Top 6 Best Ultimate Skins in League of Legends

Riot Games has released tens of thousands of champion skins for players to collect. There are skins that are incredibly pricey, as well as skins that are exceptionally uncommon and skins that are part of history. 

Riot has also introduced Prestige skins, which can be obtained via the use of prestige points for people who prefer showcasing their prominence.

As you can see, there are many different types of skins available in League of Legends, and the prices of these skins vary accordingly. 

The phrases legendary skin, epic skin, and ultimate skin are tossed about, but what exactly do these terms signify, and how can you know what they mean? That is what we shall be looking at today. 

So buckle up as we take a look at the top grade of skins available today — Ultimate Skins.

What Is League of Legends’ Ultimate Skins?

As previously stated, ultimate Skins are the most costly tier of skins currently accessible in League of Legends, and they are also the most difficult to get. It takes significantly longer to build these skins, and the majority of them feature cutting-edge technology. 

Due to the fact that they go the additional mile, there is only a handful of League of Legends ultimate skins available in the game. This set of skins is intended to “give gamers the impression that they [Riot Games] have created something genuinely remarkable.

Don’t make the mistake of conflating ultimate skins with legendary skins, though. The iconic skin Dark Cosmic Jhin may have a fancy background animation and one of the gorgeous ultimates in the game, but he is nothing more than a glorified skin. 

Was there anything amazing and innovative that Riot did with it? It’s true that they produced a lovely solid skin that blends in well with the Dark Cosmic universe, but that’s not what ultimate skins are all about.

It is exceedingly unusual for ultimate skins to be made available for purchase, as they take additional development time to build, produce, and ship. 

As a result, there are presently only six ultimate skins available in League of Legends. Consequently, just because you admire Lee Sin or Aurelion Sol does not imply that they should have ultimate skins.

Is it a Good Thing to have Ultimate Skins?

Many have argued over the years about whether or not Riot should be releasing $35 skins, and after compiling this list, I believe that they are a positive move when done right. 

Elementalist Lux and DJ Sona are excellent examples of Ultimate skins that are well worth the money, but Riot must make significant efforts to keep the level of quality high. 

To keep skins like Pulsefire Ezreal, Spirit Guardian Udyr, and Gun Goddess MF worthwhile, Riot has to put in more effort to make them more intriguing.

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Best Ultimate Skins in League of Legends

6. Elementalist Lux

What is the utmost best Ultimate skin available in League of Legends? Elementalist Lux is the best Ultimate skin in League of Legends, and it’s also the best overall skin in the game, according to the community. 

The amount of work and effort that has gone into creating this skin is so enormous that it almost feels wrong not to pay even more for it at this point. 

It is the capacity to modify her whole visual appearance based on different elements, as well as the ability to mix them to form a hybrid element, that is the most appealing feature of Elementalist Lux.

Since the skin’s introduction, the ability to change forms in the middle of a game while anywhere on the map has caused server troubles, and it’s likely that Riot will not release any more skins like this in the future. 

As a result, this skin is even more noteworthy since it is so visually appealing that it has the potential to cause server crashes. 

Elementalist Lux is without a doubt the gorgeous skin in League of Legends, and it is well worth the money spent on it. Even if you don’t intend to play Lux, you should still get it.

Then there’s the Seraphine one, which is rather lovely. Riot’s treatment of her Ultimate skin completely detracts from the novelty of the concept. 

It appears that Riot just combined three unique skin concepts into a single skin they dubbed the “Ultimate” skin since they anticipated that it would sell better in bulk. If they continue in this manner, subsequent Ultimate skins will very certainly fail in the same manner as they have.

5. DJ Sona

Only two Ultimate skins are actually worth the money, in my opinion, and DJ Sona is one of them. The major attraction of this skin is that it transforms Sona into a DJ who can be seen in three distinct modes. 

Her look and musical style change with each incarnation she takes on in the game. As an added bonus, it has the unusual ability to let your colleagues listen in on the music as well, if they want to do so.

