How Does Promo Helper Work?

How Does Promo Helper Work in League of Legends? Complete Guide

For many people, Ranked Solo/Duo is their go-to game mode in League of Legends. The satisfaction of gaining LP (League Points) as a reward for each win keeps the players reeled in and constantly on the verge of gaining more. In League of Legends, before you can move on to the next division, you have a set of promo games that determine whether you deserve to promote to the next division or not.

As the saying goes, “you can’t win ‘em all”. The Promo Helper was implemented to help players with their promo games. Although Riot Games removed it from League of Legends two seasons ago in season 10, you can still learn about it in our article.

What is a Promo Helper?

A Promo Helper, as the name suggests, helped you in your promo series in League of Legends by giving you up to two free wins. The Promo Helper feature made it easier for you to rank up to the next division if you struggle with it by giving you one or even two free wins out of the required three to rank up.

What does a Promo Helper do?

When you had reached your promo series for the second or third time after failing each previous time, Promo Helper was supposed to help you reach the next division by granting you a free win if you failed the promo series once and two wins if you failed the promo series twice.

When you reach a promo series in League, you are required to win three out of a set of five consecutive ranked games. If you fail to win three games out of the five, you are then your LP loss is calculated by the amount of LP you would have lost outside of promos for the number of losses you faced in your promos. Failing a promo series sets you back tens of LP.

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Where do Promo Helpers end?

Promo Helpers was not a feature across all ranks. It was only implemented to help players across the lower ranks of the game in ranking up. Promo Helper was a feature in the Iron, Bronze, Silver, as well as Gold ranks of League of Legends.

Promo Helper in League of Legends Guide

Dodging Games

If you were in a promo series match and you decided to dodge a game in champ select, you would not have been receiving a free win the next time you reach your promo series. Riot Games has said the following about dodging games in promos:

“If you decide to dodge a promo series match (which counts as a loss!), then you will NOT receive a free Promo Helper win in your next series.”

Skipping Promos

In League of Legends, if your MMR (Match Making Rating) is high enough, it is very possible to skip the promo series entirely. If you are playing against Platinum-ranked players as a Silver player, there is a high chance you are to skip promo games. This is because the game thinks that you belong in a higher rank as you display performance far greater than others in your own rank. As for the Promo Helper, if you were to skip your promos, there would have been no concept of a free win as you wouldn’t have needed to win any whatsoever.

Skipping Promos in League of Legends Guide

Final Thoughts

Promo Helper is no longer a feature in League of Legends. Do you think they should bring it back? Did you ever get any free wins from Promo Helper? What are your thoughts on the newest patch? We love hearing your feedback, so hit us with it in the comment section below!

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