Can You Cleanse Bard’s Ultimate?

Champions in League of Legends have different abilities. And sometimes these abilities can be very annoying. Ultimates can alter the result of a game in an instant. You don’t want that to happen because most of your hard work throughout the game will be for naught.

So, what do you do during these events? You counter them. Either by your own skills, spells, your champion’s own kit, or by using buildable items within the game. 

In this article, we’ll be discussing one of those ultis that I have mentioned and answer this question; can you really cleanse Bard’s Ulti?

But before we can answer that question, let us discuss first some major concerns regarding this question.

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Who is Bard?

Bards are known in the real world as wandering singers who write songs about their adventures. So, there is no surprise that our Bard is called the “Wandering Caretaker”. 

Riot describes Bard as a traveler from beyond the stars, Bard is a serendipitous agent who strives to maintain a state of equilibrium in which life may withstand the indifference of chaos. 

Many Runeterrans sing songs about his odd personality, but they all agree that the cosmic traveler is drawn to objects of tremendous magical power. 

Surrounded by a joyous choir of benevolent spirit meeps, it’s difficult to misunderstand Bard’s actions as evil, because he always serves the greater good… in his own peculiar manner.

That was a rather short introduction of who Bard really is, maybe you’ll feel closer to him by understanding what Ryze has to say about him. 

“The chimes of his footsteps are echoes of change.” It is pretty deep, but you can learn a lot about his character just from that. Well if you still want to learn more about him, I suggest you take a look at his backstory on Riot’s website.

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Riot describes Cleanse as a summoner spell that is self-targeted and eliminates most crowd control effects and summoner spell debuffs. 

Its primary purpose is to eliminate active crowd control effects, allowing the champion to pursue or flee. This spell’s cooldown can be shortened via summoner spell cooldown reduction.

All disables are removed, except Airborne, Nearsight, and Suppression. It also eliminates summoner spell debuffs, with the exception of the mark that affects your champion. Eventually, it offers 65 percent tenacity for 3 seconds.

Also, if you are a returnee and haven’t played League of Legends, you might not be familiar with this spell. That is because it was previously known as Boost Up. I hope that clears up some confusion for some of you.

Here is an important note about all the things that “cleanse” can cleanse. It will remove the effects of the following debuffs: CCs such as blind, cripple, disarm, drowsy/sleep, ground, root, silence, slow, stun, and forced actions such as berserk, charm, flee, and taunt. 

In addition to those crowd controls, it also removes the effects of the following summoner spells: ignite(however, it does not remove the grievous wounds.), exhaust, chilling smite, and challenging smite.

Keep in mind too that cleanse is a self-targeted spell. So, it only works on you and cannot be targeted on any ally or enemies. Also, cleanse cannot be activated when under suppression or stasis.

Pretty useful right? If you are stunned or something like that, you can just easily tap on your hotkey of Cleanse, and then boom, you are free and ready to counter the enemy team.

Well, I guess we have covered both components already that are related to our question. Again, can you cleanse Bard’s ult? 

Can you cleanse Bard’s ult? 

Sadly, you can’t. 

Bard’s ult put enemy champions in a short period of “stasis”. And cleanse cannot be activated when under stasis. As we’ve mentioned in the discussions above. 

Well, that was a long road we took just to answer a simple question. Anyways I hope that this simple idea will be able to help you pick counters and play effectively against the enemy team. 

At least, we were also to take a deeper look at who Bard really is, his skills, and what can cleanse really do.

That’s it for this article, we’ll see you on our next upload and you guys Good Luck and Have Fun on your next game.

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