Does Faker Have a Girlfriend?

Lee Sang-hyeok or more commonly known by his League of Legends username Faker is among the most popular professional gamers in the world. He is one of the best midlaners of League if not the best. Of course, being as famous as he is, he has a particularly wide fanbase. 

Whether or not Faker has a girlfriend or is in any kind of a relationship is asked by many curious fans. Well, we have an answer straight from Faker himself to this question. 

On the MBC show “Radio Star”s first episode of 2020, Faker explains all there is to know about his dating life. He confesses to not having a girlfriend and more so, never having been in a relationship.  

He states the biggest obstacle in the way of his dating life is his career as a professional gamer. Or, in his words: “If you work as a professional gamer, you don’t have a lot of personal time. I feel like if I start dating, it could be uncomfortable in a lot of ways for both parties, so I just focus on my work instead. I have never dated before.

 So, the answer is clear. The famous Faker chooses League of Legends over his love life and it doesn’t look like this will change any time soon…

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