7 Best Scaling Top Laners in League of Legends

If you’re looking for champions to fill your champ roster, you’re in the right article. This one is tailor-fitted for top laners such as yourself. 

Vayne, Nasus, Kayle, and Jax. You’re probably aware of how incredible late gamers these champions are. Why did I mention these champions? Well, from the title of the article, you can already guess the connection between these champions. 

Many Champions have been released in League of Legends over the years. The list has grown dramatically, with over 150 champions at the time of writing. 

And I’d totally understand if you have trouble finding your cup of tea champion. The best next thing you can do is to find your comfort role. And in this article, we’ll talk about the top laners.

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The Top Lane

As mentioned earlier, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of champions of the League. As a result, the Top Lane’s Champion pool has grown dramatically. However, not all Champions are created equal, and each Champion excels in one or more areas. Champions can be grouped depending on how well they perform at various game phases.

This is known as scaling. Scaling is described as a Champion’s potential for progression during the game. Some are merely good in the beginning, while others achieve greatness later on. 

Scaling in League

The rate at which a champion develops strength as the competition goes on is referred to as scaling. This is influenced by a number of elements, including farms, goods, and kits. 

Every champion has a unique skill set, as well as unique starting attributes. Plus, there are their stat growth rates.

As an example, assume that all 10 participants in the match had limitless gold at level 18 and the standard six-item slots. Because of variances in scaling, certain champions would naturally have superior stats regardless of how the 10 builds were ordered. 

Similarly, when you start the game at level one, there will always be champions who have an early advantage in stats over their competitors.

Now that the fundamentals have been established, let’s get going to the main topic. You might want to pick your pen and paper to add this roster to your list of playable champions. 

7. Nasus 

Nasus, a deadly late-game Tank who takes his time, is first on the list. Nasus adores his minions, and everything revolves around farming and gaining prowess. The more minions he smites with his Q, the stronger it becomes. 

His major aim is to stack the Q skill since it will be his primary source of damage later in the game.

If you maximize the Q ability of Nasus, you can 2-hit enemies without even building AD items. And what does that mean for you? That means you can enforce Nasus’ defense. As a result, Nasus transforms into an immensely powerful Tank with a significant damage potential.

But you might want to take note…

Nasus may slack off a little bit if he goes into the deeper regions of the late game. This isn’t the typical falling off in which he loses much of his fighting abilities. 

No, he’s just not that mobile, and foes will eventually build up their fortifications. ADCs, such as Vayne,  might rip through Nasus if they have enough time to craft the correct gear.

6. Kayle

What did Riot think when they created a Champion with actual stages, she’s destined to end up on lists like this one. Kayle’s power is trapped behind her Ultimate level, with her shackles gradually breaking at levels 6, 11, and 16. 

Kayle receives something fresh and amazing with each step. Kayle is a dangerous Champion in the late game due to her deadly one-shot capability and approaching immortal nature.

So this is what happens at Kayle at every stage. First, she gets ranged attacks after hitting level 6. Then at level 11, These ranged attacks give her bonus damage and AOE. Thanks to the passive skills this stage gives her. 

Finally, at level 16, she is released from her shackles. All her passive skills become active and all her AOE, bonus damage, and the like are now at her disposal.

Kayle’s tremendous scaling and hybrid build potential make her stand out. She can take on any squad and destabilize their defenses and builds. You cannot just construct anti-AP or anti-AD for Kayle. She can provide a team with the extra AD and AP that they may require.

She’s a good Champion who keeps her viability. I propose you give her a go the next time you’re in the Top Lane. I’m confident you won’t be disappointed.

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5. Gangplank

Gangplank has a shaky start. Gangplank has to execute everything carefully, slowly, and without many combat choices. 

When up with a powerful Bruiser such as Fiora or Irelia, Gangplank is very certain to lose if he dies even once. You don’t want to lose your Lane right away, thus you must be extremely organized with GP.

However, as the game develops and GP obtains even a few goods, things begin to shift dramatically. 

His barrels, you see, become faster and quicker as his level increases. GP’s power increases as he reaches levels 7 and 13. Barrel spam starts at level 7 and reaches its peak at level 13.

When the circumstances allow, you must be diligent, cautious, and assertive. Falling back too far eliminates any possibility of climbing. Gangplank will eventually scale, but you should stay in line with the adversary to increase your chances of victory.

4. Vayne

If you are not a fan of Vayne playing top lane, this might change your perspective.

Vayne, an ADC designed for the Top Lane, is truly a work of beauty. While players saw how much she could scale when playing in a solo Lane, her reputation as an ADC faded swiftly. 

Vayne, like Yasuo, appears to reach the snowball peak regardless of what happens to her. It’s quite tough to stop a Vayne player from achieving a strong might level.

Vayne doesn’t require many items because her kit does everything to boost her AD. Her Q, Ultimate, and W all do more damage. 

Her W even goes so far as to grant her real damage dependent on HP. This implies that Vayne has a natural method of destroying even the healthiest opponents.

3. Yasuo  

In some servers, Yasuo players are nicknamed “cancer” of the game. But let’s get to know more of this champion and see his potential as a top laner.

In the correct hands, Yasuo is one of the finest Champions the League has ever seen. He was regarded as OP and broken sometime after his release. Today, I regard him as a magnificent Champion for exceptionally gifted players.

A good Yasuo player teamed with a solid squad with amicable communication is a winning recipe. Yasuo players almost never fail on their own, unless they don’t know how to play him. Yasuo will inevitably reach a level of power that allows him to easily one-shot people.

Though he was historically a Mid Laner, he has grown in popularity on the Top Lane. I haven’t had any problems with him because I generally play his straight counters. However, there is a Yasuo player that smashes me every now and again, regardless of what I’m playing. The talent is where his genuine size and potential lay.

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2. Jax

This champ is probably my fave. Hell, I even named my dog Jax. Anyways, here is why he belonged on this list.

Jax is one of League of Legends’ greatest hybrid Champions. Jax is a powerful Bruiser that can control the game from start to finish. 

But his scale is altogether different since he merely appears to increase exponentially as the game proceeds. At this point, seeing Jax hit his peak is nearly a given.

His scaling is amazing, since Jax just needs attack speed to win. He’s most likely one of the rare Champions that don’t require anything other than levels to be powerful. Everything fits inside his W and R. They will always be his primary and passive source of harm. Jax won’t even improve them over their initial stats because he seldom develops AP these days.

As a result, he only needs to assault quickly. The hard-hitting comes effortlessly, and he just becomes stronger with each stage. I strongly advise you to try Jax since he is simple to understand, play, and master. When you take him up, you’ll realize what I mean.

1. Ornn

I like to call Ornn the master of scaling. Here is why.

Through the overwhelming force of his passive, he not only scales himself but also his teammates. 

He has the ability to enhance several key items, making them far more powerful than they are normally. This divine smith is a Tank-sized machine that excels at the utility.

 He is a natural Tank due to his great basic stats and defenses. He can deal a lot of damage to unwary adversaries in the early game and doesn’t even have to recall. His passive allows him to buy goods from everywhere on the map, which may be extremely lethal and stressful. 

It sounds fairly OP to have no need to recall other than to restore HP and Mana. And it is, or it used to be.

Unfortunately, Ornn was nerfed. But still, the aforementioned passive can enhance your friends’ equipment, thus making them a “godlike” version of themselves. 

Though not all items are upgradeable, the most significant ones are. And no construction is complete without at least one of those things.

Riot has given us options and diversity within this game. This list may not be for you but I’m pretty sure if you just keep playing, you’ll eventually find the perfect roster for you. 

Good luck and have fun!

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