Does Yasuo’s Wind Wall Block Lux’s Ultimate?

League of Legends currently has one hundred and sixty champions with new ones being released regularly. When you have that many characters in your game with each having different abilities and unique features, getting a hold of how these countless abilities react with each other can be difficult.

It is especially important to know the interactions between the skills of popular champions and your mains. In this case, Yasuo and Lux are in the popular champions category. Yasuo’s Wind Wall ability which stops all incoming projectiles surprisingly does not block Lux’s Ult. 

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Yasuo’s Wind Wall

Wind Wall” is our beloved and hated Yasuo’s second (W) ability. Using this ability; Yasuo uses the “Wind Technique” he has mastered in his homeland Ionia and creates a drifting barrier of wind in front of him.

This barrier (320 / 390 / 460 / 530 / 600 wide and has a duration of 4 seconds) stops any and all projectiles passing through it.

Lux’s Final Spark

Lux’s ult is one of the most basic spellcasters in the game and is a decent character nonetheless. All her spells come out of her staff and so, they all look like projectiles. In her case, the only exception where the looks seem to lie is her ult “Final Spark”. 

Lux charges her magic for half a second and fires a beam of light. The ability is ranged and follows a direct line from the location of Lux. However, the beam of light does not come out of the staff and follow along the line. 

Instead, it spontaneously deals damage (300 / 400 / 500 (+100% of ability power)) along the fire line. Thus it is an area of effect spell, not a projectile. 

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How Do They Interact?

  Yasuo’s Wind Wall can stop any oncoming projectiles and so, it can block the “Light Binding” (Q), “Prismatic Barrier” (W), and “Lucent Singularity” (E) skills of Lux since they are all projectiles.

But although it also looks like a projectile, Lux’s ult Final Spark is an area of effect spell. Because of this, it can not be blocked by the Wind Wall.

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