5 Best Teamfight ADCs in League of Legends

ADCs are teamfighting monsters as they are the ones who deal the most damage throughout the duration of the teamfight. They are very squishy champions with very long attack and ability ranges, that‘s why they are called marksmen. 

These champions however are very squishy and need to be protected at all times by their support or tank teammates. Some ADC champions have AoE abilities that work great when an initiator on their team starts a teamfight. ADC champions rarely have AoE abilities and that is why we are going to talk about the top 5 best teamfight ADC that you can play to perform a wombo combo with your premade team. 

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5. Xayah

teamfights are battles between the two sides that pit their entire team of champions against each other, whoever comes out with more members dead loses the fight. This means champions that have AoE abilities or can hit multiple champions at once are the best champions when it comes to teamfights. 

Xayah’s abilities all deal piercing and AoE damage. Her feathers can be pulled to damage and root multiple enemies it passes through. It can be hard to produce feathers that fast that is why she has her ultimate that lets her put 5 feathers all at once. 

Best item for Xayah

Runaan’s Hurricane 

Xayah can activate most of her skills and it will enhance her basic attacks making it pierce through targets, this way she can hit multiple enemies that are lined up. Building Runaan’s will allow Xayah to hit enemies not only in a linear position but the ones nearby her target. 

Different Playstyle For Each Phase

Early Game Playstyle

Xayah is a mediocre champion when it comes to early game trades, her damage is not that impressive and the only thing she has over her opponent is that her attack can pierce through minions. She can use this to stay at a safe distance while poking the enemy ADC and securing CS. Xayah can also wave clear really fast with her Q and empowered basic attacks.

Mid Game Playstyle

Mid-game teamfights are really crucial for the outcome of the late game, securing mid game dragons is really essential as it can determine which team will be stronger come the late game. Xayah can help her teammate by landing the feathers she pulls toward herself. She can simply put feathers on the ground with her basic abilities or put lots of them in an instant with her ultimate. 

Late Game Playstyle

During the late game, if you have an initiator on your team, wait for them to hard CC all the members of the opposing team, if he manages to land a stun on all of them, you can stack your ultimate on it and root all of the enemies. 

4. Ashe

Ashe has a really low cooldown on her W that can deal damage and slow enemies almost frequently, her ultimate is also great at picking one enemy off especially when they are disengaging or just before the teamfight starts. 

Ashe has a pretty long range and is usually built with lots of attack speed, she can slow multiple enemies with a certain item and can act as a machine gun for his team as long as she is protected by her tanks and support.

Best item for Ashe

Runaan’s Hurricane

When teamfights erupt, the team that can deal the most damage comes out on top. With Ashe being a basic attack reliant ADC, she can hit multiple enemies at once with this item. It also synergizes with her Q and it also changes the animation and the projectile Ashe sends when she has this item and Q activated. 

Different Playstyle For Each Phase

Early Game Playstyle

Ashe has a huge advantage over a lot of ADC champions because of the base attack range she has, her W can also be used to harass enemies when they try to take one CS. Try to focus on taking CS in the early game as Ashe is a late-game teamfighting ADC. 

Her kit revolves around poking so make use of that while farming to get control over the lane. Your E is also a great scouting ability that you can use to help your jungler track his opponent. 

Mid Game Playstyle

During the mid-game, your E will be very useful as it can help you track your enemies as to where they are before they can respond to your jungler’s securing of a major objective. You can initiate with your ultimate or use it to delay the enemy jungler from getting close to a major objective denying his smite.

Late Game Playstyle

Build Ability haste items so you can use your W frequently along with your ultimate. Ashe’s late-game damage is crazy so enemies will try to get to you first during teamfights, stay in the backline and take advantage of your long attack range. 

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3. Twitch

Spray and Pray is one of the most iconic teamfight abilities in the game, a flanking Twitch ready to demolish the entire team of his opponent with his ultimate is really strong, especially in the late game. 

His AOE ability can even be improved by buying a Runaan’s on him. Twitch is a very aggressive champion in the lane and when roaming, so take advantage of your invisibility and flank enemies all the time just make sure that you have a dewarding item. 

