Best Roaming Supports in League of Legends

Hello, summoners! Welcome to another League of Legends guide where we will give you useful information on how to play the best match of your League of Legends career. 

In League of Legends, as you already know, the goal is to get to the enemy base with your team and crash their Nexus before they, well … crash your team’s Nexus. 

League of Legends is a team strategy game where you have to work with your team to win the match and win League Points. Before the match starts, the players have to choose the champion they want to play with, and the champions are chosen depending on the role they put in the main one. 

Every role is different, and the champions who are meant for that role are also different. Today we will talk about the support role and support champions. 

More precisely, about support champions who are very mobile and can roam around the map, which is a great quality and can be a great advantage for a team that has such a champion.

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What is Roaming in League of Legends?

If you are an active League of Legends player you have probably already heard of the term ‘roaming’ which is often used in gaming terminology. 

We will now explain to you exactly what this term implies. Roaming means that the champion leaves his destined lane and goes to someone else’s lane or he roams in the jungle, for example.

Roaming can be a very good and useful strategy because enemy players do not expect a mid lane player to go to bot lane for example or go and help their jungler conquer the jungle. 

Since the attack will be aggressive and unexpected, there are great chances that a player who leaves his lane will win a kill on someone else’s lane.

Why Should Support Champions Roam?

Support champions should roam for several reasons, when they leave their lane they thus create clutter and pressure on other parts of the map and can win kills or prepare the ground for other champions from their team who will more easily kill enemy champions. 

Furthermore, roaming can open a folder by shifting the focus to objects such as Dragons or turrets. Also, roaming can serve to distract the enemy team from other lanes. 

For example, if the enemy team is going to conquer mid lane, your team can try to conquer top or bot lane, or Baron Nashor, and the enemy team will have no choice but to recall and go defend their base or try to steal Baron Nashor from your team.

So, if you haven’t thought about roaming and you play a support role, this is the right time to read this article and implement a new strategy that will definitely pay off.

Which Support Champions can roam on?

Any support champion is capable of roaming, but every single one of them will have their own way of doing it. 

Some champions will do better in this role, while some champions will be a little harder to control, but that’s why it’s important to come up with tactics in advance to make the roaming tactics contribute the most to your team.

In the continuation of the article, we have prepared 7 best roaming supports in the League of Legends. Read carefully, maybe your favorite champion is among them, without you even knowing that he is capable of roaming.

7. Nami

Nami, a sea queen who is able to trap enemy champions in balloons and thus disable them, can roam around the map but is not a very common choice for support champion. 

Some players think she is weak, but Nami can be very dangerous, especially if she has a strong adc champion. Her ult is able to slow down or even stop enemy champions, which is ideal if she finds herself in a situation where she has to escape quickly or if she wants to help her teammates kill enemy champions. 

Nami is very mobile, which is why she can quickly wander into another lane and try to quickly clear it of minions. Of course, until the enemy champion goes after her, in which case it is better for her to escape to safety under the turret or near her teammates.

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6. Janna

Like Nami, Janna is a very empathetic and gentle champion, one might say. These two champions always put their teammates in front of them so they can heal them when they need to and even die for them. 

Janna is the champion who likes to be with her adc the most, so you can’t often see Janna leave the bot lane and go roam around the map. However, Janna should regularly put on wards and light up the jungle, and when enemy champions don’t pay attention try to go to another lane. 

Or, when the enemy jungler is in the top lane, Janna will have plenty of time to wander off without worrying that the enemy jungler won’t catch her and send her to her death.

5. Blitzcrank

Blitzcrank, the most famous hook in the League of Legends, is one of the better support champions in the whole game. However, it is for this reason that one is most often banned champions in ranked games. 

Blitzcrank is a very mobile champion which makes it great in roaming. He can quickly go to another lane, help his teammates or solo clean the lane of minions and come back to help his adc as if nothing had happened. 

Not to mention that his hook can always catch enemy champions who will go against him. Do you see now why we hate him?

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4. Annie

Annie is a champion we see more in mid lane than as support, but Annie is extremely dangerous support, especially when she calls for the help of her best friend Tiber who will do his best to catch enemy champions or bring down turret. 

Annie is also very mobile, and her fire ignites everything in front of her. Great for roaming, for sure.

3. Morgana

Morgana is also a notorious support champion. Her spells represent everything a champion needs to stay alive. Shield, stun and her ult is a combination enough to kill anyone who tries to kill her or her adc, or to escape if someone catches her roaming around the map. 

Her aggressive play will surprise enemy champions, and that’s enough for Morgana to win a kill or catch an enemy champion and serve him to her teammates.

2. Alistar

If there is one champion intended for roaming then it is Alistar and its combination of abilities. Alistar is great in this role, he needs to start roaming when he clears his lane of minions and push his minions to the enemy turret. 

Then he needs to move on to the other lanes and sow fear among the enemy team.

1. Braum

Braum deservedly ranks first. Braum is great for roaming, mostly because of the moment he upgrades his boots – nothing stops him from embarking on his murderous expedition to Summoner’s Rift. 

He will be faster than enemy champions in most cases, so this will allow him to clean up his lane faster and wander off to help his champions. 

Of course, don’t forget to put wards so that you know the movement of the enemy jungler and other champions at all times.

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Final Thoughts

Now you see which 7 champions are ideal for roaming in the League of Legends. Sure, there are many more champions who are great in this role, but these 7 great ones you have to consider if you want to make a name for yourself as a great support player. 

If we forgot someone, feel free to leave us a comment. Good luck and have fun at roaming around the Summoner’s Rift.

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