Can ADC Carry in Solo Queue?

League of Legends players, are you ready for a new dose of your favorite game? In real life, summer has already begun, at least in Europe, the school and academic years are coming to an end, and the holidays are just about to begin. 

The right time to turn on the air conditioning, prepare ice juices and turn on computers. And of course, log in to the League of Legends client. As the season is currently running and ranked, there is no better time than today to start improving your gaming skill and finally get out of that Gold tier and move on to a better tier. 

That is why you are here with us today, to learn some new tips and to defeat your enemies. Today you can read about the role of ADC, and we will try to answer a very important question: can ADC carry in solo queue?

But before we give you a clear answer, we need to introduce you to the roles in League of Legends. You may already know most of this information but it is not out of place to repeat it. Repetition is the mother of knowledge, we have learned that.

In League of Legends (dare we say, the most popular MOBA game of today) there are many rules, and the game itself is very complex. Starting with champions, runes, roles and playing tactics, players have to master a lot if they want to achieve an outstanding result and prove to themselves that they are successful League of Legends players. 

Currently, the League of Legends champions pool has more than 150 champions, so players have a really tough choice when choosing their favorite champions. And Riot strives to add novelties with every new update and patch – from the new champions to the new skins we all want in our collection.

Each of these champions has a role to play, and some of them (e.g. Lux or Teemo) can play different roles. Roles in the League of Legends are the rule according to which players choose where to play on the map and what strategy they will have. So players can choose whether they want to play solo, mid lane, jungler or as adc or support. 

Each of these roles has its own rules and way of playing, so if a player chooses to play as support, he must know that it is more important to save his adc and to dedicate himself to setting up wards across the map and assisting his teammates. So dictates his role.

Today we are specifically interested in the role of adc players. And the answer to the question of whether adc can carry the solo queue. To answer this question we need to know what the adc role is and what the player commits to if he decides to play as an adc.

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ADC – Can ADC Carry The Solo Queue?

We all know the most famous adc champions – Miss Fortune, Vayne, Darius, even Veigar or Jinx. These are champions whose abilities can do so much damage that the enemy team will be defeated even before the peak of the match. Adc player plays in the bot lane, along with his support. 

As an adc, the rest of the team has high expectations of you. Your team expects your potential to come to the fore, as well as your strength to carry the whole team on your back. This is because all adc champions have a predisposition to have the most kills during a single match and to really be the holders of the whole game.

During the initial phase of the game, your task as an adc is to clean the lane of minions, that is, to farm as much as possible and to be careful not to lose your life at the very beginning. In this mission, your support teammate will help you to make sure that no enemy champions catch you and kill you, and he will also keep your back during the entire laning phase. 

It’s up to you to meet your team’s expectations and be careful not to die too much (not at all, if possible!).

However, this is not an easy task. Adc champions are not tanks, so their heal is not at an enviable level. Also, most of the power that adc champions have lies in their items, and you can’t buy items at the beginning of the game, so you have to be very careful to collect enough gold as soon as possible and buy them. 

Also, most adc champions do not have high mobility which makes them easy targets for enemy champions as they cannot escape the trap quickly. That’s why you always have to stay close to your support or other teammates and hope that someone will sacrifice for you if it becomes dense.

We have to admit that it is very difficult for one adc player to manage to climb the solo queue alone, precisely because a lot of sweat and blood awaits him if he wants to win. Therefore, it is not uncommon for an adc player to choose the support player with whom he will start winning League Points. 

It is much easier to climb the solo queue in this way, because with the in advance agreed tactics it is much easier to clear the lane and dangerously threaten the enemy team.

Another disadvantage for adc champions is that they have no focus on anything but farming and collecting gold, and waiting for the right opportunity to attack and kill enemy champions. This disorientation often costs them dearly. Since adc champions play in the bot lane, they only have to keep an eye on the jungle that is near them, and they usually leave that to their support teammates. 

Since most have no idea what is in the bushes, adc champions are becoming an easy target for enemy junglers who can jump them in and kill them quickly and easily. Remember, adc champions are not hard to kill, especially at the beginning of the game when they have no items and when they have low mobility.

Their focus is farming, which is a good tactic because using fast farming will raise large amounts of gold and buy much needed items, it is advisable to do this before the enemy adc to have an advantage. 

They need to know how to control their lane and judge well when to launch an attack and when to just stand under a turret and kill minions. It often happens that adc players are hasty and want to collect kills as soon as possible. This often turns out to be a big mistake as it only risks them or their support teammates dying.

What adc players should remember is that they have to be careful when it comes to teamfights, they have to be positioned so as not to endanger themselves but to be able to attack enemy champions well. That way I can contribute the most to my team. Killing what is in front and making sure to retreat in time – this should be the tactic of every good adc player.

And lastly, it is very important to learn to avoid enemy attacks, this is especially true of avoiding the abilities that cast enemy supports. This way they will avoid stuns and hooks, and reduce the risk of being killed.

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Final Thoughts

All in all, playing as an adc is a very difficult role for any League of Legends player, especially if that player hopes to be able to climb the solo queue on his own. It is not impossible, but it is very hard and difficult. It is necessary to choose a champion whose abilities we already know very well, and start an alliance with a support player. 

With the tips in this article, you can be the best adc champion, you just have to play patiently and wait for your chance. Good luck and have fun!

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