Best item for Twitch

Runaan’s Hurricane

This might just be the best item for ADC players when teamfighting, this item has a unique effect on Twitch as it pierces enemies as well. This is a great item to flank enemies because Twitch will have three basic attacks piercing through multiple enemies. 

Different Playstyle For Each Phase

Early Game Playstyle

During the early game, play safe with Twitch by staying off the range of his opposing ADC. If you have already mastered the invisibility engage of Twitch, you can coordinate with your support and surprise the opposing bot lane duo. If you manage to score at least one kill, you can use this to snowball out of control. Twitch becomes really OP as soon as he gets a lead on his opposing ADC.

Mid Game Playstyle

Roaming is the name of the game in the mid-game and with this, Twitch can farm kills be it in the middle or top lane. During teamfights, Twitch can sneak behind the backs of his enemies or flank them and go all-in with his ultimate. 

An unnoticed twitch can demolish an entire team as long as he has Runaan’s and his ultimate up. If enemies decide to retaliate Twitch can just throw his cask and slow all of them down before they can even reach him.

Late Game Playstyle

It’s up to you to flank enemies during the late game but by simply using your ultimate and hitting multiple enemies at once with your increased damage and very long bonus attack range and piercing shots, you already make yourself a great teamfighting ADC.

2. Sivir

When talking about AoE abilities, Sivir is the best as his basic attack can become a bouncing basic attack on enemies. Her Q also has insane damage when she builds poke items that empower her base attack damage. Her ultimate can also be used to initiate or disengage from a teamfight, it is an AoE movement speed boost that affects all of your allies. 

Best item for Sivir


Sivir uses up too much mana when spamming her Q and W, Manamune will not only remedy that problem but will also add damage to Sivir’s basic attacks and her Q. This item is also a great starting item as it will give Sivir a huge advantage on her enemy.

Different Playstyle For Each Phase

Early Game Playstyle

During the early game, Sivir can CS in peace as her Q has a very long-range, and most enemies will want to avoid it because of its insane early game damage. 

Mid Game Playstyle

Sivir is an excellent poke champion especially if she builds lethality items that improve her poke damage with her Q. You can use the insane damage from your Q to cut down minion waves really fast and achieve lane priority, if you manage to achieve this, you can help your jungler secure major objectives and go with your support to roam other lanes to help them get a kill or push their lanes fast. 

Late Game Playstyle

You will be the initiating champion during late-game teamfights. Your ultimate can be used to chase enemies running away from your team or you can use it to disengage from a botched teamfight engage. 

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1. Miss Fortune

The Favorite ADC of the world’s pro players is MF, she has a really high pick rate in the pro scene simply because all of her abilities are great for teamfights. Her ultimate can hit multiple enemies at once and it also deals insane damage to each wave. Her E can also be an initiating factor as it can slow enemies down within an area. 

Best item for Miss Fortune

Serylda’s Grudge

Miss Fortune depends on her E to slow enemies down so they can’t quickly run away from her ultimate, buying this item lets MF instantly slow enemies down with her ult without even using her E. Seryla’s Grudge will also give MF bonus physical penetration which will make her deal more damage on her ultimate.

Different playstyle for each phase

Early game playstyle

During the early game, MF can use her Q to poke her enemies given that they stand behind minions. You can use this ability to zone your enemies away from minions. With the threat of your Q, enemies will try to find another place for them to sit idly by when taking CS giving you a huge advantage in positioning.

Mid Game Playstyle

Simply help your jungler secure major objectives, if the enemy team decides to start a fight, you can always zone them off or kill them all off with your ultimate. 

Late Game Playstyle

During the late game, have your teammates initiate the teamfight, if your allies manage to root or stun multiple enemies MF can just use her ultimate and destroy everybody in range. She has one of the strongest damage on ultimates and the only downside is that she can’t move from place to place while using her ultimate. 

Final Thoughts

teamfight ADC champions are really great, especially in the late game, however, they are very squishy so you’re gonna have to play with a really good support player. 

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