Top 10 Best Wombo Combos In League Of Legends

If you are new to League of Legends but have already played some MOBA games before, you might have not heard about this term yet. Wombo Combo is a League of Legends team depicting a simple initiation that leads to a very destructive combo from your entire team that usually wipes out the opposing team. It is one of the most celebrated occurrences in any game of League of Legends, 2nd only to a Pentakill. 

Wombo Combos are rare and very hard to pull off, but if you manage to do it, both your allies and your enemies would praise you for it for witnessing something spectacular. After all, it’s rare and who doesn’t love to see rare occurrences? 

Some Wombo Combos need an initiation from a champion that can CC multiple champions using AOE spells. Some simply need one character to dash which leads to a trainwreck of events for the opposing team, no matter how you perform your wombo combo, it’s still great and we have listed the top 10 best Wombo Combos League of Legends casual or Pro Play has ever seen. Here are our top 10 wombo combos in Season 12!

10. Kennen + Amumu

Most Wombo Combos depend on the team comp or the champions you pick during the picks and bans phase. This is a really straightforward wombo combo that uses Amumu’s engage using his bandage toss as the initiating factor. 

Once Amumu closes the gap between him and an opponent, he can simply stun all of them with his ultimate. For the maximum value, only initiate when you find the opposing team grouped together. 

Kennen comes dashing with his E right after Amumu stuns everyone with his ultimate and applies his passive on all of them and he can simply activate his ultimate as well, this doesn’t only burst enemies down but Kennen can also chain stun them thanks to his passive that stuns opponents every third hit on Kennen’s spells on them. 

9. Zyra + Ashe + Rumble

This Wombo combo consists of three champions and all of them can initiate the wombo combo, it is very to land the combo as well because all of these champions have very long-ranged skill shots. 

When Zyra initiates, usually she needs to root enemies with her E to set them all up for multiple knock-ups and Rumble joins in with his Equalizer as well. Ashe can cast her ultimate to extend the duration of the CC and this is all done from a very long range ensuring everybody’s safety. 

Not only is this a devastating Wombo Combo, it also can be used multiple times as these spells have really low cooldowns. Always use Rumble’s ultimate to block the enemy team’s way so you can bring the best value out of it.

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8. Oriana + Wukong

Now, this Wombo combo doesn’t usually deal tons of damage but it surely gets the job done when it comes to crowd controlling the opposing team. It is a simple combo and it’s a sneaky one as well. 

Oriana puts her ball on Wukong using her E and Wukong uses her W to turn invisible(this way nobody will see that Wukong is setting up Oriana’s ultimate) and close the gap with his E. Once Wukong gets near the enemy team, Oriana can simply use her ultimate to knock everybody back, this chain of CC demolishes any unsuspecting team out there and can easily cause their team to panic. 

After getting CC’ed Oriana and Wukongs team can simply collapse on their enemies and finish them all off.

7. Yasuo + Zac + Oriana

Most Wombo Combos are down with certain champions and it just so happens that Oriana is one of those champions, meaning you will be seeing her in different points in this article. Yasuo has one of the best AOE abilities in the game as it doesn’t only deal tons of damage, it suppresses enemies in the air that they cannot cleanse. 

Meaning enemies will really have to wait for the duration of Yasuo’s ultimate before they can retaliate. The combo starts with Oriana putting her ball on Zac, Zac then starts to wind his E up which has a very long range and large AOE, once Zac lands, Oriana brings all enemies together and Yasuo can finish up with his ultimate. 

Oriana and Zac also have lots of AOE spells they can use and this alone will surely finish enemies off even if it’s just the three of them. This combo only works, however, if enemies are unsuspecting, meaning Zac will want to initiate this combo from a bush or the fog of war. Otherwise, enemies will simply move away from each other to prevent this Wombo Combo.

6. Miss Fortune + Jarvan + Leona

This combo will revolve around Miss Fortune’s ult whether she can land every wave of bullets on her enemy or not. Jarvan and Leona easily set this up for her and prevent enemies from running away. 

