, as well as every enemy he kills with Last Rites.

Only four such graves can exist at once, with the most distant one being replaced by the most recent. When large monsters die close to Yorick, they always leave a grave. The point of this is that after he casts his ability, he can raise Mist Walkers from these graves and make them attack his enemies.

After we talked about his passive, it was time to look towards his ultimate spell, “Eulogy of the Isles”. The target range is 600, and the familiar, like Daisy, takes 0.5 seconds to spawn, costs 100 mana, and has a cooldown of 160/130/100 seconds. This ability is quite simple. Once activated, Yorick summons the Maiden of the Mist, surrounded by several Mist Walkers at the target location, which remains on the battlefield until she or Yorick dies. After 10 seconds of activation, Eulogy of the Isles can be recast once while The Maiden of the Mist is alive.

3. Kalista

When we talk about pets, they are usually controllable or uncontrollable, like the ones from the list above. This is how they usually are, but there is another category. Yep, we mean the self-controlling one like the spirits Kalista can cast. With them, it’s interesting that they have their behavior and thrive on instinct, whose power is dependent on gameplay interactions such as detecting or attacking nearby enemies and has nothing to do with attacking, HP, damage, etc.

The Kalista pet’s main purpose is to patrol an area for 3 laps before disappearing, moving to the target location, returning to the earliest point near its cast location that it can see, and pathing around obstacles. Although this appears to be a good scouting ability, there is a catch. For example, the range in which the Sentinel can see is fixed and, if you are careful, can be avoided. This pet has no other main features aside from patrol and chase.

When it finds an enemy, the Sentinel chases them for 4 seconds, alerting Kalista to their presence with a scream, revealing their target for the duration, and disappearing after the chase ends. Although it’s not a pet made to aid you in fights, it’s great for ADCs as it can reveal enemies preparing to gank your lane and keep your save from surprises.

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2. Heimerdinger

We all know who the revered inventor was. True to his name, his pets are his inventions. He can summon his pet with the Q skill but can also evolve it with the R. What do we mean? Welp, Heimerdinger is a character who uses his ult to empower his other abilities, and as such, in this case, we will talk about his Evolution Turret.

In short, it is his Q skill that summons a turret within a range of 350, costs him 20 mana plus one of his turret kits, and can recharge up to 20 times. Important to note is the 1 second CD.

Regarding the turret abilities, there is not much to be said. They are great for lane fights, especially one versus one. The passive of this skill creates turret kits which are also consumed by the skill. It can be stacked a maximum of three times. They also can be deployed and automatically attack all enemies in range, whether they are champions or minions.

When he uses his ultimate ability and spawns a turret, Heimerdinger will deploy the H-28Q Apex Turret, which has a 450-range and is superior to the smaller ones both in damage and range. It has the same functions as the previous models. The only differences are in the core stats, such as the damage it does and the HP.

1. Maokai

As the last champion of our list, we have to note that Maokai Pet is quite reliable. In his case, the saplings he tosses are classified as uncontrollable pets, just like the voidlings. This ability is quite useful for preparing traps for enemies. They can also be used as a signal. If you put them in a location you want to observe and an enemy passes by, they will automatically attack the enemy and you will know about it.

Sapling Toss specifications are as follows: Using a target range of 1100, the effect radius scales with the ability level (175/350/475). Next is the tether radius of 250, the speed of the saplings 400-460, and the cast time of 0.25, which is extremely fast. The skill costs 60-90 mana based on level and has a cooldown of 10 seconds.

Saplings stay still for 30 seconds after landing, or until they react to the first visible adversary nearby, chasing them for up to 2.5 seconds. Saplings erupt when they collide with an enemy or when they die, causing magic damage to all nearby enemies (capped at 300 against non-champions) and slowing them down by 35% for 2 seconds. The damage they do again scales with level and starts from 20 and reaches 120 at maximum plus (7-8% plus (+ 0.7% per 100 AP) of the target’s maximum health).

Saplings planted in the brush, on the other hand, last 30 seconds (+ 2.5 percent bonus life) and deal double damage to striking targets three times in a row, as well as revealing them for three seconds. The first incident of damage is dealt with immediately, followed by the second and third instances every 0.75 seconds. Against non-champions, the overall damage is restricted to 600. And have your maximum damage increased by a factor of two. For example, it reaches from 40 to 240 with a bonus of (+ 14-14% (+ 1.4% per 100 AP) of the target’s maximum health).


We can say that there are many champions with pets in the English language. As we saw, some of them are controllable, some are not, and some are self-controllable. These factors, plus the details from the list, point out that every pet is specifically good for specific situations. They work best with their champions, as they are part of their skills.

Although you can use them to aid your team in team fights, very few of them will prove as useful as Annie or Ivern familiars, which can effectively disturb the enemy team synergy and help you best them. In conclusion, we can say that there are no bad or good league pets, but only good or bad in-game situations. We appreciate you staying with us through the article.

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