7 Easiest ADCs in League of Legends

Welcome to another League of Legends guide! League of Legends is a game we can write about over and over again, because of its diversity and complexity, which is exactly what gives it popularity. In the League of Legends, five players join teams where they must choose champions according to the role they will play, and move on to winning League Points. 

Each player has a specific role that is his favorite, so he chooses his champions. Someone most role Jungler because it is undisturbed, and you can quietly roam around the jungle and kill objects.

Someone will say that the role of ADC champion is his favorite because he can control the game. This is exactly what today’s article will be about – the seven easiest ADCs for beginners in the League of Legends.

League of Legends is a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) game that was released in 2009. Riot Games is credited with its development and launch to the public, and to this day League of Legends is at the top of the list of the most popular games in the world.

As we have already said, in one League of Legends match 10 players fight, five players in one team, and five players in another team. First, the fight starts in the lanes, then as the game progresses players move into teamfights and collect objects, such as Dragons and Baron Nashor. 

The goal is for one team to get to the opponent’s base before the other team and knock down the enemy Nexus. The team that wins League Points, and the losing team loses a certain amount of League Points.

When we talk about roles in the League of Legends, it is important to say that each role is special. There is a solo lane, a bottom lane where the ADC champion and his support play, a mid lane, and jungler role. 

Some champions, such as Lux, can play mid lane but also a support role, depending on the player’s preference and match type. That is why it is important to agree on a strategy with the rest of the team as soon as the Champion Select takes place so that each role is represented and so that each champion contributes to the team with something.

Today we will talk about the ADC role which is considered the most difficult role in the League of Legends. This is mainly because ADC champions have to depend on their support, at least at the beginning of the match, and their health pool is not that big, and therefore, they can very easily die if they are careless or do not play along with their support.

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Top 7 Easiest ADCs In League Of Legends

7. Miss Fortune

If any champion is ideal for beginners then it is Miss Fortune. Miss Fortune is probably among the first ADC champions players choose when they first install League of Legends. Miss Fortune has very simple abilities with which the player can very easily understand how the ADC should work. 

Her guns can do a lot of damage to enemy champions, especially her ult. Miss Fortune is on the list of the most popular ADC champions in almost every ranked season, and she is special in that she really doesn’t have to depend on other champions, she just has to shoot accurately from her guns. 

Especially in the late game, her ult can kill an entire enemy team if they find themselves on target and if they have low health. If you’ve never played with Miss Fortune, today is the day to give it a try.

6. Ezreal

Ezreal is a blonde young man whose job is to poke and harass enemy players while throwing funny comments as well. Like Miss Fortune, he is one of the classic ADC champions intended for beginners. 

Since his Q is constantly poking enemy players, beginners can learn how to farm properly and at the same time deal damage to enemies. Also, the ADC player must become a master of clearing the lane because farming is a basic thing that players must learn when they find themselves on Summoner’s Rift. 

However, Ezreal comes to the fore only in the mid and late games, at the beginning of the match Ezreal is very weak and must rely on his support and be careful not to stray too far from his turret so as not to become easy prey for the enemy ADC.

5. Ashe

I hope you are aware that this list cannot pass without Asha, our ice queen who can stop the enemy from a great distance with her arrow and thus take his life or turn him into a target for his teammates who will then finish him off. 

Ashe is a classic marksman, with his arrows he can harass his enemies while at the same time being able to clear the lane and destroy enemy turrets. Ashe also has one drawback, and that is her low mobility. Also, she doesn’t have the ability to escape and is a pretty easy prey for enemy champions, especially in the early stages of the game. 

She is therefore relying on her auto-attacks, hoping to gather kills and get stronger. And once she gets stronger, Ashe becomes an unstoppable beast that can carry the whole team by herself.

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4. Sivir

Sivir also deserves a place on this list because Sivir is ideal for novice players who want to start the League of Legends journey as ADC champion. Since farming is the most important item of a quality ADC player, Sivir is here to teach you how to farm properly. Farming can be complicated for new players, so it is good to choose champions with whom it is easier to learn, and Sivir is one of them. 

She is a long-ranged champion, she can poke her enemies from a distance and thus not endanger her life. But not to lengthen too much, Sivir is not such a strong champion and is therefore ideal for beginners who want to learn the ADC role. Later, Sivir will be replaced by stronger champions.

3. Varus

Varus is a champion who may be ideal for the early stages of the game, but later other champions mostly overtake him and become stronger than him. He is also a long-ranged champion, and his ult has the ability to root enemy champions who find themselves in the zone where Varus activates the ult. 

Varus is ideal for new players to learn how to play the ADC role and to learn to combine different abilities.

2. Ziggs

Ziggs is more of an Ability Power Champion than a classic ADC, which means that there are magic items in its build. Ziggs is intended for novice players who just need to stand under their turret and drop bombs to get rid of enemy minions and harass enemy champions. Also, if Ziggs finds himself in a teamfight his ult will be of great help to the team.

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1. Caitlyn

In the first place, deservedly, is Caitlyn. Caitlyn is also a long-ranged marksman who catches enemies from a great distance. Remember, you will rarely be able to escape if Caitlyn takes aim. Among other things, she has the ability to escape quickly if she finds herself in danger, which is ideal for new players not to lose their lives if by any chance they overestimate their abilities. 

Regardless of the fact that Caitlyn is on this list, she is not an easy champion and it takes a lot of time to learn to play. Her abilities can be very powerful, but it all depends on who is behind the keyboard. That’s why Caitlyn is a classic among ADC champions.


This was the list of the 7 easiest ADC champions in the League of Legends. If you have suggestions for some more beginner ADC champions feel free to share those ideas with us. And good luck!

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