During the initiation of the combo, Leona stuns multiple enemies with her ultimate, it is quite easy to land this as it has a very long range. After which, Jarvan uses her E + Q combo as a gap closer to flash towards the stunned enemies and encloses them all with his ultimate. 

Once this happens, MF can just press R and fire away at these unlucky enemies, Jarvan’s burst also deals tons of damage so MF’s R is just a finisher.

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5. Yasuo + Oriana + Malphite

Yasuo and Malphite are like brothers when it comes to Wombo Combos and this by far is the easiest to land. Malphite has a very large AOE with his ultimate and can easily knock 5 enemies up even if they are not that close to each other. 

Initiate the combo by putting the ball on Yasuo, Malphite ults the opposing team, and Yasuo follow it up with his ultimate. If enemies manage to survive this combo, Oriana can finish them with her ultimate and W. 

If tanks survive, Yasuo can easily cut them down especially when he reaches his power spike, and to think Yasuo’s hits get even stronger after he uses his ultimate. 

4. Malphite + Fiddlesticks + Oriana + Miss Fortune + Leona

Now, this is a full-on team comp that you can play with your friends the next time you play a premade game. The combo starts with Oriana putting her ball on Malphite, as usual. Fiddlesticks then starts channeling his ultimate so the engage will immediately have follow-up damage.

Leona ults multiple enemies to initiate the combo, Malphite ults in along with Oriana’s shockwave and Miss Fortune finishes them all off with her ultimate as well.

3. Lulu + Gnar

Gnar has also been the center of most of the popular wombo combos in the World’s championship history. His ability to leap on enemies when transforming to mega Gnar is usually what initiates this Wombo Combo. 

Unlike other combos in this list, this combo cannot be started anytime you want, you need to fill Gnar’s rage meter which can be seen at the bottom of his HP bar replacing mana. You can do this by damaging units with Gnar’s abilities or basic attacks. When you are ready to initiate fill up your rage meter and use your E to jump on multiple enemies and use your ultimate on them against the wall. 

Once you manage to stun them all, Lulu can follow it up with her ultimate on you to extend the CC duration by knocking all enemies that surround you up. This has been a really popular wombo combo as Team Solo Mid has used it Against Taiwan’s Flash Wolves back in Worlds 2017. 

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2. Nunu + Ryze

Wombo Combos are not always done just so you can win the game, sometimes wombo combos are just used when we just want to have fun and watch the enemy team scramble. Nunu and Ryze is a troll wombo combo that’s not really strategically useful but fun nevertheless. 

This combo is only possible if you have a very good vision control, deward each bush that surrounds your location, and provide enough vision on the enemy’s pathway so you can initiate the combo. 

Nunu is the one to initiate this combo by channeling his ultimate, Ryze then uses his ultimate as well to time the explosion of Nunu’s ultimate so that upon arriving with his ultimate, Nunu’s ultimate explodes immediately upon arrival catching every enemy affected by surprise. 

1. Rakan + Orianna + Cho’Gath

This wombo combo is dubbed as the best wombo combo in League of Legends history performed by SKT against EDG. 

It is the best wombo combo in history simply because it is the most destructive combo ever witnessed and it just so happened that this combo came in the clutch by the losing SKT T1. The wombo combo was initiated by Rakkan by flashing and using his ultimate before diving with his W to instantly taunt their enemies.

Once they are all knocked up by Rakkan’s W, Orianna immediately uses her shockwave which dubbed the famous “FAKER’S SHOCKWAVE WILL BIND THEM ALL” to bring all enemies closer together and finish the combo with Cho’Gath’s Q. This is very hard to pull off and requires tremendous amounts of patience and great shot-calling by a team leader. 


The Wombo Combos we listed here in this article are based on our experience and the ones we have watched from different people. IF you want to see more, simply search on YouTube to see the combos performed by the world’s greatest League of Legends players. 

Pro players are expected to be the ones to pull these amazing combos off as they are the ones who communicate really well with their team. 

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