7 Best Scaling Mid Laners in League of Legends

If you are a mid laner who is recently playing assassin type, you may find yourself frustrated because of the low damage you deal after hitting past half an hour. You may have tried different sets of lineups. 

You may even have tried mastering Anivia and now you’re wondering, which other champions you can use who are good scalers in the mid-lane. If this description fits you, you are reading the right article.

Every LoL Champion reflects a unique planet. Some players attain their optimum performance early in the game and are capable of destroying the game from the outset. 

Others, on the other hand, need an object to acquire that power spike and so be useful. Finally, we meet the champs, who must make it to the late game to blow the game up. However, once they arrive, we may have to bid farewell to success.

Without further ado, let’s get on with the list.

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7. Kayle

I know you’ve probably seen Kayle in our list of best scaling top Laners. But I assure you, she does well in the mid-lane just as she does in the top lane. 

Kayle, like Kassadin, will become more of a threat as she levels up. His level 16 is true torment, as he is capable of volatilizing any opponent with only a few auto-attacks. 

She gains attack speed and range with each point she gains on her ultimate. She gains range at level 6, wavers those basics at level 11, and eventually gains greater range and damage at level 16. 

Her early game is quite complicated. So much so that the majority of the characters may abuse her and effectively exclude her from the game. Of course, only if they can bridge the gap before the champion’s damage rises. 

Remember that in lower-rated games, it might be both a good and a bad option. Because many players don’t know how to end games, Kayle will continue to climb and eventually become an impenetrable late-game champion; but, because many others don’t know how to play an early game, Kayle’s damage will never increase. 

If you appreciate this champion, you should look into the best Kayle LoL skins and start looking like a summoner’s rift final boss!

If you play this champion, I recommend that you play it safe until she unlocks her full potential.

6. Veigar

This list wouldn’t be complete without the late game and mid-player monster. If I saw this dude in the champion select, I’d probably change lane roles.

As I’ve mentioned, we can’t discuss scaling champions without including Veigar. The Little Evil Genie is one of those champions that evolves during the game. 

Veigar may gather a lot of AP as the game develops, therefore the longer the battle lasts, the more difficult it will be to get rid of him.

If you are playing this champion, you’d be grateful for his second skill and passive. The yordle uses his (Q) – Fiendish Strike as well as his own passive – Incredible Evil Power to increase ability power continuously, magic damage, and ability speed.

You’ll obtain your CDs in a flash and be able to finish out your adversaries with a single hit in this manner.

Now, if you are playing against this monster, I recommend that you finish him off quickly. Don’t let him stack that AP. Don’t even bother making the game last for 25 mins or it is over for you.

5. Ryze

How could we possibly ignore one of League of Legends’ most well-known champions? Ryze has always found a way to re-enter the game, whether in SoloQ or Competitive.

On the high-level performance, we’ve witnessed how this champion can finish out all of his opponents without breaking a sweat. And it gets a massive amount of damage added to its ability to gain life and become considerably tankier.

In summary, another of those champions we should never allow ascending if we don’t want difficulties.

Ryze is an excellent general in battle. Ryze dominates the opening stage and finishes strong. Ryze is quite powerful at first, and you must constantly apply pressure to the target in order to lose targets and increase the quantity of blood damage.

When it comes to Ryze’s genuine might, I have nothing but respect for this champ. 

IF you’re a fan of Faker, you might want to play this champ. Because Faker gave this champion a new face. He put this champ into the history of the League many times. Also, no matter how many nerf he faced, he always ends up being a game favorite.

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4. Kassadin

What else do you want to know from this champion? Every time we meet Kassadin in the mid lane, we play against the clock. 

When it reaches level 16, this great champion created by RIOT becomes invincible, and our game may be over. However, due to new equipment, it has taken more damage in later upgrades.

As a result, every time he gains a point in his [R] – Void Path, he creates a greater problem with loads of damage. As soon as it hits level 16, we will have to play flawlessly, which in most circumstances will not be possible. 

A fantastic champion who is currently in terrific form and will help us win a lot of games. My advice is to ban that champion whenever possible.

I mean just take a look at this champ. It has the mobility, the late-game mechanics, the AoE outbreak even has great snowball potential.

Also, it is a great counter pick against Karthus, Lissandra, Brand, or even Veigar. All in all, this dude will bulldozer the life out of your game.

3. Viktor

You might be surprised about this one. However, there is a very plausible explanation for this one. Also, you gotta see what Viktor mains says about this champ. 

Viktor is one of those champions that lacks a gimmick, fluff, or “OP” ability that makes him disliked. If you can play Viktor well, you can play midlane well. He’s an excellent champ for learning the basics of mid-lane. 

Understanding Viktor is the same as understanding mid-lane. Most of your habits and abilities are transferable to any other midlaner.

He is not so specialized that he lacks versatility, is not reliant on early leads, and excels in lengthy games where he can grow to his full potential. He also has a lot of talent and expressiveness without being overly mechanical. 

I can tell you that if you play Viktor, you will have a great time with him and understand why he has such a large fan base of Viktor mains.

2. Yasuo

I know, I know. This dude belongs on the top lane. But every now and then, the “Trashuo” meta can show its goodies. This champ just can outplay almost every other midlaner.

If you consider yourself a competitive player who frequently plays on coordinated teams, Yasuo is a must-have. Anyone who like twitch gaming should find the possibility of forming a squad centered on knock-ups and preventing opposing strikes quite appealing. 

Yasuo is the heart and soul of that team makeup, and can easily meet the twitcher’s requirement for a champion that provides them with lots of mechanics to understand as well as regular opportunity to execute split-second actions that may make or break an entire team battle.

People claim that Yasuo is no longer broken. However, he appears to have very little meaningful counterplay. Recent nerfs have helped, but not enough. Most mid-laners appear to just try to live and not feed versus a Yasuo before attempting to out roam a Yasuo. 

In my experience, the opposition mid-laner can win very few equal skill games versus a Yasuo.

If you have the nerves to accept all the cancer TTs and the will to get out of the iron elo, this champ right here is your best pick.

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1. Cassiopeia

I have double thoughts about placing Cass on the list. Because of the mastery, it requires to play this champ. Anyways, I still ended up with her on the list because of her potential. 

Cassiopeia is a good pick because of its strong DPS and usefulness. Playing well is quite difficult. This is due to the fact that she is an AP champion that plays like an ADC. In addition to dealing a lot of damage in equipment battles since it can spam its Q and E.

As I’ve mentioned, it’s difficult to play Cassiopeia since some of his abilities demand a strong location on the battlefield to be employed. She is extremely skilled and highly dependent on position, especially in team combat, therefore you must always be covered by your teammates.

If you die soon in a team battle, your team loses a large amount of its potential damage since it happens over time rather than with the force of the explosion.


Mid-lane is a scary place. I assure you that. There are a lot of champions that will dominate the early game but then there are these champions that will scale until the late game. 

If you are playing these champions, you might want to play it safe until you are able to compete against the enemy team. But if you are against these champs, you might want to end the game as quickly as possible.

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