Caitlyn Trap Placement – The Ultimate Guide

Many Caitlyn fans have pondered how to use her traps efficiently. Are they suitable for attacking or defending? What about using them in the jungle and for vision?

Well, you are not alone, but do not fret! We have decided to write this article that contains brief information about the essentials of using the Yordle Snap Trap!

If you want to find out the best situations that fit its uses, how to do it, and what not to do, read on!

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Trap Skill Breakdown

Caitlyn’s trap skill is named the Yordle Snap Trap. It is used in various ways and can be suitable for attacking or defending if you know how to use it effectively.

The skill itself is unforgettable and can be cast upon leveling it. Based on the ability level, you can simultaneously keep from 3 to 5 traps on the map.

If we look at the stats of the cupcake trap, you will see that it deals little and no damage but can root the target for 1.5 seconds and mark it. Once the target is rooted, it will automatically activate Caitlyn’s “Headshot” ability. The damage from it is based on the level of the trap skill, which you can see below:

  • 60 / 105 / 150 / 195 / 240 (+ 40 / 55 / 70 / 85 / 100% attack damage increasing with each level)

The trap is effective because it is fast to cast ( less than 0.3 seconds), can work on a wide range ( 800 ), and at the same time costs little to no mana. It takes 20 mana per cast which means that if you use all five traps, you will barely spend 100 mana! The only negative downside is the cooldown of the recharge. You must wait from 30 to 12 seconds based on the ability level.

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How to Use It While Pushing Lane?

We will not make things overly complicated. When pushing a lane, usually when trying to take an enemy turret, the trap can be used mainly for defense from unexpected visitors.

Usually, that happens when you put it in the bush on the riverside. This way, you will have vision over the small area around it. Also, ensure an enemy won’t teleport unseen, or give yourself a small assurance that you will notice the enemy jungler. 

That is one of the most popular ways people use it while pushing, but sadly that works only in the early game and on the first turret. 

That is mainly because the coverage and usefulness of the trap end there. When you move deeper for the second one, you will hardly be able to stop a jungler from surrounding you, especially if you have no wards there.

Another option while pushing it is to use Yordle Snap Trap to block enemies from coming onto you while damaging the turret. That one is usually used when the opponents on the bot are pushy enough for you to need a way to limit their movements. 

Using Cait trap, you will leave them a smaller place from where they can directly close up on you. Of course, the minus is that you cannot use the traps as a countermeasure for the enemy jungler. 

Note: If you keep the map awareness game up, you will be fine no matter which option you pick!

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Can It Be Useful in Defense?

Of course, the traps can be used for defense. In the first place, it is created as a defensive ability (at least from our point of view). The essence of using the trap is the same as while attacking. However, there are a few differences mainly related to the distance you place it and where.

When defending your turret, you will have to place the traps spread out, and you do not have to focus on the jungle as much as on the lane. By spreading the range of the traps further from the turret, you will have:

  • better vision
  • chance to trap the enemy and deal a good amount of damage to them
  • root a potential bag of gold – if your jungler comes, it will be a piece of cake to catch them.

Caitlyn traps can be placed in the bushes or on the lane in a range that keeps the opponent out of turret range so they will not be able to attack it.

Objectives and Vision

This one is a bit different, and when you play Caitlyn, you will be a hundred percent ADC on the bot. That means you will have little time to roam the jungle and deal with objectives and vision. However, when you do it, the Yordle Snap Trap plays an essential role!

It is like that mainly because the jungle has little place for evasive actions. That means if an enemy team divides to invite, chase or fight in the jungle, you can use the narrow areas to place traps. 

That can hinder their movement and turn them into easy targets for your team. That creates many opportunities and is one of the best ways to use them in the jungle.

Usually, it happens when securing objectives like Dragons, Baron, Herald, or Blue and Red buffs, where you can put the traps to more use. 

In the end, it is not a guarantee that the strategy will work, especially if you are surrounded. Still, these traps can easily give you the upper hand in a favorable situation.

When it comes to vision, they are far inferior to wards. Nevertheless, they still provide some. It will be best if an enemy passing by the bush gets rooted, as you will immediately notice him. 

Still, if they surround the trap, you will likely miss their movements. That is why always keep in mind that visions are not favorable!

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Bottom Line

Suppose you were curious about how Caitlyn traps can be used and have read everything. You now know all the situations where you can place them and expect the strategy to work. 

Based on the information, you will know what to avoid and why, and which are the most efficient ways of placing the trap in attacking or defensive situations.

Remember that the effects can be different based on the in-game situations and the teams that will not do what you expect them to, making everything unpredictable!

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