As far as I’m aware, DJ Sona was the first time Riot truly nailed an Ultimate skin, to the point that it seemed far superior to anything else on the market. 

If we look at the history of Champion skins in League, DJ Sona notes that the value for the money has increased significantly over time.

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4. Gun Goddess Miss Fortune

Gun Goddess MF receives a great deal more criticism than it deserves. It has some apparent shortcomings, but the great aspects clearly outweigh the negatives. Not to mention that it is substantially less expensive than the other Ultimate skins, which is a huge plus. 

There have been a number of individuals who have complained that the skin isn’t unique enough to be considered an Ultimate skin, but when has that ever stopped Riot before? 

However, given that it is the most affordable Ultimate skin, we don’t have much reason to be dissatisfied with the purchase.

Probably the most appealing part of Gun Goddess MF is that you can switch between modes at any point throughout the game as long as you’re at your fountain. 

Each mode has its own distinct feel, which makes it worthwhile to move between them sometimes. 

This, combined with the really well-done animations provided by this skin, makes it one of the most distinctive MF skins available and one that is certainly worth purchasing if you play her.

3. Pulsefire Ezreal

Is this the best skin Ezreal has ever had? No. For those who want to play as Ezreal, though, it is more than enough. The benefits are straightforward: it is visually appealing. 

Despite the fact that it doesn’t have many eye-catching features, especially when compared to current Ultimate skins, the revised 2018 version is noticeably better than the original. However, it does have a certain allure about it. 

It was the first-ever Ultimate skin Riot published, and the idea behind it was highly original at the time (and still stands up rather well!).

Although time has not been kind to this skin, it has done so in other ways. In the case of Pulsefire Ezreal, it demonstrates one of the difficulties that Riot is now experiencing: they are unsure of how to strike a balance between the quality of their old and new skins. 

This could be easily remedied if they would simply confess that the older skins are inferior to the newer ones and drop the price, but they aren’t going to do that. 

As a result, Pulsefire Ezreal should be priced in the same range as other existing Epic skins, although that is unlikely to happen anytime in the near future. Even if it’s pleasant skin, it shouldn’t be 3250 RP to obtain.

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2. Spirit Guardian Udyr

Guardian of the Spirits Udyr isn’t a horrible skin, but the fact that it’s simply an update to the original character model makes it undeserving of its ultimate rank. 

Don’t get me wrong – it’s a terrific improvement for Udyr’s base skin, but that’s just about all it is. Although this skin provides little more than an alternate variation of the appearance of the character, it should easily be half the price that it is.

It would be a fantastic buy if this skin was only 1350 RP (or less). As it is, I would only suggest it for serious Udyr fans.

1. K/DA All Out Seraphine

K/DA All Out Seraphine is a faulty skin. Since it’s the newest Ultimate skin, it’s extremely astonishing that Riot managed to drop the ball so severely with it. The issue here is twofold: first, there is a broad notion, and second, there is execution.

The concept for this skin simply isn’t innovative enough to deserve the price. In essence, it improves on Seraphine’s previous look by making it a little showier, but it doesn’t contribute anything new to the table. 

It’s a sloppy skin that might have been OK at a lower price, but it wouldn’t have been very noteworthy even at that price.

The execution of this sloppily conceived notion is much worse. While it’s clear that Riot intended to duplicate the success of Elementalist Lux by offering numerous skins in a single bundle, they didn’t completely commit to the idea at the time. 

This is essentially simply a ploy to sell you three distinct skins for a single high fee rather than allowing you to purchase each skin separately. This skin isn’t even close to becoming an Ultimate skin, in my opinion.

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In League of Legends, ultimate skins are the “ultimate” means to express your affection for a certain Champion. 

These skins are projected to offer significantly more detail than even the Epic skins, as well as unique motions and styles that are not available anywhere else in the gaming environment.

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