5 Best Teamfight Junglers in League of Legends

League of Legends is a multiplayer game, which is a fact that some people tend to forget. It revolves around cooperation between five players. How good their communication and teamwork skills are will determine the game’s outcome. 

Individual play does have a particular role. However, this is mainly reserved for the earlier parts of the match, while later on, teamwork is all that matters. But being a good team player is not the only thing required to increase your chances of winning. 

The Champions you play directly impact your ability to participate in a broader sense. Hyper-carries and single-target Champions might be great for getting kills, but not so much when team fights roll around. 

Thus, we’ve compiled the list of the 5 best team fighting Junglers in League of Legends. The Jungle is widely focused on cooperating with the team, but the Champion roster doesn’t ring the team fighting that much. 

So, without further ado, let’s begin with our list! 

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5. Nunu

Ever since his rework, Nunu has become a powerful force in the Jungle that’s rarely matched. His mobility, damage, and CC are all fantastic, allowing him to oppress the enemy Laners effectively. Much to Nunu makes him both a good Jungler and a team fighter. So let’s talk about it. 

Nunu’s Q heals him and makes for an excellent camp-clearing spell. The healing factor is pretty strong and will give Nunu the ability to stay in the Jungle for a long time. The lack of a need to recall makes Nunu a dangerous Champion to face, as he can be prowling near you at any moment. While other Champions require some respite in the fountain, Nunu will go back only when he really needs to do so (to buy items, replenish HP after fights, etc.). 

His team fighting is emphasized through his snowball and his Ultimate ability. The snowball gives Nunu insane ganking capabilities, and he will be rolling around the Lanes for the entire game. This can get so tedious that quitting is the only escape from this snowy menace. It can knock up multiple enemies, making it a good team fighting tool.

The Ultimate is the real cherry on top. He channels for a while and then explodes for massive damage, and this spell hurts. If you have a team with a lot of AOE CC (which you should always seek to have), Nunu will be able to obliterate the enemies in a single press. Even if he doesn’t kill the enemies, they’ll be so low on HP that sweeping them up becomes an afterthought. 

I could blabber about Nunu for ages, as there’s so much GOOD that goes alongside him. However, it’s only a list – and I’ll end it off with a wholehearted recommendation. 

4. Vi

Though most people wouldn’t think of Vi when you mention team fighting, there are excellent reasons for her inclusion. Reasons that I shall explain shortly. But I will first speak of her overall Jungling and how impactful this Champion can be. Old but still kicking, Vi is a beast and an utter horror in the right hands. 

Her Jungling is laidback. Clearing camps, getting buffs, everything is just the ordinary. She does have a ton of damage accompanied by shields, which makes clearing even easier. Like Nunu, Vi will rarely recall without any dire need. Due to how well her kit works, she’ll be at near full HP at all times, turning her into a weapon of creeping death. 

Once she leaves the Jungle, she’ll have some of the best ganks the game has seen. Her Q can cross a great distance, and if it connects, it also gives a solid stun. That stun will be sufficient for Vi to quickly pummel the enemy to death. At times, her damage gets pretty obscene, especially if she lands all three of her passive stacks. No wonder her infamous quote says, “I’ll let my hands do the talking.” 

Where she thrives in team fighting is her Ultimate and Q. Both of these spells can displace multiple enemies at once for a brief but significant time. Her Ultimate can focus on a particular enemy and have them suspended in the air for a while, making them completely open for attack. She can use this on the most vital targets or when the enemies are clustered together.

Whichever the use scenario, it’s perfectly fine. Vi will leave her tremendous impact on any fight, and only some huge mistakes can render her obsolete. Her damage, CC, and everything else makes Vi a formidable foe, and I highly recommend you give her a try. 

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3. Ammumu

Now, whenever one would mention team fighting – Amumu comes up right away. Whether we’re talking about the Jungle, Top, or just in general, Amumu is an infamous Tank capable of sheer dominance. His ability to stun entire teams and focus down single targets make him a force to be reckoned with. 

His Jungling is pretty easy and quick. He has a ton of AOE damage on his W and E and sports a double Q stun for those solo camps. The extra defenses he gets from his spells also ward off most damage, allowing Amumu always to stay healthy. Though this isn’t at the level of our previous entries, Amumu has a slightly different approach to Jungling, so there’s no equal comparison here. 

