10 Best Selling Skins in League of Legends 

Riot games make most of their money through the cosmetics of the game, these things range from the skins of the champions to iconic summoner champions that act as a collectible for others. Most of League’s skin releases consist of different skin tiers, and each of these tiers varies in price. Skin tiers are determined by how much has changed for the character and how good-looking it is. 

While there are tons of skins out there, Riot games have a list of the best-selling skins and skin lines that generate large amounts of money for the company. Being a free-to-play game really has its perks as it encourages players to buy skins for their main champions. In this article, we will show you 10 of the best-selling skins Riot games has released.

1. Battle Academia Caitlyn

Anime lovers will really love this skin as the skin line is heavily based on the anime called My hero academia. The skin has a real anime feel to it with anime emotes and it even pops anime stickers out every time you taunt or interact with the character. 

Caitlyn also has a unique walking animation with this skin that lets her glide from time to time with her shoes. Animations are changed and even the sound of each basic attack. Landing skills especially her yordle trap or W pops special effects out and the best effect in this skin comes when she uses her ultimate. 

Instead of the simple animation of going down on one knee and sniping the target enemy, Caitlyn instead opens up an anime style attack announcement with intense effects before firing her bullet. This really adds satisfaction every time you execute an enemy with your ultimate. 

2. Project Vayne

The Project has been a staple skin line in League of Legends being one of the best-selling skin lines out there. Project skin lines have a very futuristic feel to them with android-looking designs along with futuristic sounds and animations. 

Project Vayne is completely remodeled with this skin as it completely changes everything in her animation and effects. Her basic attacks are very cool to look at as it changes the one she has in her basic skin. She also has a homeguard effect that lets her ride a futuristic motorbike, the same motorbike is also shown every time she recalls back to base. 

But the real prize of this skin is when she uses her ultimate, it gives her a visor-like effect which gives the player a whole new UI design as long as Vayne’s ultimate is still ongoing. Her ultimate also upgrades the sound of her basic attacks and her Q procs. 

Many players want this Vayne skin because of the unique attack animation it has, it gives players a really smooth animation that matches their rhythm and playstyle.

3. Project: Mordekaiser

This is one of the skins that riot really put their all into, this skin has so many animation changes that it deserves to be ranked one tier higher than Legendary, the only downside to this is that only you and the enemy you target with your ultimate will be the only ones to see its outstanding effects. 

When you use your ultimate on a champion, Mordekaiser opens up a new dimension for them to battle, and this skin of his opens up the best-looking dimension. The design is breathtaking and feels like a lot of time is put into that skill alone. 

His basic abilities also produce great sounds and effects that everybody can see. If not for the fact that only a limited number of people will only get to see this skin’s ultimate effect this skin would have been ranked number one on this list. 

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4. Storm Dragon Lee Sin

This skin is the result of Riot Games promising to give us more skins worth more than what we pay for. Storm Dragon Lee Sin was released along with an Aurelion Sol skin which was long-awaited because he was not given any skin at all since his release date. 

Storm Dragon Lee Sin is a complete overhaul and it also gives him a very fun dance animation that lets him break down some of his hip-hop moves while his tattoos glow to the beat he is making. The main distinguishing factor of this skin comes from the new sound effects it has, landing or using skills give off lightning effects that sound like a loud boom of thunder or crackling electricity. 

Every time you use your spells, a dragon effect also comes out to help Lee Sin. All of which are awesome but the additional dragon and lightning effects don’t really add to Lee Sin’s damage output. 

5. God King Garen/Darius

This skin was released during a VS event where players can get to choose sides, with Garen being on the justice or good side and Darius being on the opposite. VS events feature rival characters from the main lore of League of Legends and put them in an alternate universe where they are the strongest. Both skins feature an animal spirit with Garen’s being a lion and Darius’ being a wolf. 

You can see these animals every time these skins try to recall or use their interactions. The reason why these skins are put at the number six spot is that their basic skills don’t really look changed that much, unlike all the other skins above them, but their ultimate abilities really do give a huge effect especially when it kills an enemy champion. 

6. Galaxy Slayer Zed

Out of all the skins in this list, Zed wins the best styling, his overall design shows how much design was put into this skin. This skin looks really great even if you are not using any skill at all.

The animations alone along with its crit animations and recall animations make this skin really worth your dollar. It has a unique recall animation that would really catch the eyes of players who love ninja-themed cosmetics that got mixed with sci-fi effects.

 Galaxy Slayer Zed also features colorful spells and abilities that is clearly seen every time he performs a full combo. This skin will really give you a “Galaxy Slayer” vibe whenever you use it. 

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7. Infernal Nasus

Now we will talk about one of the oldest legendary skins out there, Infernal Nasus got released way back in 2013 when League of Legends was still making a name for itself. This skin was one of the most appreciated skins back in the day because not a lot of skins get released with unique animations. 

This skin also transforms Nasus into a Cerberus-looking monster every time he uses his ultimate. The only downside to this is that players complain about the animation of his Q every time he uses it. It kind of has a bit of a delay before Nasus puts his cane down on an enemy, regardless of the feel of the animation however, Riot says that there is no change to the casting time of the skin and only needs some getting used to. 

Infernal Nasus features unique animations and sound effects along with unique voice lines that has special interactions with some of the champions or skins. 

8. K/DA skinline

There is a reason why the K/DA has another variant that acted as a comeback for the girl group skin, this is because K/DA skins have made Riot game’s skin sales skyrocket. It has tons of marketing and trailers and it even debuted with a music video. 

The follow-up also had a much better music video and an album that featured some of the best girl groups out there like the Kpop giant TWICE. K/DA skins are very shiny and catch the eye easily with their shiny features. The sound and animations are unique as well with the characters performing their iconic dances during their recalls.

9. Championship Leblanc

Having a total of 10 skins, this is Leblanc’s best skin so far, and being a championship skin, it only means that a lot of effort has been put into this skin. Championship skins are also an annual release with the selected champion being the most popular or staple champion of the world’s championship’s team captain. 

Championship skins really looked the same in the previous years with blue and gold accents and don’t really differ that much. Championship Leblanc is different from all of the championship skins and has her own unique design and theme, she also has an awesome recall that really screams champion.

 Not much is changed in her taunts and interactions but her recall lets her stand on an X-shaped stage with spotlights and shows the world cup. The skill effects are also changed along with its sound design. 

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10. Demacia Vice Garen

Demacia Vice Garen’s design is heavily based on some of the retro games out there namely Grand Theft Auto Vice City and other retro action-based movies. Having pretty much the same interaction and taunts, there is not much to see in this skin. 

But his overall design is just goofy and cool at the same time. His sword becomes a long sword and is changed with neon accents and spinning it with his E brings out a purplish-blue two-tone color around Garen. 

And speaking of cool, Garen also wears purple-colored shades, a blue jacket, and a tank top with skinny jeans. His ultimate lets him strike enemies with a huge energy sword with grid lines on the ground, hugely based on the retro idea of what the future looks like. 

Final Thoughts

Riot has really put so much effort into their in-game skins and we can only expect upcoming great skins as well. Cosmetic items will keep on coming and if your Main champion doesn’t have a skin yet don’t worry as Riot is making plans to make skins for champions who really don’t have skins. 

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