How to Carry a Losing Team as an Assassin?

How to Carry a Losing Team as an Assassin in League of Legends?

League of Legends is a team-based MOBA game. It is played across many regions and is acknowledged to be a challenging game. It becomes even harder when your team is not performing up to expectations; however, all hope is not lost as you can still single-handedly carry the game if you play it well enough. Our guide will help you in carrying a losing team while playing as an Assassin.

Who Are Assassins in League of Legends?

Assassins are a category of champions that primarily focus on swiftly taking down higher priority while putting themselves into dangerous positions. They are capable of dealing an immense amount of damage in a short period of time.

Assassin is one of the most popular and most picked class of champions in LoL. They are often played in the Mid Lane. Some popular Assassins are listed below:

  • Zed
  • Fizz
  • Akali

How to Carry as an Assassin:

Snowballing From Lane

Carry Losing Team Assassin Snowballing Guide in League of Legends

Snowballing refers to having a lead and increasing it further. Assassins specialize in dueling and 1v1s, making them very lethal in the lane. You should use this to your advantage, dealing an immense amount of damage by landing combos in lane and killing your opponent. Once you have a lead, you become even harder for the enemies to deal with and you can further keep increasing your lead, becoming unstoppable. Then, even if you are a part of a losing team, you can still carry them to a victory.

Camping Bot Lane

Carry Losing Team Assassin Camping Guide in League of Legends

Assassins in League of Legends love roaming. Roaming refers to leaving your own lane to help out in other lanes. For Assassins, killing the enemy Bot Laners is rather easy. So a well-timed roam to the Bot Lane plays a huge role in becoming strong for any Assassin. Assassins can snowball from camping the enemy Bot Lane and carry their team to a victory. Camping a lane refers to roaming to that lane over and over again. If you camp the enemy Bot Lane, they will become annoyed and make more mistakes, allowing you to capitalize off of them and become completely unstoppable.

Diving Enemy Laners

Carry Losing Team Assassin Diving Enemy Laner Guide in League of Legends

Diving refers to going under the enemy tower to kill your opponents. Assassins are excellent at diving as they are very mobile and deal a great amount of damage in short combos. A tactic for becoming stronger by roaming is going an extra step and diving the enemy Bot Laners under their turrets. Certain Assassins such as Akali with Perfect Execution (R) and Zed with Death Mark (R) are exceptional at doing this, taking the least amount of damage while successfully eliminating the targets.

Camping A Lane With Your Jungler

Carry Losing Team Assassin Camping Jungler Guide in League of Legends

Even if your Jungler is losing, you can still join him in roaming to another lane getting an advantage that way. This not only benefits you as an Assassin but also benefits your Jungler and the Laner, giving them gold and experience for their assistance. This way, you can snowball and carry any team, whether losing or winning.

Picks Before Objectives

Carry Losing Team Assassin Objectives Guide in League of Legends

Objectives play a vital role in any victory in League of Legends. They provide gold, experience, and buffs. Objectives such as Dragons, Rift Herald, and Baron Nashor can be stolen but when your team is losing, it becomes harder than it already is. That’s why punishing the enemy for mispositioning before an objective can play a crucial part in making a comeback. The key target before a team fight at any objective is to take out either the enemy Jungler or their strongest champion. In the lower ranks, people are almost guaranteed to make such mistakes. This is easier for Assassins as they are good at taking out an enemy singled out. Getting a pick on the enemy Jungler before an objective means your team has a player advantage at the next team fight and your Jungler can swiftly smite the objective, thus securing it for your team. Getting a pick on the enemy carry puts your enemies at a massive disadvantage as their reliable damage is no longer among them. This is a great trick to carry your losing team as an Assassin.

Split Pressure

Carry Losing Team Assassin Split Pressure Guide in League of Legends

Often, in the lower ranks, both teams play the mid-to-late game as if it were the game-mode  ARAM. This only creates tension in the Mid Lane. As a strong 1v1 champion, you can try creating pressure in the side lanes. If they try to stop you, you can either kill them or take an objective such as a Tower or an Inhibitor on a different part of the map. If they do not try to stop you then you can smoothly create an opening towards their Nexus and inflict serious damage while they try to stop your allies from pushing in the Mid Lane. This tactic is extremely effective and can win you games because of the sense of panic it creates within the enemy team.

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Who Are the Best Carry Assassins in LoL?

The best Assassins in League of Legends are Fizz, Akali, Zed, and Talon among others. 

What makes them the best Assassins is briefly described below:


Carry Assassin Fizz Guide in League of Legends

Fizz is one of League of Legends’ AP Assassins. He specializes in outplaying his opponents as well as dealing an absurd amount of damage to his opponents using Playful/Trickster (E). Fizz is a great Assassin for carrying games because of his mobility and damage just like other Assassins. It is very easy for him to snowball as he has a strong laning phase and even better mid-game to become an unstoppable carry.


Carry Assassin Akali Guide in League of Legends

Akali is one of the most popular AP assassins. She is very mobile and is capable of outputting an immense amount of damage to her targets, a perfect mixture for a deadly assassin. Akali can single-handedly carry games by slicing through her enemies, dancing around them, and dealing an insane amount of damage to them combining Perfect Execution (R) with Shuriken Flip (E). She is one of the best Assassins to carry a game with.


Carry Assassin Zed Guide in League of Legends

Zed is one of the most popular Mid-Laners out of them all. He is known for his insane damage output in a short combo. Zed has an extremely high skill ceiling, making him absolutely lethal versus not only one opponent but multiple at once. Zed’s Living Shadow (W) allows him to reposition and dodge crucial crowd control abilities. Zed’s Death Mark (R) makes him capable of switching targets and taking out multiple targets at once. To carry a losing team, Zed is one of the strongest Assassin carries in the game.


Carry Assassin Talon Guide in League of Legends

An Assassin that has been strong for some time now is Talon. He can build full lethality in order to annihilate his opponents by simply using Shadow Assault (R) and escape swiftly using Assassin’s Path (E), however, Assassins lack survivability. Talon has a secondary build path that allows him to deal tons of damage on top of being somewhat tanky. This lowers the chances of Talon’s death thus increasing the chance of him carrying the game all by himself.

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Final Thoughts

Being on the losing team in League of Legends can be very challenging. It makes you feel hopeless about winning and can be very demotivating. As long as you do not lose the mental game, there is always a chance of retaliation. Always put yourself in a position to be carrying in case your team is losing.

It is difficult but not impossible to carry a losing team as an Assassin. If you play your cards right, you just might be one to lead your team across the finish line first. Did our guide benefit you in carrying your losing teams? What Assassin is your favorite to play? What are your thoughts on the newest patch? We love hearing your feedback, so hit us with it in the comment section below!

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