He was recently changed slightly. Riot added an extra charge to his Q, which immediately sky rocketed him into the S+ tier. He’s been hanging around the top of all lists since then, showing how small changes can impact the game. It gave him insane ganking potential, and Amumu can easily waltz into a Lane and focus down an enemy. Once they get caught by his bandages, it’s game over. 

When it comes to team fighting, that’s his bread and butter. All he has and needs is his Ultimate, a spell able to stun the entire enemy team. And this is not some mini-stun either. No, sir, this full-blown multi-second stun leaves the enemies open for a swift ACE. If he lands it perfectly or at least gets 3 or 4 enemies – it’s an instant win for his side. 

Amumu is an excellent Champion that everyone should try. He has everything you’d ever need and then some. Trust me on this one, boys and girls – you will not be disappointed. 

2. Diana

Diana is also an unlikely pick for a team fighting list. However, she has some knacks that are insanely powerful when used right. Though she’s often associated with the usual single-target Assassin, Diana possesses some beneficial team fighting abilities that we’ll shortly explain. 

Her overall Jungling is good, and there’s not a word that describes it better. It’s not perfect, nor is it bad. It sits right there in the middle, where Diana clears camps quickly and doesn’t take too much damage. However, she does have an above-average clear speed, and she will use that to get into ganking as soon as possible. 

Establishing consistent map presence and pressure is what Diana loves doing the most. She will prowl around the Jungle and the Lanes, seeking out an opportunity to strike. Diana can burst enemies down from the earliest parts of the game like it’s nothing. This is where her Assassin infamy comes from – the ability to eviscerate people from start to finish. 

Her team fighting capabilities come primarily from her Ultimate. Other spells on her kit do AOE damage, but they don’t have as much impact as the Ult does. It brings every enemy hit closer to her, displacing them. If you have a Yasuo on your team and Diana Ults on more than one person – you can feel that combo. 

The damage that comes after the fact is also nothing to scoff at. Think of it as an instant-cast, shorter but better version of Nunu’s Ultimate. It can completely obliterate health bars if Diana has more than a few items under her belt. Anyhow, to avoid dragging for too much, I highly recommend Diana, and you should go and try her right now. 

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1. Zac

Zac is a robust Tank Jungler that loves jumping around the map and on people’s heads. This gooey monster that was literally made for this role lives in infamy. He’s a versatile Jungler that can Tank a lot, stun a lot, and overall, just wreck the enemy team. 

Zac’s Jungling is much of the same as the previous bunch. He’s Tanky, has a ton of sustain, and will quickly clear camps. Jungling is an afterthought for Zac since it won’t be his priority anyways. Zac loves his ganking above all else, and he will always seek to capitalize on it. 

After quickly clearing the camps, Zac will move in to gank. He can invade the enemy from any possible angle and range using his E. Your opponents won’t even know what hit them more often than not. However, any good player will constantly be wary, which may cause issues and inability to ganking in general. There are ways to work around this, but everything depends on how the match goes, and you’ll have to figure it out yourself. 

As this is a team fighting list, Zac’s abilities in this regard are remarkable. His E that I’ve described above can knock up multiple enemies at once and deal substantial damage. His Q also requires at least 2 enemies, and his W is an AOE damaging spell. But what’s best is his Ultimate that displaces all enemies it hits, dealing massive damage. He can completely disrupt the enemy team and strike from the shadows. 

Like true death from above, Zac is a feared Jungler that no one loves to face. He will abuse your ignorance and overextension severely, so make sure not to make any mistakes. If he sees you too pushed for comfort, expect an express invasion from the shadows. I recommend Zac to any Tank Jungler player. 

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League of Legends matches can be decided in a single team fight. Having the right Champions for the job can increase your chances of winning tenfold. Never catch yourself or your team lacking in this regard, nor with a mixed-and-matched roster. Piecing together incompatible Champions is a formula for defeat, so use those communication skills to create a formidable team combination. 

I hope you’ve found this list informative and fun to read, and I wish you all the best on the Summoner’s Rift! 

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